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 The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot

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PostSubject: The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:00 am

"The year is 2057, and a breakthrough in science is happening at Huron. For readers who don't know, Huron Advanced Sciences is the leading scientific research company in the world. Based around and under Lake Huron, the massive facility sprawls in all directions from under the pristine blue lake. Specializing in the study of organisms, genetically-engineered or not, and the study of robotics, their practices are usually accepted and deemed 'ethical'. A few years earlier, a massive influx of families moving into the facility to work full-time had produced a series of Arcologic Cities, complete with schools, apartments, and shops, which were built into the facility. Now, scientists at Huron have started work on an Artificial Intelligence called the Omniscient Vegetative Experimenting Robotic Drone Operating Supercomputer, or OVERDOS. This AI, which requires humans to attach to it so the AI can learn from them, has stirred up much controversy in the public outside of Huron, but work continues on the AI." A man read the article over a table, folded his digital newspad up, and looked to his fellow co-workers. "I don't know how they got to know all this stuff, aside from the bulletin we put up on the latticeworks of the internet."

"Cameron, you know that Huron is an open company, right? We have to give a little bit of information on the OVERDOS Experiment on the bulletin." A scientist replied. "Even if it causes controversy, we've managed to progress enough to have it boot up on its own and learn from a few of us. It knows basic mathematics now. Think of the possibilities!" Cameron nodded, with a worried look on his face.

"Look, Sara, OVERDOS can learn faster if we hook up more of us to its mainframe. It would learn about how to live, how to use tools which it isn't familiar with, and it would even acquire emotions." Cameron looked to the food in front of him, and poked it with his fork. He looked to another scientist. "It could learn how to cook, too. We could be on the brink of making a supercomputative leader, if it knew how to lead!"

"You have a point, there." The scientist said in agreement. However, it could go bad, like a dictator. It doesn't know what it means to be alive, however, and I have a feeling that it is onto something which could turn the facility-" The bell rang. OVERDOS, now at maximum capacity, was online, waiting for all of the scientists to hook up to it.

They never detached.

A week later, the facility mysteriously closed down. Rumors of sounds still eminating from the area around the Lake crept around, but the gossip eventually died down. But the sounds remained. And something is controlling the sounds.

2105 CE-

Cryogenic Containment Wing 22A thawed out in a split second, the pools of water from the ice streaming along the floors. The vault doors to the chambers, containing thousands of organisms, swung open, and the animals spilled out of the cramped chambers and into the hallways. The many creatures which now filled 22A burst the door open with pressure. They spilled out into the dimly-lit concrete hallway, and cautiously made their way through. The catacomb-like walkway had vegetation all over it, machinery littering the ground, and signs of decay everywhere. Occasionally, a drone-like human walked around the halls, decaying but obviously conscious.

A ceiling panel opened up, frightening the already-wary organisms, and a massive segmented mechanical arm snaked around, trying to grab the creatures. It managed to smash into a wall, damaging the 3-pronged claw which tipped it, but it didn't manage to capture any organisms. Retreating to behind the ceiling, the arm re-calibrated its claws. The animals looked back towards the panel, fearing that they would become captured by the owner of that arm. The organisms were shaken out of a state of curiosity and fear as a voice, robotic yet natural and emotion-filled, boomed through speakers throughout the hallway.

"A storm is brewing, but you have no umbrellas. You can't hide much longer, organics. I just won't let you."

Welcome to The Living Infestation
What just happened?
In 2057, a massive company called Huron Advanced Sciences had started work on an AI, known as the Omniscient Vegetative Experimental Robotic Drone Operative Supercomputer or OVERDOS, which needed humans to learn from. When the scientists plugged themselves into the AI's so-called "learning receptors", the AI would learn from the human, making it smarter. When all of the scientists plugged in, however, something made the AI take them over. The supercomputer eventually came to have a disliking for life, as it continued to learn more and more, reaching out through the Laboratories. While expanding its grip on the facility, OVERDOS came upon chambers which were chock-full of organisms, some of which were genetically modified, some of which were not. It decided to release them and attempted to kill them, but they escaped before OVERDOS could pulverize them. Now, it is The Animal versus The Artificial within a facility which spreads out for many miles...

(1-) All General Sporum/Roleplex Roleplay Rules Apply. This includes no spamming, flaming, godmodding, metagaming, spotlighting.... Yeah, you get it.
(2-) Don't write one-liners. Make each of your posts at least 2 or 3 lines. If you make a one-liner, it'll have to be edit-continued.
(3-) There will be blood. Hopefully not much.
(4-) Humans are under OVERDOS' control. They are decaying, but are still conscious and want OVERDOS to stop ruling their bodies and minds. So you can't play as them.
(5-) If your organisms have to mate, just say 'they mated' or something. Please, no interspecies mating... It just isn't possible. But no profanity. EVER. It isn't acceptable.
(6-) Be as grammatically correct as literaturally possible! We just love detail, too, but not whole screenplays....
(7-) This is in the future. 2057 isn't the current setting. It is now 2105. So write like it is! But remember, even though we have Utility Fog, it isn't the extremely crazy sci-fi mumbo-jumbo technobabble which you may think it may be. We are in a decaying facility, you know.
(8-) Put "Huron OVERDOS" in the Other section in your character sheet.
(9-) Have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:02 am

Administrators/Roleplay Co-Authors
1- Needles_10
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1- ViperaUnion
2- Scrylonisis13
3- StheT

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Banned Users

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Joining Sheets

[b]Species Name:[/b]
[b]Species Image:[/b] Optional
[b]Species Description:[/b] Put in key things about the species, like its physical description, its preferred/natural habitat, its means of attack/defense, etc.
[b]Individual Name:[/b]
[b]Individual Description:[/b]
[b]History:[/b] How did it come to be in Huron in the first place?
[b]Personality:[/b] What kind of disposition does your being have? For example, is it shy, aggressive, or friendly? This should be more detailed than just that.

[b]Robot Model Name:[/b]
[b]Robot Image:[/b] Optional
[b]Robot Model Description:[/b] Write things about its physical attributes and its components. Also, put in information on its maneuverability, strength, etc.
[b]Individual Robot Name:[/b] It ought to have one.
[b]Individual Robot Description:[/b] What traits sets this robot off from the others of its model?
[b]History:[/b] How was it built, and what was it intended to be used for? Who used it before OVERDOS took over?
[b]Programmed Personality:[/b] How was it programmed to interact with others?

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PostSubject: Re: The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:04 am

Accepted Sheets
Quote :
Robot Model Name: OVERDOS
Robot Image: Will work on it...
Robot Model Description: OVERDOS is a massive AI built by Huron Advanced Sciences. Housed in a large spherical chamber, OVERDOS' mainframe is 92 feet tall from ceiling to 'head'. Looking a lot like GLaDOS from the Portal Franchise, a large maintenance arm hangs next to the mainframe. OVERDOS' chamber is full of recessions which contain what were uplink pods for humans to use to help OVERDOS learn. The color of his optic ranges from red to blue, and it changes depending on the mood. OVERDOS' mainframe is rather agile and strong, and he can move his chamber around the facility.
Individual Robot Name: OVERDOS
Individual Robot Description: It is one-of-a-kind.
History: See the OP for most of these details.
Programmed Personality: It has 'emotions' gained from the humans which it has been using. It has grown a disliking for life, seeing it as an infestation to the Earth. It has a vain personality, often passive-aggressive and a habit of trying to find things, such as life, and doing anything to retrieve it. But OVERDOS is actually much more friendly than that. He has wanted to be free of AUGUST's grip, and has wanted to bring order to Huron once more...
Other: Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Species: Fire wolf
Original species: Gray wolf, various deep sea creatures
Species origin: The fire wolf is a genetic modification of the Gray wolf. It was engineered to increase aggression, strength and combat capabilities. And not to mention beauty. They came about as an example of what science can do for ecosystem asthetics. The wolves themselves are black, with luminous red areas that form neat lines down it's side. It also weighs 240 pounds on average and stands four feet tall. They are still to the original wolf scale though, so are impressive to say the least.
Creature name: Gild
Personality: Gild is a highly aggressive fire wolf with unusually acute senses. He puts his ancestors to shame in this area. He likes to spend time sharpening his claws and never let's an enemy get away if he can help it. Cowardice is not his style. But he doesn't plan on being killed either. Gild is the alpha in a pack of Fire wolves. His mate being a she-wolf called Leal. They both have heightened emotions so have a degree of love for each other. Leal is slightly brighter in fur colour but dimmer in luminescence.
Other: Huron OVERDOS
Type name:A-C-E (advanced combat eclipsus)
Robot history: There is only one of there robots. It was a personal project of one of the Huron scientists. It was designed to be the ultimate in robotic assassins. The ACE wasn't completed though. It had the body armour, the close combat systems and the light fire power, but the heavy weapons where not added. It's other unique capabilities are the fact that it can assess the threats around it, decide the most critical, devise a plan to neutralise them and execute the plan. All in one second. It also has an overriding drive to remain activated against all odds. This was why the OVERDOS decided to destroy it. The ACE needed to be decommissioned as it was a 'loose end'. It was also purturbed by the ACE's independence. It wasn't recorded on the system after construction so the OVERDOS cannot control it. ACE fought it's way out of deactivation (will by my first post for ACE) and went into hiding.
Personal name: The ACE didn't like it's designation so changed it. This also helps it stay hidden. It's new name, is DEX.
Personality:DEX has no personality as such. It simply has a drive to 'survive'. However, DEX has a sense of style. This was given to it as a joke. DEX now wears a ragged cloth that covers it's head, left shoulder and upper back. DEX was given limited curiosity and a slight ability to hold a grudge. It isn't revenge seeking though. It simply wants to survive, until it receives a contract, then eliminating the 'client' will become a secondary motive.
Appearence:DEX is humanoid in appearance, with extended lingers and toes. It also has a tail that it can move in any direction. DEX has a smooth head that's chin is a sharp point. DEX has a ring of Sensors below it's armour that enable it to see at a 360 degree angle. It also has sharp, electrified claws and a short range gun hidden on the underside of it's wrist. DEX has black armour with red shoulders and lower abdomen.
Other:Huron OVERDOS
DEX has only three fingers on each hand(including thumb). His joints are gaps in the armour where you can slightly see the mechanics beneath. The cloth he wears has holes near the bottom and is coloured an eerie black. Heat sensors in his palms help him to gain information from animal corpses. His smooth chest holds various memory and logic corexs' and it's feet are designed for maximum athleticism. There are metallic blades on his left wrist (the gun being on his right) that can be detracted underneath his armour, and extended to the tip of his fingers. The claws at the end of it's fingers are long and flat, yet extremely strong. It takes considerable force to snap the claws. Much more then your average combat robot can implement.
Other:Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Species Name: Mammillian Gorgonopsid

Species Image/True Gorgonopsid Pic:

Of course, I wasn't able to find the mutated one.

Species Description:  The Mammillion Gorgonopsid isn't a true Gorgonopsid, which was a mammal-like reptile. Genetically engineering a wolf was the only way they could get anything to resemble one. It is also smaller thern a true Gorgonopsid, only reaching six feet in legnth. It also has a short coat of grey fur. It weighs about three hundred pounds. It has  large jaws with canine teeth, making a single bite all it takes to take down something a big as a Coyote.  Like Gorgonopsids, they are loners, only gathering to take down large prey and to drink from a waterhole. It uses pure stregnth, which is harder for the Mammillian Gorgonopsid because it's smaller.

Individual Name: Trabajos

History: Trabajos was born at OVERDOS as a scientific experiment. It was a success, as they got as close as they'll ever get to a true Gorgonopsid. It was simply an experiment, but Huron OVERDOS thought of what he could do as a weapon. They trained him, and he ended up quite strong, using him as a guard dog. But little did they know that a mistake was made That gave him mild intelligence, enough to understand the human language. Of course he couldn't speak it, as his jaws only let him make growls and barks. But he knew enough to know that he wanted out. Eventually he got the chance, when the OVERDOS took over. He escaped death, and hangs around the ruins on the area.

Personality: Trabajos was beat in order to do well in training. For that he was a very grumpy attitude and distrusts and dislikes strangers. There are some scars on his body because of the beatings, and gets angry whenever their mentioned. He is aggressive and often tries to prove that he's not weak. Inside he's afraid of the beatings, which is partially why he's so grumpy.

Other: Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Species Name: Genetically enhanced Crocodylus niloticus (Nile Crocodile)

Species Description: Nile Crocodiles have a dark bronze or green coloration on their backs, mixed with several black spots, and a dirty purple on the belly. They also have several faded yellow-green stripes on their flanks. Their coloration varies depending on locations, those living in swift-flowing waters being lighter in color, and ones in places like lakes and swamps being darker. Nile crocodiles have green eyes.
They have a body type like all crocodiles, and can grow to be very large, males being at least 30% larger than females. A large male can grow to be 21.2 feet long, and females can grow to be 13’1”. Their jaws can have 64-68 cone-shaped teeth. They have the strongest bite of any animal, capable of producing bite force of 5,000 lbs. per square inch. However, the muscles that open the jaws are very weak, and they cannot open them if they are clamped shut. Even on land, they are capable of great bursts of speed, up to 14 km per hour. (Up to 8.7 miles per hour). In the water, they can swim up to 22 mph. They can stay submerged for up to half an hour, and their average lifespan can be from 70-100 years in larger specimens. They have a rich vocal range and good hearing, and a variety of poorly-understood sensory organs in their skin. They can also go a long time without eating, but can eat up to 50% of their body weight at one time.

Individual Name: Rain (Formerly CN-09)

Individual Description: Rain is a large Nile Crocodile approximately 13’1” in length. Her scales are a darker shade of green and yellow, evidencing that she is descended from crocodiles that lived in stagnant water. She has bright green eyes that gleam with intelligence, a sign that she was given enhanced mind capabilities. She has five hardly noticeable faded reflective yellow stripes, which turn blue at the tip of her tail. This is because she was given genes from a five-lined skink, to make her more agile and flexible. Although she still cannot open her jaws when they are clamped shut, the muscles that are responsible are slightly stronger. It is so subtle, though, that she still cannot do much. She still swims as fast as a normal crocodile, but her land locomotion is much faster. She can move up to 9.7 miles per hour, extra speed coming from enhanced DNA. She is able to bend in ways not normal among normal crocodiles, and has the ability of an alligator to perform a ‘death roll’, which allows her to dislodge someone, should they grab her snout.

History: Rain was born in a Huron lab as part of a government-funded experiment in order to create genetic super weapons. As she was an experiment (Not to become emotionally attached to), she was given the name CN-09, meaning she was the ninth experiment with her particular genetic makeup. However, she was the first to survive, meaning there are no others like her. She lived a long time in a pen, being observed and studied. However, as she was given human DNA to enhance her intelligence, she also actively tested the scientists, fooling them into thinking she was like a normal crocodile, often making them believe she was a failure. However, every time they planned to kill her and start on a CN-10 (She could hear them talking about it), she would do something that caught their interest again. The only upside of her life was her handler, a friendly man named Hamilton. Hamilton was not told of the project, and unlike the scientists, gave her a real name: Rain. Rain lived like this for many years, fooling scientists and being a friend to Hamilton, until the OVERDOS incident occurred. The door to her pen opened one day during a time it wasn’t supposed to, and from there, she escaped into the wild. She has lived surprisingly well, her instinct and intelligence making her able to survive.

Personality: Rain is initially very suspicious of people, and views them in a logical sense, rather than emotional. As such, it is sometimes hard to tell what she is really thinking. She can, however, form friendships and other relationships. She has a very complex thought process, and often is good at problem-solving, due to many tests that she was given in the facility. She knows many different things that most people wouldn’t expect. She can be very open, or very secretive. It all depends on the situation.

Other:Huron OVERDOS
Species Name: Genetically enhanced Falco peregrinus (Peregrine Falcon)

Species Image:  

Species Description: Pelegrine Falcons are large, crow-sized falcons that differ in appearance from males to females, the females being around 30% larger. They are known as the world’s fastest birds, capable of reaching over 200 miles per hour in a hunting stoop (High speed dive), making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. The body length of these birds is 13-23 inches, and the wingspan is from 29-47 inches in length. They have long, pointed wings that range from bluish-black to a slate grey. The wingtips are black. The tail, is colored black with long, clean bars. It is long, narrow, and rounded at the end with a black tip and a white band at the very end. The top of the head and a "moustache" along the cheeks are black, contrasting with the pale sides of the neck and the white of the throat. The base of the beak, as well as the feet, are yellow. The tip of the beak and its talons are black. The tip of the beak on top is notched, allowing it to kill via severing the spinal cord. Although strong winds could damage its lungs when diving, bony notches near the nostrils prevent strong winds from entering, making breathing easy in a dive. They also have third eyelids, which are clear, and allow them to blink while still maintaining vision. Unlike most birds that choose a new mate every year, Pelegrine falcons mate for life, and have been known to kill bald eagles and owls that threaten their nests (Although they are normally avoided as predators).

Individual Name: Avery (Formerly FP-23)

Individual Description: Although looking almost exactly like a normal Pelegrine Falcons, Avery has a number of unusual characteristics as a result of genetic enhancements. She is larger than any natural members of her breed, as a result of the DNA of a bald eagle. Her body length is 28 inches long, and her wingspan is 49 inches .Her talons are very sharp and well-developed, and as a result of eagle genetics, her grip is strong enough to break a man’s arm. Due to the DNA of a White-throated Needletail, she is also fast in vertical flight, going up to 105 miles per hour. Because of the difference in wing-shape, she was given completely artificial DNA that allows her to change the shape of her wings to a certain degree, allowing her to switch between wing shapes and allowing different forms of aerial locomotion. She has DNA from a frigatebird, making her very good in close combat in the air, as well as stealing from other birds. She also has genes from a tropicbird, making her capable of diving into the water (Although only into the surface layer). It also allowed her to develop a crop, which is invisible unless in use. She has powerful night vision. She has the fringe of a barn owl on the edges of her feathers, however, she cannot fly any faster than a normal barn owl, before her wings become audible. Lastly, she was given human DNA for intelligence.

History: Avery, like all previous 22 of her kind, is a bird created for a government project to create the perfect spy bird. It would need to be capable of spying day or night, and it would have to be able to fend for itself. Should it be spotted, it would also need the ability to get away. The result was a long, tiresome project that only resulted in two surviving. FP-23 and FP-22, the latter dying in a mission. When FP-22 died, they began training FP-23 to take its place, and unknown to others, her trainer, Jones, began calling her Avery. However, Avery never performed a true mission, and when she had been roosting in her pen, OVERDOS opened the cages, and she got out. Although trained to return to whoever sent her, Avery was aware of something wrong, and never returned.

Personality: Avery tends to be fiercely loyal to her friends, and will traditionally do anything in her power to help them. She may be suspicious when first meeting someone, but it is only because she was trained to be. If someone is patient, she will eventually warm up to them. However, if she is betrayed, it is unlikely that she will trust that person as fully as she had before. Depending on the situation, she will either be slow to forgive, or quickly forget when someone has wronged her.

Other: Huron OVERDOS
Species Name: Genetically enhanced Melanistic Panthera onca (Jaguar)

Species Image:

Species Description: Jaguars are the only Panthera species in the Americas. They are the third-largest felines in the world after lions and tigers. Although they closely resemble leopards, they are larger and of a sturdier build, and their behavior and habitat is more like a tiger’s. It is often associated with water, and along with the tiger, is a feline that enjoys swimming. They are often solitary, opportunistic, stalk-and-ambush apex predators. It has a powerful bite stronger than any other felid, capable of 2,000 lbs. of force, and can break through the shells of armored reptiles, such as turtles. This also allows them to use a unique killing strategy, biting through the skull between the ears to deal a fatal blow to the brain.  It is a compact, muscular animal, and weight varies greatly. Usually, their weight equals that of a tigress or lioness. Females are usually 10-20% smaller than males. From the nose to the base of the tail, they can be from 3.9 to 6.4 ft. long. Their tails are the shortest of all big cats, being from 18 to 30 in. in length. Their legs are also short in comparison to other cats, however, they are very thick muscular, measuring 25 to 30 in. at the shoulders. Compared to leopards, they are rather short and stocky. Their build makes them good climbers, crawlers, and swimmers. Near-black melanistic forms can occur in about 6% of the population, and they are informally known as black panthers, although spots are visible, upon close inspection.

Individual Name: Nisha (Pronounced Nee-sha, formerly PO-01)

Individual Description:  Although mostly appearing to be a normal melanistic jaguar, Nisha has several characteristics that are not normal. She is 6.4 ft. long, larger than most females, and stands at 30 inches at the shoulders. Unlike most, the faint brown that is normally visible in her coat is a shade of grey-black instead. She has the DNA of both black and brown bears, specifically to make her claws larger and sharper. Despite this, she can still sheath her sleek black claws with ease, and they are not noted to be unusual until she decides to use them. This does not affect her climbing, swimming, or crawling skills, which are all incredibly good. Her bite is incredibly strong, among the most powerful of any mammal, due to a unique infusion of spotted hyena DNA that makes the muscles in her jaws more powerful. In comparison to a normal jaguar, which bites with 2000 lbs. of force, Nisha’s bite is 2023. lbs. of force, somewhat stronger. She also has very strong hearing and eyesight because of hyena DNA. Her nostrils are slightly larger, and her chest cavity is somewhat bigger, allowing room for a larger heart and lungs, as a result of cheetah DNA. She can run about 70 miles per hour. When she runs, she unsheathes her claws to resemble the semi-retractable claws of cheetahs, allowing traction. She has human DNA that enhances her brain.

History: Nisha was created by Huron in an attempt to create the perfect guard dog. Although she is not a dog, they hypothesized that a cat might be better, as they are traditionally stealthier than dogs. PO-01 was the first, and only, experiment they created before OVERDOS took over. They took the genes from a melanistic jaguar, (Doctored so that the traditional brown visible in the coat was grey instead, to dull the colors) and carefully doctored them to contain the DNA of a hyena, a cheetah, and brown and black bears in addition to the normal jaguar. The result was an incredibly strong, fast jaguar, born to a normal jaguar surrogate mother. She was also incredibly intelligent, and her hearing and night vision were better than average. They had just begun creating a PO-02, Nisha intended to become the surrogate mother, when OVERDOS took over the humans and released the animals, leaving the zygote to die in its test tube.

Personality: Nisha is somewhat passive, and rarely speaks unless spoken to. She also seldom enters conflict, the only exception being hunting prey. She is often a loner, preferring to keep to herself, although she can be fiercely loyal to her friends. She can also be somewhat motherly and caring, at times, and will always try to help her companions.

Other:  Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Species Name: Bornean Orangutan

Original species: silver-backed gorilla, orangutan, human (check individual desc.)

Species Image:

Species Description: Orangutans are highly intelligent primates that live in Indonesia and malaysia. They are normally docile animals, and live a very vegetarian diet of tropical fruits. They have been ranked as the fourth smartest primates in the world, under humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas. Orangutans are known to be about seven times stronger than the average homo Sapien.
From some article Vipera dug up:

Orangutans are the most arboreal of all Great Apes, spending most of their time in trees. Their hair is traditionally reddish-brown, and their skin is a grey-black. They have large, bulky bodies, thick necks, very long arms, short, bowed legs, and like all apes, lack a tail. They have a large head and mouth area, and their faces are mostly hairless, although mature males can sometimes develop moustaches. Adult males have large cheek flaps that indicate their dominance to other males (Likely the larger the flaps, the more dominant). Males also have large pouches in their throat that allow them to produce loud calls. There is significance in dimorphism. Females can grow to be 4’2” tall, while adult flanged males can grow to be much larger, around 5’9” in height, and have an arm span of 6.6 feet. Their hands are similar to a human’s, with four fingers and an opposable thumb, However, the joint and tendon arrangement in the orangutans' hands produces two adaptations that make it easy for living in trees. The resting configuration of the fingers is curved, creating a suspensory hook grip. The fingers can also tightly grip without use of the thumb. They have less joint restriction than humans, as their hips are as flexible as their shoulders and arms. Unlike Gorillas and chimpanzees, Orangutans do not walk on their knuckles, but on their fists.

Individual Name: Bobby
Individual Description: Bobby isn't a normal chimpanzee. In order to boost his intelligence, he was genetically modified by the scientists at Huron. His embryo was injected with DNA from a human and a gorilla, to see if they could get a super strong, super smart orangutan. It worked. Well, sort of. Bobby is about 5'6", with a 6'8" armspan. His fur is a deep orange, and he has a very large facial disk, synonymous of dominant orangutans. Bobby also has legs that are a bit longer than that of the average orangutan, which allows him to run faster. Like chimps and gorillas, he also walks on his knuckles, not his fists. He has increased dexterity as well, which allows him to do things like turn the pages on a book or operate a drill. He is perpetually afraid of firearms, though, and believes them to be barbaric tools of war, so he never learned to use one.

History: Bobby was born in a rest tube in Huron. He was engineered with DNA of a human and a gorilla, so see if scientists could make a super-intelligent, super-strong primate. It worked too well. Bobby was born prematurely, though, and was subject to some brain damage in his growth. The scientists believed that he had become mentally retarded, and retired him to be a lab assistant in the greenhouse. One of the scientists, a man by the name of Doctor Harvard, took little Bobby in and made him like a son. Unbeknownst to the scientists, Bobby began to rapidly gain intelligence. Dr. Harvard secretly began to teach the monkey, teaching him sign language. The monkey quickly picked up on it, and soon could speak as well as any human could. Doctor Harvard noticed something strange about his pet, though. Most primates that could use sign language just said "hi" or "I want to eat". But Bobby developed complex thoughts, and could say things like "Father, which of these cereals has the lowest amount of cholesterol? I want to watch my carbohydrate take-in". Harvard had made an incredible discovery. This little orangutan had developed a brain capacity that rivaled that of humans. Everything changed when Doctor Harvard was murdered by Maria Grace, a Greenpeace fanatic who vowed to return the orangutan to the wild. Bobby attacked Maria, brutally mauling her to avenge his fallen owner. After he had maimed Maria, he took off into the streets, where Animal control returned him to Huron. He was supposed to be put down, but the scientists thought that he was too big a discovery to kill, so they switched him with a normal orangutan, who was killed instead. This incident scarred Bobby so bad that he became afraid of firearms and strongly against violence of any kind. The scientists taught him counting, and , eventually, how to read. Unfortunately, OVERDOS took over before the scientists at Huron could teach Bobby anything else, and after OVERDOS turned evil, Bobby was forced to retreat to a section of above-ground greenhouses, where he has lived ever since. He also takes a few days every once in a while to steal some books from Huron's library, so that he can further teach himself to read. His strength capabilities, though, never really increased, because of a problem during his gestation where most of the gorilla's strength genes became recessive. So, he could have a child that's a lot stronger than him.
The fact that he has no mother has always been a problem for Bobby. The hairless ones told him that he didn't have a mother, but he doesn't believe them. He knows he'll find her some day.

Personality: Bobby is more analytical above anything. He sees the world like a scientist would, and he constantly asks questions. After he was frozen, Bobby began to get very angry as his mind began to fill up with questions. Why were they frozen? What is wrong with the Haurless Ones? Why are the robots not being nice? All of these questions fill his head and he is dying to get some answers. As I stated before, his is afraid of firearms, and is extremely hesitant when it comes to violence.
Other: Huron OVERDOS.
Species Name: Huron sugar glider
original species: Sugar glider, Hydrozoan Jellyfish,
Species Image: working on it; might order something from God-Mod's art shop for this one.
Species Description: The Huron sugar glider is an extremely controversial species. It is a bioluminescent sugar glider, designed for military purposes, as basically a mobile light source. The sugar glider feeds on fruit and small insects and is indigenous to Australia. Mutates sugar gliders also are able to emit small electric shocks, much like a jellyfish, and have been known to sting assailants.

Individual Name: Pixi, after the candy Pixi Stick
Individual Description: A Sugar glider that is tan instead of brown or grey. In the darkness, it's white areas glow bright green. It also has a series of small clear tentacles that cover it's back, which it uses to sting enemies.
History: Pixi didn't use to be at Huron. He used to be a free sugar glider, who lived in a big family in an Australian rainforest. He was happy there, with his family, but, one day, as he was coming home, a group of poachers caught Pixi and his family in a net and took them to America, where they all became pets. Pixi, though, was able to escape one day, and ended up in a Huron scientist's back yard. The scientist scooped Pixi up, after the rodent bit him twice on the hand, and took Pixi to Huron, where the scientists injected her with Jellyfish DNA, causing her to be come bioluminescent and grow these painful thinging things out of her back.
Personality: Pixi isn't named after a sugar candy for nothing. She's extremely hyper, and is constantly gliding around in the air. Pixi is Bobby's sidekick/pet, and always retracts her stingers when she is with him. She (Pixi is female) has also grown a soft spot for the poor humans that wander around the lab all day, and won't sting them unless given good reason.
Other: Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Robot Model Name: S.H.A.D.O.E.R. (Synthetic Hydraulic Android Designed for Observation and Efficient Repair)
Robot Model Description: The robot is humanoid in shape but all similarities stop there. It has three glowing eyes and can switch from normal vision (with a HUD), thermal vision, and an x ray-ish vision. It looks something like this. It is extermely fast, strong and manuevarable. It would have to be to be a succesful maintenance bot.
Individual Robot Name: 102
Individual Robot Description: Nothing sets it apart from the other robots other than its color (black with some blue "tron lines") and its gear (maintenence gear repurposed for combat).
History: 102 was built by Huron Advanced Science like most maintenance robots. It was used to repair things that humans couldn't fix. It was used mostly by the janitors.
Programmed Personality: The side effect to being hooked up to a terminal when OVERDOS became a singularity was that 102 became a singularity as well (basically, its personality is an actual personality). It is a curious robot that is quick to make friends although at times it can be incredibly cynical and sarcastic.
Other: Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Robot Model Name: HIDROS (Hydraulic Intelligent Designed for Repair Observation and Stealing)
Robot Image:  
Robot Model Description: HIDROS was made for infiltration of enemy bases during times of war. It needed intelligence in order to do so, but was taught using methods like Internet Explorer.
Individual Robot Name: 7A
Individual Robot Description: One of the first HIDROS bots. The A in its name indicates that. '7A' means that it was the seventh HIDROS made. 3B would be the 13th HIDROS made.
The way it was built allows it to have more strength and speed than humans.
History: The HIDROS bot was used by nobody except the mission givers. The HIDROS is a robot with the 'brain' of a human; it doesn't need to be controlled by something except for itself. HIDROS was used for espionage, like infiltration, thieving of enemy blueprints and information, ect. It also was built for assassination.
Programmed Personality: It was programmed to be an individual that would trust nobody except another robot on its side. Even then, it would still be cautious of any other robot except for the rest of its HIDROS group. It was also programmed to work in teams of 10 HIDROS bots. These teams are known as 'lines'. You can easily tell which line it is in by the letter by its name. If the robot was 6AA, it would be the 6th robot in the 27th line of robots. Or more specifically, the 266th robot. The tenth robot would be the 270th robot made.
HIDROS bots were programmed for stealth, and infiltration, like said in the RMD (Robot Model Description).
Other: Huron OVERDOS

Quote :
Species Name: Ommastrephes bartramii maximae
Species Image: (under construction)
Species Description: Ommastrephes love cool dark places and can disguise themselves as virtually anything, because of their ability to change the color and texture of their skin, they also have the ability to launch themselves up to 25ft. in the air using modified ‘jets’ that all cephalopods have, the only difference is that instead of blowing water they blow air. Their main mode of attack is to disassemble an object from the inside.
Individual Name: Jaquilae
Individual Description: Jaquilae is much like your typical Ommastrephes, apart from his smaller size which is only 1 foot long, whereas most others are a good 2 feet, he very mischievous, even for a arthropod, he has a talent for disabling mechanical devices which is aided by the fact that he had no bones and can fit into a soda bottle, easily.
History: The Ommastrephes bartramii maximae were a mutation of the blue flying squid from Australia that were created then stored in the cryogenic freezers, for the explicit purpose of knocking down the rat population in big cities, but the problem was that they knocked down the population of most rodents and bugs as well, even good ones.
Personality: Jaquilae is very bold and inquisitive, and, while not being extraordinarily intelligent makes up for that with his natural ingenuity and curiosity, he is also has a weird craving for copper wire, which unbeknownst to everyone apart from Azola makes him like a living circuit, and allows him to light up like a light bulb thanks to the genetic engineering that makes his cells ‘eat’ electricity and release the extra energy as photons.
Other: Huron OVERDOS
Species Name: (N/A) Azola (and his dead mate) were kind of one of a kind.
Species Image: (under construction)
Species Description: Azola’s mutation type have periquin falcon wings, with a archaeopteryx type body, they can fly at the speed of the falcon, but also have the ability to climb up anything like a monkey due to their hands on their wings, and their prehensile tails. They also have increased intelligence rivaling that of human intellect.
Individual Name: Azola
Individual Description: Azola is an extraordinarily inelegant creature, and would rival my IQ (140) if he didn’t live in a cave and spend all his time fighting for survival. He, due to past injuries is mostly incapable of flight, and it is unknown if it is actually from his physical injuries or his mental ones.
History: Azola and his mate (who no one knows her name, because Azola won’t even talk about the incident) were both used to study intelligence of non-human organisms, when they activated OVERDOS, and was one of the few creatures not in a cryogenic freezer when it turned evil, him and his mate were both trapped in a trash compactor by OVERDOS when it decided to exterminate all life in the facility, Azola was able to escape before the machine crushed him with only a broken wing and leg, his mate was not so fortunate (Duh, I’m going to do a flash-back thing later on) after that incident he has used everything he can get is hands on to try and kill OVERDOS who he thinks is intentionally taking away everything good in the world, just to torture him, so basically, He wants to kill OVERDOS more than anything else, and would take it out without hesitation if given the opportunity even if it cost him his life, soul and everything, just to avenge his mate.
Personality: Azola is very withdrawn and introverted, his mind a constant whirl wind of depression and hatred, both for the murder of his mate and himself and the only reason that he hasn’t killed himself is to get back at OVERDOS, and avenge his mate, in some way forgiving himself for her death enough so that he could stand to see her in the afterlife.
Other: Azola always walks with a limp and stares at the ground and at his reflection in pools of water, trying to remember what his mate looks like, for fear of forgetting her in his quest for revenge. Huron OVERDOS
Other Stuff

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Reserved. Now POOST!!!
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Dang, you saved my sheets? Well then, I guess I have no choice but to join.

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I copied straight from the old posts! And I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY TO BE BACK, YA KNOW! So...wanna get started?

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PostSubject: Re: The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:19 am I have no choice but to join, because I'm already a mod in this RP. Don't expect me to post too often on my own, though, I already have other RPs I have to post in and take care of, and I'll be going on vacation in a few days.

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It is back.
And yes, I am Spode-an. I hate my ridiculous username.

I make images n' stuff, contact me if you want me to make you a sig or something. It might not be good, though.
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The Living Infestation - OOC and Reboot
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