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 Things Done in the Dark IC; Chapter one: Signs and Symbols

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PostSubject: Re: Things Done in the Dark IC; Chapter one: Signs and Symbols   Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:12 am

Exo sent out the text message as soon as the robot started to hack its computer suit, it then started to download its mind into the now contaminated Wi-Fi and in turn, into the AI connected to it. About one second later the message;

"Keep shooting, young grasshoppers. I've got this guy in a checkmate, just give me 5 minutes and I'll wipe his memory banks clean as Claymoor's dinner plate."

Arrived in everyone's inboxes at the same instant Exo finished its upload. From everyone's perspective but the AI's, Exo went inexplicably limp and collapsed to the floor.

However, what the AI saw was quite a bit different, because standing in the exact same position that Exo had been in before it collapsed was what looked like a digital ghost version of it. Which, was actually a pretty accurate comparison.

The digital Exo walked up to the AI, stopping about a foot away from it and tapping its finger on chin thoughtfully before asking rhetorically;

"Do you think this scene is kina boring? I do, its just a glorified concrete box, I mean sure its blast proof and all, but that's pretty much it. No sushi bar, no 20' by 20' chess board or exploding arcade games. I mean there's not even any poisoned candy! Or rock candy with actual rocks in it! Well anyway, I kinda like Portal 2, I've never played it, but I watched Myre and Electo play it once. How about this, I use my code to change what you see so it makes it look like a game of Portal 2 eh?"

With that, digital Exo faded in and out of existence for a few seconds before assimilating itself across the room from the bot and at the same time inlaying a partially transparent 3D image of a portal experiment chamber over the live video the robot was getting of what was actually going on. Mildly distracting to the bot, but not horribly so.

Exo looked up at the bot smugly before asking; "So, I can beat you in only one move and its currently my turn to make that move so tell my robot, how do you defeat me?"
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PostSubject: Re: Things Done in the Dark IC; Chapter one: Signs and Symbols   Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:32 pm

The drone looked around a moment, confused, and began to scan the surrounding area which melted into what looked like some sort of test chamber. The robot's blue electric cores began to glow an aqua marine color, and the air in the "test chamber" began to shimmer. The building disappeared and the drone once again found itself being bombarded with projectiles from every corner of the room. One soldier apparently got the bright idea that somehow an RPG would help in this situation, so he ran in with the rocket launcher on his back and fired a missile at the drone's head. The propulsion backblast from the rocket nearly beheaded Myre, and the robot was, once more, unscathed.

"You underestimate Mimic Drone technology, Exo." the drone spoke to the cyber Exo "I can see through your mirages. I-" The robot stopped and made a kind of strange gasping metallic rattle. Then it got the game.

"You are already in my processor." The drone said. Suddenly, the drone's core began to flash white and red, and it began to shake.

"I think we did it!" someone yelled. The drone was beginning its self-destruct sequence.

"How strange it is to be anything at all." -In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel

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Things Done in the Dark IC; Chapter one: Signs and Symbols
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