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 Dawn of Myths II - The Necrosis

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PostSubject: Dawn of Myths II - The Necrosis   Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:34 pm

Dawn of Myths II

Millions of Years Before Alethia...

A tall man stood in a huge courtyard filled with trees, a stone sidewalk, and a massive watery fountain. There was a staircase near the end of the clearing that shot up thousands of meters into the air and housed a mountain where an enormous castle stood. The world was dark and dreary. Black clouds swirled around the castle and boomed green thunder and lightning.
A man in a green cloak stood. He was tall and had pale skin and emerald eyes. He was bald headed and eyebrow-less. In fact it was apparent that he didn't have a single hair on his body. He was nearly lip-less and his fingers didn't have nails. He wore a long green cloak with golden markings. The cloak had a hood that laid behind his neck as his head was not wearing it. From his face he did not look happy.

A tall and old man approached from behind. He had a long white beard and white hair. His skin was gray and his eyes were blue and black like that of space and his pupils were whitish blue like a star. He carried a long staff that lit a blazing blue flame at the top with him. His cloak was white and gray and had blue markings on it that glowed.

"Son, this has to stop..." Aecrothos told the green-cloaked man.
"It ends here. I sent my archangels to go and fetch him. I sent some to get my wife too."
"What are you going to do to him?" asked Aecrothos.
"Something that he deserves."
"Tirus, this must stop..." Aecrothos demanded.
"You've never had a wife father. You never had anyone you love give birth to us. You created us from you. You don't know what love is. Now my heart is broken and Srathos is to blame!" said Tirus. "I'm going to destroy his child that is forming inside my wife Arei before this goes on any further!"

"You can't do that! I will not allow it!"

"You may be my father, but I am your king!" Tirus said grabbing Aecrothos violently by the cloak and threatening him. Aecrothos slapped Tirus's hands away.

"Destroy the child of your brother? Are you truly evil? I understand your pain, but destroying a new god is no way to cure this. Besides we are immortals, we live forever!"
"You and I both know that a god can be killed if the murder is done before it is born. Its not technically a god until it recieves its trait at birth. It is just as mortal as the mortals we plan to create one day! By opening Arei and stabbing her child with your Dagger of Elements, I will put an end to this all. This is Srathos's punishment!"
Aecrothos shook his head. "Srathos and your wife both deserve punishments, that I understand. They betrayed you. But this is too far Tirus..."

"I will decide when it's too far..." Tirus said. Suddenly several creatures entered the courtyard. They were tall and created and entirely of light and living colors. They were smokey and looked as though made by a vapor-like light.

"My lord," they bowed, "we have him waiting for you at The Heart." Tirus and Aecrothos exited the yard and walked down a stone pathway in silence. Since the realm was in despair, the Overworld took a horrid and dismal shape. The clouds were dark and the winds were rapid and wild. Thunder ravaged the land.

They finally came to another huge circular courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard was a massive altar tha sat on a circlular case of stairs that shot up about a hundred feet in the air. A swirl of clouds floating in the sky above it.
Many archangels like the ones that had come to the courtyard to fetch Aecrothos and Tirus stood at the west end of the clearing holding Srathos and keeping him from escaping. His arms and massive tail were all held by the arms of many creatures. Tirus walked onto the top of the altar where his wife Arei was already laying on a stone table that had been prepared by the creatures. She was fast asleep. Aecrothos climbed up to the top of the altar with Tirus.

"Srathos..." Tirus's voice boomed. At this point nearly all of the other gods had gathered around the clearing. Krethlir, gave a worried glance to everyone asking almost everyone what had happened. Srathos was one of the only people that truly understood Krethlir and the two had become good friends.

The wind blew Srathos's hood off his head. He stood gazing at Tirus on top off the altar with hatred.
"Srathos, your crimes against me are unforgivable. As I have discovered that you were having affairs with my wife, Arei the goddess of laughter and joy. You gave her a son... Such is something I cannot have..."

"No! Release her!" Srathos growled trying to break from the archangels' grips. "Don't do this brother!" he hissed darkly.
Tirus turned to Aecrothos and held out his hand. Aecrothos had a disgusted and displeased face. He finally placed a glowing blue dagger in his palm. The king grasped it and suddenly lifted it up into the skies. Green lightning suddenly shot from the sky and hit the end of the knife. He then brought it down and slid it across the stomach of the sleeping Arei. He opened her up and brought up a small glowing piece of organic material with a heartbeat. He laid the dagger aside and lifted the small unformed child into the air with a spell of sorts. Then he made gestures with his hands toward the floating flesh. Green rays of lightning bolted down from the black skies and struck it. Srathos gave out a dark and remorseful howl trying again to break free.
At last the small shred of material was obliterated and nothing remained. Tirus looked back at Srathos with a scowl. "Any words?"

"You horrid monster! Arei only came to me for affection because of your abuse! You've never been a kind husband to her! She told me she never even wanted to marry you to begin with! You forced her!"
Aecrothos got a vile and angry face. He supressed a punch and scowled at his son. "Is this true?" he asked.

"No! Of course not!" Tirus said pushing his father to the side. He glared back at Srathos. "I heard word from an Oracle that you and my wife were planning to overthrow me... that you were plotting against me. There is only one punishment suitable for this..."

Tirus gave a motion to the archangels. They dragged him over to a huge pond full of glowing black waters with a greenish outline. At last they threw him in. Srathos plunged down deep into a world of darkness, not underwater but transported into a space of pure nothingness... The Void. The Void is where present day Alethia now lies.
The Void was a dark and terrible, shapeless place where everything was distorted, foggy, and had a dark mist. All the Srathos could make out was thundering black clouds and a few bolts of lightning throughout the realm. Swirling evil fogs and clouds came around him as if to drown him. He kept falling and falling, forgotten.
Up in the Overworld, everyone was gasping and screaming. Krethlir stood mortified. Aecrothos had nearly tackled Tirus, the two stood in a tussle at the top of the altar.

"THAT WAS MY SON!" Aecrothos said punching Tirus.
"That was the person who would one day try to overthrow you!" the king said back.
"You are a fool Tirus! It was a mistake to ever make you king of my realm!"
"Bring him back now!" Aecrothos shouted.
"It's too late anyways! He's already fallen so far into the abyss. We may never see him again..."
"I'm not an idiot... we'll see him again and it will be the death of this place..." the father said. He walked down the steps of the altar and was surrounded by the other immortals.
"Please, go home everyone... I can't handle it all..." he spoke and everyone was forced to depart him. However Krethlir stayed and floated next to him.

"Father, how could you have let this happen?!" he said.
"I never wanted this to happen. If I knew what was going to happen, Tirus would never have been made king of us. I only hired him for the job because I am too old even as an Immortal to be worried by kingly duties..." said Aecrothos.
"I know that. But... why didn't you stop him?"
"I can't stop him... He's grown very powerful. I'm going to sort this out and figure out if he's really been abusing Arei. Srathos may not be the evil one in this..."


Moments After Alethia was Created

A shrieking smog of black smoke swam through the reaches of space. It flew through the new shaped world and at last broke through the atmosphere. Finally it shot through the final layer of skies and into a forest like a clap of thunder. It crashed into a lake and made a giant splash as it did so. From the swampy shores a huge snake crawled forth and as its body moved it grew and reformed. Its body morphed into the shape of a humanoid creature.

Srathos formed. He was a tall and dark creature. He was hairless and covered in smooth and beautifully soft snakeskin. He had red snake eyes and a mouth full of vicious venom dripping fangs and a long, forked, black tongue. From the waist down he was a giant snake with a huge tail that had a black rattle at the end. His skin was colored a cross between dark gray and black. He was slender, extremely skinny though in his combat form he'd transform into a muscular beast far stronger than any champion to reign on Alethia.

He formed a long dark cloak that was ripped and shredded in many ways though his deep hood remained unharmed and dark. His shreds of black cloth swayed with the breeze. He looked to the skies, remembering the last time he'd seen his brothers and grinned, licking his lipless mouth. "We'll see who comes out on top when I've ruined your child..." Srathos said to himself. "Watch as I kill your precious Alethia, Tirus..."

He laughed wickedly and stretched out his hand. From the soil rose huge snakes that writhed and grew longer and thicker. The creation of serpents... Each of the snakes looked different and nearly all of them carried eggs to be placed in various places. A few dragged themselves back into the water, some burried themselves underground and yet some wandered into the woods. Two of the snakes however rapidly grew into new creatures. They transformed into two tall creatures that looked almost identical to Srathos. One was male, looking very similar to his creator though he did not wear a hood or clothing. His long snake tail was tipped with a long black rattle and his eyes were scarlet, taking off from his father. The female was tall and had tiny but very long black snakes as hair. She was more prominent. She was similar to a human woman though these creatures lacked many things a human had but made up for it in other features. They had long claws and fangs and tiny slit-like nostrils and holes instead of humanoid ears. These holes were the same kind found on a snake's head.

"My children... I am Srathos, your creator and your father. You shall follow me and obey me forever. If you do not, there will be dire consequences. This is a world called Alethia. You shall grow in it. Multiply yourselves. Have children and grow in great numbers. Be a parasite to the other nations and eliminate them. I will tell you who to spare and who to kill... I shall call your kind the Sythir which means, Terror" Srathos said. He looked to the male. "I shall name you, Prolethir..." he looked to the female, "And you Nathil..."
They both bowed to him. He felt a great deal of pride and growth inside of him. He smiled, patting them both on the heads like dogs. "Now go on into the swamps. Find a home, the darkest one alive. Expand upon it and make it even darker. Have your children there, make a kingdom and make this world yours..." he said. "I will always be watching over you and I will help you no matter what... I will meet with you continuously for the next days to educate you. But until then I must depart. Go now... Be on your way..." he said. The two Synthirs looked at each other, greeted each other with a silent smile and then slithered off into the forest to find a home. Srathos chuckled and finally disappeared like smoke.


Present Day

Arlia sat in her throne amonst the malevolent black Citadel that was the capital of the Synthir's kingdoms. They live amongst their own continent swarmed by soul-crushing black swamps and corpse-filled dead lands. They created huge palaces made of black iron. The center castle had a the highest tower in all the kingdom. It was said that the top of the tower was a gateway to Srathos and where you could be with him closely but the queen of the kingdom, Arlia kept it from everyone as she was told by Srathos that it was strictly sacred. Arlia was a huge black, magically engrossed Anaconda, taller than any man or any normal snake. Her head along was larger than a human's. Her body was the size of a small dragon and her evil red eyes seemed to scorch one's soul. She was said to be possessed by spirits sent by Srathos and said to have direct contacts to him and recieve messages from him. It is also a legend that she was created by him.
Arlia sat in her throne as the Synthir served her. She anticipated the arrival of a messenger of Aecrothos, a human that stood nine feet tall. As the human stepped into the room, escorted by the Synthirs who now wore clothing and armor.
The man had long brown hair and a short beard. He had blue eyes and wore a long silver cuirass. He took a respectful headbow to Queen Arlia.

"Queen Arlia, I give urgent news from our creator and father, Aecrothos for without whom none of our world would be possible. It is so amazing that he picked me and me along to deliver a message to his brother, wouldn't you think that--"
"Cut to the chase," Arlia hissed. Her forked tongue shot out and a snakey sizzle emerged from her when she pronounced an S or a TH.

"Alright... Aecrothos says this, 'I would like to meet with Srathos and negotiate a way to make peace possible. I am sick of the fighting for something that happened eons ago. I do believe that what Tirus did is wrong, and I would also like to find out more as he will not say a word more on the subject. Please accept my request and meet with me on the Mount Ebel...'" he said. "What say you?"

Arlia closed her eyes. Her body began to twitch unnaturally and her tail rattled stopping randomly, and starting up again randomly. Her head tilted to the side as her tongue flickered out of her snake lips. She finally opened her eyes and her head came back to normal posture. She gave out a loud shriek and stood up into the air.

The man became slightly afraid. "Um... thank you for your acceptance. I'm sure Aecrothos will be happy. I'll be off then..." he said walking out of the room with the guards.
"Should we kill him?" asked one of the Synthirs.
"No," Arlia said in her normal voice. "He is a messenger of one of the gods. He must not be harmed under any circumstances..."


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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Myths II - The Necrosis   Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:43 pm

A Few Things You Should Know

Hello and welcome to Dawn of Myths II. Sorry for the huge introduction, but I thought anyone who hadn't been in the first RP might need to get caught up on the major part of the plot even though that wasn't the most important thing that happened in the entire RP. This takes place a few years after the old one--about thirty to be precise.

Right now the world is in turmoil. Srathos has begun to attack the other nations using his people the Synthir as a gateway to his desires. He craves revenge on his brother Tirus who is king of the Overworld, a place where some gods lie.

Truth be told, when Srathos was tossed away, the gods were angry and a massive war took place in the Overworld. Since none of them could die, nobody won and they all scattered leaving Aecrothos and Tirus alone there. The Overworld slowly shrank into one single castle at last. Then after the creation of Alethia that brought the gods back together, the Overworld began to grow back into what it once was.

Now, a few things have changed since the last RP. For one, the Terrors are no longer called Terrors, they are now called Synthirs--a better and more unique name. Arkadeis did not exist in the last RP, I decided that it would be a pretty good add-on and would really help in some plots. Also, the part in the introduction about the creation of the Synthirs is a lot different than the one in the old thread but this is to make it more realistic. There was also no Tirus in the old story but I thought he'd be a cool addition.

I plan to give the RP extremely dark and more mature themes so be aware. I hope to give the RP a bit less confusion. The last thread had a million subplots all occurring at once. I love subplots and they help shape some plots, but let's try to stick to only one or two plots at a time please.
The main focus will be the war between Srathos and Tirus for the first part of the RP. After that we'll see what comes next.

If you're new to Dawn of Myths there's a few things you should know:
Basically, Aecrothos created many children who helped him create Alethia. He's very old even for an immortal and gets stressed out a lot by fatherly duties and didn't want to make himself a king and add even more stress so he appointed one of his sons, Tirus to be king of the Overworld. Tirus married Arei, goddess of joy. Rumor has it now that he forced her to marry him.

One day Arei came to Srathos in tears which was unlike he most joyful person of all of the divines. She claimed to him that Tirus was abusing her and that she never really loved him. After Srathos sheltered her from Tirus and offered her everything she needed, she quickly fell in love with him and after many weeks of keeping their relationship a secret, Arei finally became pregnant with Srathos's child. Tirus found out about it when he caught the two kissing under a willow tree. He took it to an Oracle for help. The Oracle told him that Srathos and Arei had been in a relationship for a while and kept it a secret--the part we know is true. But it also told him that they were plotting against him and planned his downfall--this part we don't know is true. Oracles rarely ever make mistakes, yet if tampered with by another force they could very well give false information. If that is the case, who would tamper with the Oracles and why?

Srathos indeed was banished for reasons that may or may not be fair. Tirus also killed Srathos's child before it could become a god. When immortals are born, they receive their trait. They are mortals up until then. He was banished from the Overworld by Tirus and after his banishment, a war broke out between the gods ravaging the Overworld. There were those that took the side of Srathos and those that took the side of Tirus and those that were neutral. But in the very end it all ended up in every man for himself in an all-out battle. Finally the gods split apart and went their separate ways. The Overworld shrunk into a single castle where Aecrothos and Tirus lived for millions of years.

Finally when Aecrothos decided it was time for the construction of the world, he summoned everyone. They'd cooled off from their anger against each other but in reality they all wanted to come out and kill each other during the meeting. Everyone hated each other. Finally they created Alethia in respect for Aecrothos who just wanted peace. Srathos was not at the meeting.

When Alethia was made, Srathos went into it and decided to ruin it as a way to get back at his brother. It was an eye-for-an-eye deal. Srathos did not take what Tirus did to him lightly. Srathos summoned his servant Chaora to introduce the first sinners and corrupt the world. She not only did that, but sommoned monsters and polluted the lands with them and then went to her resting place.

Krethlir was grieved by the fact that sinning meant more work for him and his friend Death who shared similar traits. Krethlir was not only responsible for how someone dies, but how they grow and develop in their lives. When the sinners came into play, more work was to be done in order to maintain the world.

Krethlir decided that the sinners should not be allowed in the Overworld when they died in return for the crimes that they did during their lives. He did not want the Overworld to be soiled by them so he created a realm called Arkadeis which houses the evil spirits of the dead and is a place of torment and torture. Krethlir's castle also lies there. He sits on a throne of bones called The Judgement Throne. When a mortal dies, their soul comes to this room to be judged in the presence of Krethlir and they have a final chance to give reason for their sins and try to save themselves.

Srathos sent the Synthir to destroy the world's nations but soon the wars died down when the Synthir's most beloved beast, the Dark Sea Serpent was defeated by the Kraken--a child of Nero, god of water. Since then the war has been silent though neither force will hesitate to attack if they enter one another's territories. Now for some odd reason, the wars are starting up again and the gods seem angry about something. But what? Many believe it has something to do with what happened to Srathos long ago but none can be sure. Find out in the story...

If you're new, you'll need to create at least one god and at least one mortal. You can have as many as you like, though if you do start to create too many, I may have to give you a limit. But if you know me, I'm very laid back about that kind of stuff.

You can create your own race in Alethia--they can be anything you imagine (but logical and realistic of course and no overpowered creatures). Sculpt your people!
Here are some rules for this episode to the DOM series:


1. No godmodding, powerplay, OPing etc.

2. No one-liners please. I'm laid back about that too but please try to write things out in at least 3.

3. No flaming, spamming, trolling, harassing, ect.

4. Cussing is allowed in the IC. But please don't overuse it. By this I mean, don't make your character shove as many curse words into a single sentence as possible. I hate reading text that is just a bunch of cuss words. Please make it easy to understand and keep in mind that the major cuss words are censored out by the forums. Using the * is wise to keep from having the word CENSORED pop up in your story.

5. There may be a few more mature themes, so be aware.

6. Extensive gore is allowed and very much encouraged in battles and/or fight scenes.

7. Ask the owner before you kill off or have intimate encounters with their characters.

8. Write the word "Forever" in the Other section of the character sheet if you've read these rules.

9. Yes.


Immortal Sheet



Trait: (In this part, write in what your immortal is responsible for and what their trait is)



Renown Abilities:




Mortal Sheet




Race: (if you're playing as a character of a race made by someone else, make sure you ask the owner first)





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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Myths II - The Necrosis   Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:50 pm


New races must be created in the IC.

Humans - are a people of mostly peace. They are fairly strong and skilled with swords and axes. However they do not have good skill with magic.

Sythirs - (Commonly called Snake People) are vicious monsters that are skilled in combat and magic arts. From the waist up they are humanish, but from the waist down they have a long snake tail. No legs. They do not have a hair on their bodies except for females who have tiny snakes as hair. They follow Srathos and Srathos only. They wear no clothes and eat only meat.

Goblins - stand about 3 feet in hight, with two frog like legs and a short frog/salamander like body, their heads are similar to that of a humans, except with larger eyes that are generally amber in color and bulge out like a frogs. the scull itself is extended outwards like a frogs snout from the nose which is nothing but two slits to the jaw which is almost exactly like a frogs mixed with a sharks. Meaning the mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth. Their hands and feet are like that of a alpine toads, with a prehensile thumb and small sticky pads.

The Menithons - Menithons are tall, humanoid creatures who live in the catacombs of Madame Spinstress's lair. Their skin is almost pale blue and hangs loosely off their frame. Brittle creatures, the Menithon use their un-parralled cunning and intelligence to guide them through life. This makes them subtle creatures and quite solitary. As the first creations of their god, the Menithons where created already sentient, with underground homes already built for purpose. Their culture forbids them to show their face. Many wear hoods and masks while a few try to replicate Madame Spinstress by wearing veils. They make quite unnerving creatures and very good tacticians.

The Kitsune - Kitsune are large, fox-like creatures, growing to be about the size of a full-grown horse. They look exactly like foxes, possess solid red fur, and amber eyes. Their most unique characteristics are their tails, which increase in number as they age, the maximum being nine. Each one can live to be 1000 years old, as long as they are not killed by sickness or other causes. They are born with one tail, and grow a new one every 100 years. They are masters of fire, even better than dragons, and are very wise. They can be either guardians or tormentors, and are seldom spotted by other races. They are the patron race to Cindrea, and only a few individuals of their kind know the path to Cindrea's realm. They inhabit a place in the Far East, deep in the wilderness.

The Elves - Elves are very similar to humans in appearance, their only defining characteristics being their slightly smaller stature as adults (Adults are on average between 4'8" and 5'5" tall), angular features, pointed ears, and feline pupils. They may also possess eye colors unlike humans, such as violet, amber, or gold. They are masters of musical and visual arts, and are the most powerful race in regards to illusionary magic, capable of making illusions that seem very real. Weapons and utensils made by this race are prized for magical charms they may possess. Elves live in harmony with nature, and have a longer lifespan than humans. They are the only race that knows the way to Morphea's realm. They deep in the mysterious wilderness of the Northwest.

Dryads - Dryads look exactly like humans aside from their clothing, which is often woven from leaves. They do not possess villages or houses, and instead live inside their trees, to which they are bound by powerful earth magic. Dryads live in particular forests, and can live as long as the trees they are bound to remain alive. It is stated that one must check to be sure that a tree that is cut is not inhabited by a Dryad. Dryads know the path to Terrae's home, and the largest concentration of Dryad forests is in the Southwest.

The Aviantese - Aviantese are large, bird-like men with a hawks head, talons, and wings.They stand between 6-7 feet and weigh in at an average of 100 pounds, because of their hollow bones. They are the servants of Kairos, who made them from the original human. They are masters if aerial combat, being jigger and stronger than many other flying creatures, but lack magic skills. They have extremely acute hearing and vision though, and can see a mouse from a hundred yards away and hear him from 200. Their primary weapon is the spear.

The Lycan - Lycans are the servants of Omchli. They live in the far north, where they have a tribal organization. They are wolf men, standing about ten feet tall and weighing about 3-400 pounds of muscle. Their canine sense of smell let's them sniff blood from a mile away and can see through the thickest snowstorm. They're extremely powerful with their long, razor sharp claws and can tear through trees with them. And as for their bite? Well, cubs don't chew on frozen dragon bones for nothing. They're not exactly good at magic, but some are shamans with a peculiar type of nature magic, though it is extremely weak and shamans are rare. They have a curse though. If stabbed in the chest with a blade of pure silver, they die instantly, though getting to their chest without getting your hand torn off is another story. their main weapon is either their claws or the battle axe.

Merrpeople - the Merrpeople are a race of underwater creatures with the upper half of a human and the lower half of a fish. They are between 5-6 feet long and weigh in between 100-150 pounds on average. They are a matriarchal society where women rule everything, though Nero and Ourania are the supreme rulers of the realm. Merrpeople are a peaceful race, though can be troublesome. They love to sing, but their singing is magical and causes men to instantly fall in love with the singer (women if it's a merman). This causes men to do odd things like violently kill each other to decide who gets the mermaid and dive into the ocean to find the mermaid, only to drown. Because of this, Merrpeople normally stay in parts of the sea that are uninhabited by man, and live near the ocean floor. The Merrpeople are a peaceful people, though will fight if necessary. They are weak in melee combat, but they excel in magic and can summon sea creatures to fight for them. They are rather good shots with a bow too. The main problem with Merrpeople is that if they fet farther than a fet hundred feet from the ocean, they dehydrate and die, making them impractical in combat.

The Satyr - The Satyrs are the servants of Chorevoun and the protectors of her Golden Grove. Only they know the way yo get there. They have the top half of a human and the bottom half of a goat with golden fur. They are an average of 4-5 feet tall and weigh between 80-200 pounds (their weight fluctuates greatly). The males grow ram horns n their heads. The average Satyr lives about 2-300 years. Satyrs are the most powrful race in regard to nature and healing magic. They can mend almost any illness and repair any injury with their magical music. They can also summon trees and animals to fight for them and can control the growth of plants, at times even using them as weapons. Satyrs normally stay in an isolated part of the Southeastern forest where they keep away from other mortals, with the exception of elves and dryads. They are deathly afraid of humans, lycans, and Aviantese. When Satyrs die, their souls take the form of a plant, as they cannot go to Heaven. They wear clothing made of leaves and are vegetarians. Their villages consist of huts made out of hollowed-out trees. The villages are arranged in circles and are lit by Chinese-like paper lanterns, in which there are fireflies (Satyrs are deathly afraid of fire). In combat they wear the bark of a special magical tree that dwells in the heart of the forest and is hard as iron. They fight with polearms made of bronze soaked in Chorevoun's lake.

The Acutaver - The Acutavers are a very bird-like sentiental species. Their build is that of a red robin. The colors of their plumage, however, varies greatly. They could have from a brownish plumage with a white belly to a neon pink plumage with orange polka dots. Because their feathers are a little thicker than most birds, they do not wear clothes. They do, however, wear accessories. They can wear hats, glasses, necklaces, scarves, and backpacks (mainly for function, but they are sometimes personalized). They have some extra feathers on the top of their heads that can be at various lengths. They stylize this like other races might stylize their hair.
Their wings are a little more developed than most birds. This allows them to use them like one might use their hands. It also allows them to fly in more advanced techniques than most birds.
The Acutaver species' height averages from 5-9" tall. They are significantly smaller than most species. Because of this, their tools, accessories, and buildings are also significantly smaller than most species.
These birds also have magical properties, being created from the God of Magic. Every member of the species can use magic to some extent. Of course, only a few that are trained in the art can use it to it's full potential.

Frostboar - Much like their cousins the Lycans, frostboars are extremely aggressive creatures that live in the North. They are the warriors of Canis, and defend the frozen castle in which he resides. The beasts are an average of about three feet tall and 80-130 pounds. They resemble a mix between a boar and a man. They have the legs of a boar, the torso of a man (though it is very hairy), and the head of a boar. They are covered in matted grey, black, or brown hair and their skin is red from being exposed to the cold. Male Frostboars have longs tusks as well. The longer the tusk, the more dominant the boar. The Frostboars are a small race, only about 500 of them exist, and they all live in and around the Frozen Castle, protecting Canis. They are fierce warriors that never quit until they are dead. The entire race is extremely arrogant and stubborn to the point that males will sometimes lock horns and fight for weeks on end until they either die of exhaustion or are forcibly separated. They have long memories, and never forget grudges. Frostboard fight with either battle axes, flails, warhammers, or maces. They wear no armor, though, as they find armor to be cowardly. They are also proficient in the magical arts, and are exceptionally powerful summoners; they can form monsters to fight for them out of the souls of dead animals. Their most famous creature to conjure is the razorback; a small bright red boar that runs extremely quickly and can bulldoze enemies, though they cannot turn while they run and are easy prey for a proficient hunter.

Furies - The Furies are malicious people with wings. They are all females and look much like their creator Tharess. They are usually quite slim and flexible. Also, they have the power to hypnotize a mortal by singing. A Fury's song is so powerful it can make a non-Fury mortal lose their mind forever if their song is powerful enough. They usually only wear a single cloth on their chest, nothing else. They are very powerful in the magic arts and can fly as high as the skies contain. They have sharp claws and fangs and can tear you up if you test them.

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List of Gods

A list of immortals and their traits.

Aecrothos - Creation
Tirus - Rule

Krethlir - Fate
Srathos - Sin
Geonuth - Earth
Spinstress - Fear, Cunningness
Aenigma Artifex - Designer of Events
Death - Death
Antu - Love
Sarvanus - Reptiles
Morphea - Dreams, Philosophy, Ideas, Inspiration, Creativity, Imagination.
Cindrea - Fire, the Hearth, The Sun, The Home, Love, Kindness, Children
Terrae - Earth, Soil, Plants, Fungus, Decay, Insects, and Harvest
Chaora - Corruption
Omchli - Coldness
Nero - Water, Sea
Kairós - Weather
Anemos - Spring, clouds, and childbirth/fertility.
Canis - Dogs, war, hunting, strength, and fear.
Chorevoun - Song, dance, laughter, and night.
Delirises - Chaos, Insanity, and Change
Cosdelion - Industry, Space
Gairidelli - Magic

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Name: Arlia

Gender: Female

Race: Halfblood Giant Blue-Black Snake

Personality: Arlia is a crafty old snake. She is wise and quite manipulative. She is enchanted with the spirits of Srathos, giving her all of the wickedness she needs in order to twist and bend others to her will. At the moment, she rules the Terrors as a queen. She is quite cunning and malevolent, and sinful.

Description: Being the queen of the Terrors, Arlia controls a great evil. No Terrors question her ways, as she is very wise. Her great wisdom and power often proves to be a gift to her. She is also quite talented in the interrogation, torture, and manupulative arts. Getting even her own enemies to do what she pleases, she is indeed quite talented.

History: Arlia was formed by Srathos when the merrpeople and Terrors were about to rage into war. She was formed to act as a barrier and a source of great influence. Spilling her lies and evil into her enemies, they often choose to fight on her side, either that or sheer fear of those dreadful teeth and those soulless black eyes.

Strengths: Arlia is a giant snake, and one of the most poisonous known to Alethia. She also is very muscular and is big enough to swallow a man with a single gulp in three seconds. She is also a prophet of Srathos, and Srathos speaks through her. Not only that, but she is also considered a halfblood, being enchanted with the spirits of Srathos.

Weaknesses: Silver. A sword made of pure silver and magic can kill her, however other weapons cannot. Other weapons can hurt her, and cause her pain, however the only weapon that can actually kill her, is a sword made of pure silver and enchanted with magic from the gods, since she is indeed a halfblood.


Name: Chaus

Gender: Male

Race: Goblin

Personality: Chaus’s favorite activity is making things go boom, and he will march around a house all day long, knocking over anything breakable until there’s nothing left but shattered pots, pans, jars, ornaments etc. He has a soft spot for sweet things and can consume a colossal amount of it and won’t stop eating until it’s gone. Motive wise, all he’s out there for is entertainment. He is easily provoked but will not go after people with the intent of killing them no matter what, he generally will find their house and obliterate anything breakable and eat all their food, especially sweets.

Description: Chaus looks like most of his kind, being the average 3 feet in height and covered in frog slime and having a general unhealthily skinny appearance and amber colored frog eyes that protrude out of his skull which is like a cross between a frogs and humans. He always carries around a small stone mallet that he uses to smash open jars and other vessels.

History: He was just created, so…

Strengths: Chaus, like all goblins has mild regeneration like that of a salamanders, they also have the ability to transform into a small glowing orb about the size of a quarter, their frog legs helps them jump about 6 feet into the air and their sticky skin allows them to climb up the side of a masonry wall with ease.

Weaknesses: Chaus has a strong soft spot for sweets and can easily be lured into a trap using a bottle of honey or a cup of sugar. Once he gets ahold of it, he will not stop eating it even if it means he throws up, he literally cannot stop eating it, no matter what.

Name: Fraus

Gender: female

Race: Goblin

Personality: Fraus is very similar to Chaus in that her mind if very immature but she has superior intelligence, she is different however, in how she creates havoc. She, instead of smashing things, likes to ‘draw out’ the suffering, in that she will create embarrassing set ups for her targets to step into such as replacing one of the spices in some dish with itching powder of something that causes those unfortunate enough to eat it to have horrible gas for the next three days of their honeymoon. She has the same disposition that her creator has, in that she has to outperform everyone in everything even when it’s impossible. But normally that’s pretty easy, so when an actual challenge comes up she will get so carried away with showing off that she will do something stupid to prove that yes, she is that good.

Description: Fraus stands about 3’ 6”, significantly taller than most of her race, and most of that is arms and legs, her eyes are amber like most of her race except hers are inlayed with red and blue, other than that she looks like most of her species. She, like all Goblins carries her weapon of choice, which is a foil (as in the sward).

History: Same as Chaus.

Strengths: Fraus, like all goblins has mild regeneration like that of a salamanders, they also have the ability to transform into a small glowing orb about the size of a quarter, their frog legs helps them jump about 6 feet into the air and their sticky skin allows them to climb up the side of a masonry wall with ease.

Weaknesses: Fraus has a strong disposition that she has to be able to outwit everyone who she comes across, and can be lured into doing something stupid to prove that she’s that good, even if she has no chance of completing the task.


Name: Bramble

Gender: Female

Race: Dryad (Red Mangrove)

Personality: Bramble is much different from the rest of her race in the aspect that she chooses to be active in the world, rather than staying near the Red Mangrove tree she is linked to. Unlike other Dryads, she has seen the awful violence that befalls other races. As a result, she can be much darker and more mature. Regardless, she still remains friendly, and will attempt to help anyone who needs her assistance. Her knowledge of the earth, as well as her link to the goddess Terrae, who claimed her, makes her especially good with medical herbs and earth magic. Her main focus above all, however, is to understand the gods.

Description: Bramble is about 5’5” tall, and in human age she is 15 years old physically, with a slender form, and olive skin. She has long, wavy chestnut-colored hair that falls to her waist, blue-green eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She wears a dress that falls to mid-thigh, and is woven from the leaves of a Red Mangrove tree, which are scale-shaped, and shiny. She has Red Mangrove flowers woven into her hair, and carries a satchel made from green vines and leaves. She has the imprint of a tree, Terrae’s mark, on her right hand. Bramble also wears a quiver made from wood strapped behind her back with vines, containing arrows tipped with sharp thorns, and decorated with gull feathers. Her bow is made from Red Mangrove wood.

History: Bramble was created by Terrae from a long distance, and for most of her life she has lived in a small cluster of mangrove trees, with seven other mangrove dryads. However, later, when Srathos formed an island in the sea, and Nero’s people attacked it (Adding to the chaos, the Earth God Geonuth was angry that Srathos had created an island without his permission), Bramble developed an entirely new outlook on life. She decided to leave the grove where she lived to travel the world, and hopefully save others on her adventure from the terrible evil that had descended upon the world.

Strengths: Bramble, as a Dryad, is capable of living forever, so long as the tree she is linked to is not harmed (Although she can still die from wounds herself). She is skilled in earth magic, and can easily find edible plants, medicinal herbs, and ingredients ideal for potions. She has many other earth-related abilities, but the most notable is that if she needs them, she can pick up a twig and it will instantly become an arrow, making the number of arrows she has limitless, so long as there are trees nearby. She can also work well with bugs, although arachnids, like scorpions and spiders, do not work because they were not created by Terrae. She also knows how to swim, and can handle high levels of salt in her body, due to being a Mangrove Dryad, in particular.

Weaknesses: Bramble, as a Dryad, is very weak to fire, and can easily be hurt by coming in direct contact with it. She can also become injured or die if the Red Mangrove tree she is linked to is damaged or destroyed. She is vulnerable to poisons and weapons just as much as humans. She is also vulnerable to plant diseases.

Name: Jack

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Demigod)

Age: 15

Personality: Jack is a natural born lone wolf. He doesn’t enjoy being around other people, and most other people keep their distance. He prefers to keep to himself, and doesn’t enjoy talking about his feelings, or about his life. That’s because he can’t remember anything about it. One day he woke up, knowing his name and his age, and nothing else about himself. This makes him very self-conscious, and people could easily say that he was shy, or simply quiet. He doesn’t have any friends or family. Jack is fine with not having anyone to talk to, because there is so little he can relate to in comparison to another person.
However, despite being quiet and reserved, Jack is not a perfect listener. He often disobeys orders if they are given, and he rarely takes the advice of older people who likely know better than him. It doesn’t worry him, though, because he actually makes mistakes on purpose. He doesn’t understand why, but as long as he can remember, he has struggled to do the right thing, and has always fought to prevent himself from caving into the desire to cause destruction with his abilities. Sometimes he does, but he punishes himself far worse than any other being in existence. He reminds himself of his weakness when he makes mistakes.
Jack believes he is different from other humans, because of his gift. When he woke up, without the ability to remember anything about his past, he soon learned that he had a unique ability. He discovered that his eyes could see the taint in things, the darkness that existed in all creation, as a kind of black mist. In addition, he has the power to actually control the taint, extracting it from things as well as inserting it. Absorbing it can make him stronger for a temporary amount of time. He can also communicate with monsters, the children of Chaora, which he tries for the most part to avoid. However, his powers regarding the taint also endanger him. If he is not careful, and absorbs too much of it, whether to make himself stronger or to purify something, he loses control of himself, and will resort to a bestial state of mind, in which he causes destruction until the effects wear off, or until he manages to control himself. He has a habit of handling a bag of marbles that he carries with him, which are strangely comforting and familiar, and are crafted from strange materials.

Description: Jack stands at about 5’8” tall, with a lean, sinewy figure. He has pale skin, but not so white that he looks like a vampire. His straight hair is a dark shade of black, and is shaggy and falls partly over his eyes, which are a strikingly vivid shade of dark blue. His face is angular and sharp in appearance. He wears a black hooded long sleeve tunic that falls to mid-thigh, with dark grey pants and black moccasins. He wears a black belt, which has in it a knife, and a small bag of marbles, which are made from obsidian, brimstone, and bronze. When he is communicating with children of Chaora, he wears the hood over his head to cover his eyes, so as to help prevent people from recognizing him.

History: One day Jack woke up in the middle of a snowstorm somewhere in a mountain range. He remembered nothing about himself other than his name and his age. His only possessions were a knife with an obsidian handle, and a small bag of marbles, which were made of obsidian, brimstone, and bronze. He wandered for some time in the wilderness, until he encountered Wendigos, ferocious wind spirits that fed on hatred and aggression. Strangely, he found that he could communicate with them, and finally, he convinced one of them to take him to the nearest human settlement.
At first, he believed that the Wendigos, and their siblings, the children of Chaora, were good creatures, because they had helped him, but when the people of the village reacted with fear and terror at seeing that he could speak to them, he quickly saw that they were considered to be evil monsters. The villagers, despite their fear, sheltered him for one night, before on his own accord he set off on his own, looking for answers about his past. Soon after, he discovered he could see the taint in things, in the form of a black mist, which he also learned he could control, absorbing it, inserting it, or removing it. However, once this power manifested itself to him, he began to have trouble controlling himself, due to a strange, alien desire to cause destruction. This desire was lessened to a certain degree when he handled his marbles, or when he expelled the taint from his own body, but was worsened when he absorbed the taint, or communicated with children of Chaora. He even once gave in to the desire to destroy, and when he regained control, he had decimated a large portion of a forest, although he is unaware of how he did this. He continues to travel alone, keeping his distance from settlements so as to avoid hurting people.

Strengths: Jack is in very good physical condition, due to most of his time being spent walking, and can easily run for extended periods. He can also climb trees at a quick pace, and craft fishhooks from pieces of wood. He knows how to set traps for food, and field dress kills, and is therefore entirely independent. He is also rather smart, and talented at problem-solving. Jack also possesses the ability to see the taint in everything in the form of black mist. He has the power to manipulate this dark energy, absorbing it, removing it, and inserting it. When absorbing the taint, he gains additional strength. He can also communicate with Children of Chaora, which makes him the only person capable of actually ‘befriending’ them.

Weaknesses: Jack’s greatest weakness is that he seems to see himself as a beast that needs to be controlled. He frequently makes mistakes on purpose, solely to remind himself that he is not safe from himself, as well as to remind himself that there are others around him that he must consider the safety of. He has a strange, alien desire to destroy, which he must actively battle to prevent himself from acting on it. His ability to absorb the taint puts him in danger, as it makes self-control difficult. In addition, his power to communicate with Children of Chaora is considered to be evil, and he must hide it to avoid persecution.


Name: Xylo

Gender: Male

Race: Satyr

Personality: Xylo is Chorevoun's favorite servant and the leader of the Satyr people, a high priest, though he has no idea how to do his job and is very young and inmature. Many of the other Satyrs dislike him greatly because of his incopetence, although Moss, the oldest Satyr in the village of Arbor, acts as the young high priest's mentor. He is rather rebellious though and sometimes at the expense of others. He loves to paint and write as well, and is an excellent artist.

Description: Xylo is an adolescent Satyr who is about four feet tall and 90 pounds. His fur is a mossy green, as opposed to the normal gold. He has short, stubbly horns that stick out from under his curly brown hair. He is beginning to grow a short beard of moss. he wears a cape of gold and green moss.

History: Xylo was born in the village of Arbor. When he was a child, Chorevoun visited the baby and claimed it as her champion. She waved her hand over him and his white lamb fur turned green and brown like moss. His entire life, the village elders have catered to his every whim to the point where it began to annoy him. Throughout his life, he was protected by Chorevoun's blessing to the point where he forgot to care for himself, though Moss is beginning to teach him how to because when he turns 18, the blessing fades. He is going to turn 18 in a few months. He carries a pan flute and a wand with him.

Strengths: Xylo has Chorevoun's blessing, making animals automatically love him and sentient mortals to stay away from him, though it doesn't work on sinners. He is also an extremely powerful mage due to the blessing. He can control animals, heal wounds, and summon magical rose vines to attack enemies.

Weaknesses: He is deathly afraid of fire. He also doesn't really know how to care for himself when he's not with Moss, so he often doesn extremely foolish things.

Name: Donti Zoou

Quote:" Embrace the cold!" his battle cry.

Gender: Male

Race: Lycan

Personality: Donti is a ruthless, cunning warrior. He is extremely intimidating, as he is smart, ruthless, and strong enough to apply it to scaring people. He's no leonidas either. If an enemy is about to stab him, Donti will most likely grab the closest soldier and use him as a meat shield. His cowardice is only outweighed by his sheer knowledge and usefulness on the battlefield.

History: Donti was born in the deep north where it's so cold that only the toughest Lycans can survive. He was brought up as a soldier and eventually joined the construction of Omchli's palace, where, after it was finished, he was appointed to be Omchli's bodyguard because of his bulk and strength. But, soon into his duties, a conflict between the goddess Chorevoun and the Lycans ensued and the weak goddess, in a stroke of desperation, blasted Donti with a magic thunderbolt before running away. The magic paralyzed him for years until he finally regained his strength and was sent into the military by Canid for his brave deeds. He soon climbed the ranks with his cunning and intelligence and now acts as the field commander for the Lycan armies of the North.

Strengths: Donti is a force To be reckoned with. He is a master of combat- his sword is said to move so fast that enemy armor disintegrates when he hits it with his blade Frostbane. He is also blessed by the god Canis. The enchantment makes it do that no man can kill Donti; no matter what. He can be injured, maimed, decapitated, and tortured, but no man can truly slay him.

Weakness: think about Donti's blessing Very closely. There's a loophole And lord of the rings reference.

Name: Iro

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Demigod

Personality: Iro is an extremely mild-mannered human who likes to keep to himself. he normally sits alone, eats alone, and fights alone, though he will not turn down help in a fight. His parents bred in him a powerful work ethic and a persistence gained from plowing muddy fields in the middle of a torrential downpour. He will never give up and never turns down a challenge, but he's always tactful and respectful to elders and peers. iro has a strong sense of justice as well, and is a bit of a vigilante at times. He often likes to talk to birds, as he understands them, making him a bit of a village oddball.

Description: Iro is about 5'0", taller than the average human back in the beginning of the world. He has short black hair with dark, almost Middle Eastern-looking skin, which is crinkled around his eyes like that of an old man's. He wears a short full beard with a mustache, kind of like that of Russell Crowe's. His nose is long and hooked, like the beak of a hawk. Iro's eyes are also that of a hawk's. They are yellow with a black center. This allows him to see extremely far. He is extremely muscular as well, thanks t his godly blood.

Iro wears a bronze Greek breastplate that is designed to look like the torso of a muscular male. On his legs, he wears a bronze plateskirt and bronze shin guards with sandals. All of the armor is highly polished and cannot be destroyed by anything. He wears a long black hooded cloak that covers his eyes flies off when he goes into combat. The cloak helps to keep him (somewhat) hard to detect when not in battle. In battle, he wields the shield Fonias, a large round greek shield made of marble that is fireproof and can shield it's wearer from any blow. It appears on his left wrist when he kisses a ring on his left ring finger. He fights with the sword Anemostrovilos, which looks like this.

History: Many years ago, during the time in which Kairos' home was still being built, his wife Anemos cheated on him with an Aviantese general named Pidgeus. Kairos became so angry with his wife that he transformed the general into what we know today as the pigeon, and banished him. He then wanted to seek revenge with his wife for her cheating. So, he flew to a human town in the south, where he met a woman named Omorfia, with whom he had a child, who he named Iro. The woman died in childbirth, though, so he took his son up to the castle in the sky. Anemos was so offended that she flung the child off of the sky island, but the powers of Kairos in him made it so that when he hit the ground, it did no damage to him, even though he was a baby. He cried and cried until a young human woman named Louloudi from a nearby village came and found him. She and her husband raised him to be a strong and hardy young man. They trained him to be a hunter and taught him the many great values of a hero; respect for elders, persistence, integrity, justice, compassion, zeal, and simplicity. After their horses were seized by a Lycan raid, he became so strong that he would hook himself up to the plow and plow the fields himself, making him stronger and stronger. Everything changed when the monster came.

It was a cloudy day, and a light rain fell, pattering on the windows of Iro and his adopted family's house. He was 15 at the time. There was a great roar all of a sudden, and a monstrous white and blue dragon-like beast came down from the sky. It was about forty feet long and had a wingspan of a hundred feet. The creature had a beard of icicles that dripped from his chin. It was the legendary Frost Wyvern. The beast flew across his town and farm, using it's freezing breath to kill everyone in the town. Iro's family, knowing that they were going to die, sent their son off, telling him to never forget what they taught him. He ran off on a wild horse, never to see his parents' faces again.

He rode for days, finally collapsing in the Southeastern forests, where Moss the Satyr took him to Chorevoun's grove and bathed him in the golden lake, which healed Iro back to full health. he stayed there for a few weeks, and then left to go and avenge his parents. He hasn't found the Frost Wyvern yet, but since he left the grove he's made himself a reputation as a monster slayer, and his father Kairos' gifts make him all the more famous and potent.

Strengths: Iro is a powerful warrior. Firstly, he can see for miles ahead of him like a hawk and can adjust his eyesight. He can hear a pin drop a mile away, and no matter what height you drop him from, he will never be injured when he hits the ground. He is also muscular, skilled in fighting, and has Fonias, the shield that can take any blow and is fireproof. His sword Anemostrovilos is so powerful and so sleek that it can cut the air and make a small tornado, damaging his enemies. The sword's ragged edges can cut through the thickest hide that can be cut through. he has control over birds as well, and can summon flocks of them to peck at his enemies, distracting them. He is incredibly courageous as well, which in lies with his incredible persistence. Iro will never give up a fight, no matter what pain it causes him. He never retreats and never surrenders.

Weaknesses: Iro's fatal flaw is most likely his greatest advantage; his sense of justice. He is extremely merciful in combat with non-monsters, and cannot bring himself to kill another human being. Every time he does, he sees images of his parents telling him to flee from the wyvern, and the terror on their faces as they did so swims in his eyes. he also is not the most intelligent young man, and can easily be outwitted, though he can usually recognize a trap just from instinct and wisdom


Name: Revere

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Quote: 'Father, the higher you rise, the longer it takes to fall.' Revere to king Minal before killing him

Appearance: Revere is tall and lean. Approximately 6"10 in height and able to punch like a boxer. He has the body of a sprinter but thinner and stronger. His thin, black hair hangs loosely over his face and ears. Hazel eyes fit his sockets and pearly White teeth fill his gums. He has a strong jaw line and thin face. Usually seen wearing his black battle armour or his royal robes, Revere cuts a striking figure.

His armour is the darkest black and fits perfectly to his body, leaving no area exposed. The helmet completely covers Revers face, casting a black shadow. The chest plate is small and sectioned, like an agile soldiers. The gauntlets are tight with spiked finger tips and the greaves are sharp tipped, helping him kick. The shoulder plates are spiked yet small and fitted. A long black cape extends from the back of the armour, casting a formidable shadow. In suit, the helmet is spiked and shaped like a demonic head.

Personality: Revere is ruthless. He is cunning and charismatic with the determination to rule the world. None of his current personality is natural. It was given to him by the goddess of fear, Madame Spinstress.

History: Born the son of king Minal, Revere spent his childhood pampered and spoilt. He was reclusive however, refusing to acknowledge his parents. During his early teens, Revere met a girl named Katya. They spent whole days together and he eventually married her. Katya was probably the reason for Revere being chosen by Spinstress. She is utterly merciless and became one of Reveres generals.

Strengths: Revere is a perfect warlord. He is an amazing close combat fighter and impressive strategist.

Weaknesses: Revere falls down on his love for Katya. If anything should happen to her, Revere would go into a rage and become as weak as a baby.


Name: Congalo

Gender: Male

Race: Cryolophosaurus-Dinaurian

Personality: Congalo is much like a normal carnivorous Dinaurian. Carnivorous Dinaurians are sometimes impatient; they usually do what needs to be done quickly. In contrast, rarer herbivorous Dinaurians are easy-going, yet are still hard workers. Congalo specializes in using the bow and arrow, which makes him a bit more patient then other Dinaurians. He takes time to aim, pull back the string to the preferred length, and fire. He also knows a small amount of first-aid, which lengthens his patience span. Despite living on Gondwanaland, which is near the equator of Alethia, Congalo has a fondless for snow. Congalo will happily climb a mountain, if there's snow at the top. He views snow as quiet and gentle, yet cold and powerful.

Description: Just below seven feet in height, 6'11", Congalo is one of the taller Dinaurians, even though the tallest ones are around twelve feet. Congalo has a purplish skin shade, which is common in Cryolophosaurus-Dinaurians. He has small white spots and stripes that make his pelt less bland. His head crest, which is prized in Cryolophosaurus-Dinaurians, is about five inches tall. His tail makes his total length about 8'3", excluding his legs.

History: Congalo was one of the first Dinaurians to set foot on Alethia. He does not remember his creation, though. When he was still learning how to use a bow, Sarvanus, in his Ceratosaurus-Dinaurian form, appeared to him. Congalo does not remember much of what happened, and other Dinaurians thought he had hit his head while out in the forest. Congalo, however, believed what he saw- or what he remembered of what he saw- was not a hoax, nor a false memory. Later in his life, Sarvanus appeared to Congalo in dreams. This time, though, Congalo remembered. He was told to go to the southern mountains of Gondwana. He followed Sarvanus's directions, and there, he saw the god once again. There, Sarvanus told him about himself, about some of the other gods, and about the other lands and islands out there. Sarvanus, once again, remembered. Sarvanus wished him farewell, and Congalo returned to his town and told about his experience. Congalo had been told that Sarvanus veiwed him as special, and he was welcome to his dimension- but he didn't tell how. Congalo believes that he has to find his own way- to prove himself to Sarvanus- to find him again.

Strengths: Congalo is skilled with a bow and a bit of first-aid. He has high endurance, and is confident about completing tasks. Although he can sometimes be impatient- not unlike other dinaurians- he knows how to control his lust for, well, whatever he wants to do.

Weaknesses: Congalo is sometimes impatient. He also does not have a good sense of navigation, and nearly got lost in the southern Gondwanalandian mountains. He also knows that a bow is not good for close-range fighting. When an enemy approaches, he will usually retreat to increase the chances of him living to fight another day.


Name: Nemogio [ne-MO-gee-O]

Gender: Male

Race: Acutaver

Personality: Nemogio is not exactly a guy that stands out, but he's not necessarily shy either. He will help out if he can, but if he has to go out of his way to do so, there better be a really good reason. He is very studious when it comes to learning magic, and takes it very seriously. He is very humble about it, though, and actually believes that he is less skilled in the art than his older cocky brother Elatus is, even though the opposite is true.

Description: Nemogio is 4 1/2" tall, significantly shorter than most of his race. His feathers are coal black, his eyes have glinting gold irises, and he has short, dull yellow talons, giving him a crowish appearance. He wears a bright red wool scarf, and when going on a long journey, he wears a dull brown backpack.

History: Nemogio was abandonned by his parents along with his brother Elatus. They lived on the streets of Mataku, until Master Travis found them and took them in. Nemogio has studied with him, a well respected magician, for three years now, along with his brother. His brother constantly torments him, calling him names, and spills his stuff. He has bullied him so much that Nemogio thinks less of himself. However, the kindness of Master Travis has alleviated it a bit, so as to prevent him from thinking of himself as less than dirt.

Strengths: Nemogio is actually extremely gifted in the art of magic, and can use it far more easily than most others, even though he doesn't know this, and thinks that others do it better. He also has all the advantages of being an acutaver.

Weaknesses: Nemogio lacks self-confidence, and is nervous about doing big things. He also has all the disadvantages of being an acutaver, especially the one of being small.


Name: Tacklebox.
Gender: Male.
Race: Tyrannosaur-morph Demigod
Age: 19

Personality: Tacklebox tends to be a silent thinker, relying more on action than words. Rarely speaking, and when he does, it's either:

A) Really important.
B) Yes or no question.
C) A sentence or two you have beaten out of him after endless hours of convincing.

Because of this, he has few friends, and is quite antisocial, which isn't entirely his fault, there are few, if any others of his species left. Despite being silent, and rather antisocial, he is quite the thinker, and comes up with some good ways of solving problems, giving him the "Mechanic" personality type.

Description: This guy. His armor is made of crocodile skin on top of turtle shell, which had been molded to fit his body. As for the cloth, it functions as simple protection from debris, or holds together his armor. He carries no weapons, as his simple teeth and claws will do. His eyes are pure yellow with a circular iris, similar to a humans. Tyrannosaur-morphs stand around fourteen feet tall, and in a case where one's working with a team, usually serve as an attack magnet because of their resilience and size. These goliath creature can be nearly twenty five feet long because of their tails, which can act like a kangaroos, supporting their bodies to deliver a devastating kick. However, these appendages has small spikes lining them, and can deliver a tail whip that can make short work of an opponent, think of it as a baseball bat to a turkey. Yeah, not only will it snap the poor bird like a twig if hit hard enough, it'll teach it to fly.

History: Tyrannosaur-morphs are an experimental cross between humans and Death's tyrannosaurus skeleton. Decreasing their size, but increasing their intellect greatly. These beings can reason and think like a dolphin can, meaning they had the ability to count, create their own language, build homes, farm, just about everything humans could, however, a plague struck, not affecting other animals, and pretty much whipped them from existence, but there is still one known to be left. This is Tacklebox, who earned his name as a fisherman while working in one of the human's settlements. He has the birthright f being death's champion, and cant die by normal means. However, he doesn't know this, and will either need to find out, or be shown.

Strengths: He's got the jaws, claws, and teeth of a friggin monster, and the brawn of a T.Rex. His size also tends to play a part in intimidation, along with his intellect, which is also a advantage, he can parkour well enough, despite his size. Resilience, and armor also play a part.

Weaknesses: Cant sprint for long, and his strikes tend to be slow because of his size and strength. Doesn't like the cold, and hates mice and other small animals, he also doesnt like fire or bright falshing lights, as he gets confused by them.

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reserved, just in case. Go ahead and post.

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Dark, the reason I haven't submited a sheet is because you're not active enough to manage a good RP.

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I am capable of more activity as of late.

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that's a lot to take in at once.... But Not interested. It looks good though....
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Dawn of Myths II - The Necrosis
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