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 The Apparition - Annex of Children

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The Apparition - Annex of Children Empty
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The Apparition - Annex of Children

Children were scurrying in the playground of Welton town, the park was busting with little ones all around. From ages three to seventeen, children played and teased... The day dimming, the date... May, 2013. Yes Welton had survived so long, 2013 was one of their highest years. Jake was a quiet boy of the age of fifteen. He often stuck to the side, along and unwanted. Jake had recently been reading up on this ancient ghost that was rumored to live all those years ago. An indent hadn't happened for generations, decades were free from the chains of the town's evil curse. However Jake's decision would re-chain the town altogether.It was a foggy, misty day. Jake sat on a bench, looking across at the park. Children played as far as the eye could see. And it seemed that things began to grow cold the longer he sat there. He was beginning to believe in something. Each night he would sneak out of his house and go into the woods. He started drawing strange pictures and hanging them up on his wall. He even wrote terrifying entries in his black, leather journal.Jake sat staring at the forest just ahead of the playground. Suddenly everyone on the playground got very quiet as suddenly a strange whisper blew into the air. Everyone stood up, and simply looked around slowly, without words. Jake however only looked at one thing... the person that was standing behind the fence...A woman dressed in black stood there, Jake could not see her face, but he knew she was unnatural and his assumption was more correct than possible. Everyone suddenly glanced at her, a deep whisper began to float into the air and hang there... It was creepy to Jake, although he seemed not to mind. The figure behind the fence seemed to move in a flash, she appeared inside of the fence, upon the grass covered ground of the playground. It approached many children, speaking a strange language. After speaking many children nodded and an eerie sound came from the figure. It sounded like a song, a lullaby of sorts. The children seemed drugged, intoxicated. They all made faces and movements as if in pleasure and eventually sat down on the ground, with their legs crossed. The entity kept walking around, speaking softly. Jake sat as well. The children suddenly all nodded at once and the figure seemed to vanish within an instant. Jake felt a sudden urge to do things, to do terrible things. He felt an ever present duty to do something, something horrible. All of the children stood up, and began to pair off into opposite directions. There were about two or three in each group. It was about three weeks later... maybe three and a half, Jake sat in his bedroom. His mother walked in, noticing he had drawn horrid symbols and words all over the walls. She gasped, seeing that her son needed help. She walked out of the room, Jake turning his head to glance at her as she left. His skin had turned a pale white with blackish shadows looming from under his eyes. He stood up, getting off of his old creaky bed and walked out into the hallway. His mother was on the phone. "Yes, I'd like to make an appointment for the doctor to see my son" she began. She began to explain her son's symptoms and signs of insanity... such a disorder was not of him. He walked behind her, not making a single noise as he did so and stepped into the kitchen, grabbing a long knife from one of the drawers. He stepped on the tips of his toes and slipped like smoke back behind his mother and quickly, stabbed her in the back with the knife, blood spilling out like a smashed water balloon. She screamed, dropping the phone and falling over, her body sprawled on the carpet, staining it with red. Jake walked brought the knife to her neck and quickly slit her throat, cutting the skin bit by bit and blood rushing from it. The poor mother screamed as he did this and then continued, jabbing it into her stomach, then chest, then cutting open her wrists. After a few more moments of struggling, she went limp and dead. Jake placed the knife in his pocket and without haste, somehow vanished into thin air, leaving the corpse to be found only all the more rotten once discovered.
One father and mother sat in the living room of their house. Their three children were at the park earlier too. Suddenly, the three children entered the room, they each held handheld guns owned by the father. The children were pale and ghastly as well. The parents gasped in shock. "Susan! What are you doing! All of you!" the father demanded. Little Susan, short and blond headed, held up the gun and shot her father straight in the head, a splatter of scarlet hitting the wall with ever such quickness. The mother was quickly ended by the little boy in the room. The children then vanished.
A stepbrother stood in his bedroom as his little brother came in, pale as could be. "Mike, why don't you go down to the park and play with your friends? I've got some errands to run" said the brother. Mike shook his head slowly. In his hands he held a cup of what looked like tea. He handed it to his brother. "Thank you" the brother said sipping from it. He looked back at the papers he was shuffling and within a few moments he fell over, going limp and dry and all of the wastes of his body shooting out of him, leaving a terrible array of liquids on the floor and a horrid smell in the room. Mike simply stood and stared and suddenly was gone.

"Gabriela! It's time for dinner!" a mother called down the hallway. Suddenly a tall, blond-headed female, approximately fourteen years of age walked into the room. She wore nothing but a long black house robe and a pair of black slippers. Gabriela sat down at the dinner table, oddly pale and dark. Her mother noticed. "Are you okay?" she asked. Gabriela nodded. "I'm fine... mother..." she finally responded after a long and daring pause. The mother nodded, turning back to the stove and handing a plate of food to the girl. After eating, the mother walked back to her bedroom and spotted something horrid... Markings glowing lights and colors were engraved in the walls of her bedroom. Some were shapes like circles with other circles inside of them, others were words saying things like "DO YOU BELIEVE?" or "RUN MOTHER!" The mother gasped, each engravement seemed to glow either bright reddish orange or a blinding blue. She clutched the side of the bed, halfway sitting on it. Suddenly she saw her daughter standing in the frame of the door, scowling with a devious and most terrible face, a sneer, a snarl. Gabriela glanced over to her left. The mother did the same, looking over at a long mirror on the wall. She saw a terrible woman in a black dress all of a sudden. Her horrid face lengthened with a screaming shriek that pierced their ears and utterly, the mirror shattered."You should not have been in denial... now she's going to get you..." Gabriela said. "What!?" asked the mother. "You did not protect yourself... Now she's gonna get you!" The lights in the room began to flicker as suddenly a few went out and came back on. A few random objects began to float randomly into the air and then fall, then sometimes raise back up again. The mother glanced over at her daughter, a dark whisper was in the air. The daughter clutched in her hands a long knife... and her face was dark.

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The Apparition - Annex of Children
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