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 The Children

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PostSubject: The Children   Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:35 am

This thread is for my destroyers and how they came to be, and just random stories about what happened before the events of The Return.


Then nothing happened.

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PostSubject: Re: The Children   Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:38 am

Fear's Story


Steelio hung from the chains, up against the black wall. He was fairly high up, maybe a quarter mile. A spotlight shone on his tiny body. The long, deathly execution was just about to begin. He was terrified beyond his wits. Crying all day had worn him out. He had lost all hope.
The Deathcapp Empire required a ritual to be performed every ten years to keep the gods satisfied. Steelio was the gift to the empire this year.

Writings were carved around Steelio, most read religious phrases of the Deathcapps’ holy book. Screaming was heard from the crowd. The people of this world were highly devoted to their beliefs. They believed each king and queen were their gods that they were supposed to worship in most of their free time.

The sky was a dull orange and purple, resembling the end of the day.

“Sacrifice him!” The beings yelled from the crowd.

The enormous Deathcapp monarch wearing dull armor sat at the top of the mountain of decaled stairs in a giant throne. He smiled at the Deathcapp queen sitting in the smaller throne next to him, “This is going to be a lovely sacrifice. I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. Now, why don’t we get on with it?” He grunted and slowly began to stand. He announced to the crowd, “Why don’t we get down to business, everyone?” The crowd screeched with excitement. The lord raised his hand and everyone went silent, “I would like to dedicate this sacrifice to the Deathcapp Empire! Long live the gods, Dauntronious, and Dauntrissa!” Cheering was heard from the crowd of about thirty thousand people.

The crowd chanted, “Misonic!” This was the species of their rulers.


In a distant realm, tall beings glared down through a mystical screen. Their skin was dull and gray, their hair a sheened black. The beings’ bodies were cloaked by black clothing. They stood nearly motionless in the extremely cold and dim room.

The tallest one spoke in a deep voice, “These morbid creatures disgust me. They have for many years. They call this world heaven? Blasphemy, I tell you. Just because it is the afterlife, does not prove that it is heaven.”

An additional being sighed and in a higher pitched female voice she said, “Another decade has passed; what do you expect?”

A diminutive third being spoke with an accent, and to a certain degree of a sophisticated tone, “I expect that alterations would be made in order to keep that realm fit for the sentient organisms to dictate though still have the world maintain laws that govern fair and ethical treatment of their fellow citizens. That is what I expect.” He finished with a firm expression streaking across his pale gray face.

The first being that spoke agreed with a nod. “Perhaps we could attempt to reconstruct this horrible world, refabricate it so that the afterlife would seem more peaceful.”

The feminine being did not care very abundantly for any of the concepts, “It isn’t such of a big deal, and they aren’t even Destroyers. Why should we care for a person that is not a Destroyer?”

The tall first being disagreed, “No Wrath, we must care for them. We are just as guilty as the creator of the problem if we stand by and continue being onlookers of the foulness of the realm. Though we are destroyers, we are not obligated to do only evil deeds. We must do something.” He looked at the Wrath, then at the shorter being.

The smaller third being frowned at the first taller being, “Hatred… that would be violating the Destroyer code of law. If we are to interfere with other dimensions’ business, we are sure to be punished by our Lord.”

Hatred shook his head for he did not agree at all, “Haven’t you seen that Primus has abandoned us? He has not made an appearance for many years, isn’t that enough evidence to persuade you that he’s forgotten?” Hatred seemed to be irritated by the shorter one. “Insanity, you have to realize that change happens.”

Insanity frowned, humiliated by Hatred. “Primus would on no occasion abandon us; he is our great father, our grand master, our prime leader!” Insanity gestured with his hands, trying to emphasize his point. “He has not abandoned us. He is still here, still with us.”

Hatred glared at Insanity. “You imprudent child, you would never understand. I have even tried to pray to him, and yet he has not answered.” He straightened himself and began to walk out of the cold dark room. As he walked out he said to Wrath, “Keep my children safe, I shall return.”


The cheering of the deathcapps roared as Dauntro lowered Steelio. Dauntro grinned evilly as he gripped the sacrifice’s arm. “This is going to be the best one yet!” He laughed.

There was a sudden boom behind Lord Dauntro, sweeping his helmet right off his head. A tall red eyed, gray skinned being appeared behind Dauntro. His long black hair flowed with the giant blast of sound. It was Hatred.

Dauntro peered over his shoulder, “What? Who is this?” He looked up at the giant being and grimaced at him, Hatred. “Guards, seize him now!”
Before the guards even heard Dauntro, the giant being jabbed his hand right through the lord’s head. Bits of brain and chucks of his skull spattered into the crowd.

The people in the crowd panicked and began to run wildly out of the general area.

The thirty foot tall dark figure looked down at the dead deathcapp lord on the ground with a scowl. He spoke menacingly. “This society seems to have been mistaken for a peaceful afterlife program. What these fools don’t know is that many of you deathcapps are worse than even the Nazis! Your empire is a pitiful excuse for heaven. It is corrupted and unnecessary, vile and unsanitary!”

The soldiers with ranged weapons aimed their rifles and bows at Hatred, while the others ran at him with their swords, knives and various melee tools. Deathcapps used a vast variety of weapons, whatever they can find.

A tall young man stood in the background of the prospect. Time seemed to slow. He starred at the dirt as a deathcapp code of law was quoted in his head, “If any leaders are to be assassinated, the vice captain is to be the new lord.” He looked up and realized the events happening around him. He grimaced sourly and awkwardly.

The deathcapp queen glared at the atrocious happening. Chunks of the deathcapp lord’s head splattered on her face. She screamed, not with terror, but rather with fury. Out of the back of her neck came many feelers that reached for Hatred. “How dare you puny being interferes with our sacrifice!” The tentacles lurched towards him. He simply tore them right off her neck.

Hatred smirked and looked down at her, “Puny?” He bolted at lightning speeds towards her and took the deathcapp queen by the neck.

One of the guards ordered, “Shoot him!!”

The rest of the guards pulled their triggers, and released their taut bows. Bullets flew and arrows soared.

Still moving extremely fast, Hatred used the queen as a shield flinging her in all the directions in which the bullets and arrows flew. She was dead in almost an instant, with at least twelve arrows puncturing her body.

The soldiers went into awe, gaping at what they had done. The young man in the background yelled, “Don’t just stand there! Kill that monster!”

The giant gray skinned creature then continued to drop the body with a serious look on his face, “I have come to rid this realm of evil!” He smashed his foot right into the ground causing a tremor that made the soldiers stumble. Hatred reached his arms out over the dirt, and roared a spell, “By the Grand Master Death, convene the Twin Judicial Sickles!” A bright light illuminated the dull evening hue. The dirt became covered with a white brightness in the shape of a square with crosses along the edges. Two enormous curved swords materialized from the illumination. Hatred grasped the two blades and swung them around, slicing all the soldiers at near light speeds. He grinned and cackled as the blood spewed everywhere.

The young man whispered to himself, “He speaks of cleansing our dimension, though he has no idea that he is not helping!” Standing six feet tall, he was no match for Hatred, all he could do was retreat and request help. The young man ran back to the authorities, requesting backup.

By then, practically all the combatants that opposed Hatred were either dead, or on the verge of it. Hatred heard chains clanging behind him. He looked up, noticing Steelio, the sacrifice still hanging. Steelio’s heart pounded fast and was too mortified to speak

“There, there little one, everything shall be all right.” He mouthed a spell and the chains snapped.

Steelio began to fall once the chains were released from his wrists. He screamed as he plummeted.

Hatred caught Steelio, though he squirmed and tried to escape.

“It’s okay. Just relax, I’m here to help.”

Steelio squeaked as he realized he failed at escaping, “You just killed all those people! T-that’s really bad! A-a-and, and…” He began to cry.

Hatred cradled Steelio and hushed him. “Shush, its fine. Sometimes you have to make a few sacrifices.” He laughed a little.


Hatred walked back into the dim room with a little boy sleeping in his arms.

Wrath glared at him, “What is this?” She pointed at Steelio.

Hatred smiled, “This is my new child, I shall call him, Fear.”


Then nothing happened.
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The Children
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