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PostSubject: Insanities: OOC (NOTICE: NOT YET OPEN)   Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:03 pm

I n s a n i t i e s

Welcome to Insanities, the newest and first RP by Whoster.


After living peacefully for many millions of years, the homeworld of the Arkiloptis, an advanced humanoid race, was abandoned. The sun which orbited Arkilon had lifed its life, and studies pointed to the fact that it was going to turn super-nova. Fleeing in spacecraft of all sizes, the Arkiloptis went in search of new worlds to adopt as their own. One search team, split off from the main gathering of civilian civilian-carrying ships, found a planet with a suitable atmosphere and eco-system. Upon arriving on the world's surface in a shuttlecraft, a group of explorers from the ship located, with much toil, an overgrown, sad-looking bunker. After cutting through a locked and rusty entrance, the Arkiloptis explorers entered the facility. Reporting every move before entering.

Feeling they had sufficiently explored the facility, and finding it devoid of life, they decided to leave, when one member of the party noticed that another was not with them. Agreeing on dividing into two search parties, the remaining explorers would leave without the lost member by a certain time if he was not found. He was.

And he was insane, yet they did not know it.

Finding him balled-up in a corner. Alerting the other search party of their discovery, they asked that they waited at the entrance/exit until all of them could get there. Keroptik, one of the search party that had located the lost member came closer to the balled-up explorer. He looked up, then stood up.

Holding a crowbar, he suddenly became violent, and beat Keroptik down. Roaring an obscene-sounding cry, he proceeded to slaughter the rest of the search party.

After the surrounding walls and floors were spattered with blood, the insane Arkiloptis noticed a COM strap around Keroptik's wrist, with the voice of the other search party's leader emminating from it.

Stalking the corridors, the Arkiloptis located the other search party just by the cut-out entrance.

He slaughtered all but one, then he himself was killed by one of the party equipped with a pistol. The surviving member tried to escape the facility, but found the entrance sealed by thick doors extending from the exterior of the bunker.

All contact has since been lost for a week now.

Deciding to send a recovery team down to the planet, the Arkiloptis fleet selects twenty soldiers and technitions on a recovery shuttle down to the planet.



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