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 Themes (New and Improved!)

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PostSubject: Themes (New and Improved!)   Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:28 am

(Old OP)

Okay, this isn't an RP, but I don't know what category this would go in, but since it's related to Color, I might as well post it in this section.

In this thread, I'm letting you post a character that was used in Color, you are planning on using in Color, is part of someones backstory in Color, or related to Color at all. Post their backstory and/or their theme song. It will just be a thread so you can get to know the characters in Color.

If the theme has explicit language, please let us know.

One post per character, and double posts are allowed.

Also, you may post themes for events.


I sorta wanted to change this a bit. I thought to myself, "Why restrict this wonderful idea to only Color RPers?" But seeing as no one on Color even posted anything on this, I doubt anyone would be interested in the new revision.

This is a thread where you can post any chracters backstory, any character sheet, ANYTHING ABOUT ANY CHARACTER. A fan made character for a video game/book/movie/show? Sure, why not!



These characters are NOT to be used by anyone else other than their creator.


Then nothing happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Themes (New and Improved!)   Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:26 pm

A Brief History of MALLIS

Mallis was born a Shrom, a creature among a grassy land of Keros. Shroms are usually peaceful people and they all are born with two names. They are born with their real name and their Divine name. They are allowed to go by either of them. Their regular names are usually normal names and their Divine names are usually things such as "Happy" or "Lovely" or "Enchanted", "Faith", "Love", "Saint", "Hope", "Embrace", etc.

Mallis was born with the name Lovius as his normal name. His Divine name was Lover.
Mallis had two other brothers and three sisters. The oldest among the siblings was Sybil who's Divine name was Saint. The second oldest was Lovius with the Divine name of Love. The third oldest was another son named Bani who's Divine name was Beloved. The fourth was a daughter named Aira who's Divine name was Life. The fifth was another daughter named Drain who's Divine name was Sleep. The youngest was a daughter named Limp who's Divine name was Heal.

Lovius was the most caring among all his brothers and sisters. His brother Sybil was crowned to be the next king since their parents were King Fanir (or King Fondness) and Queen Hapel (or Queen Happy). Because of Lovius's great care for everyone and great show of emotion, he was subjected to being bullied through his entire childhood. When he was six years old, a neighbor pinned him down and broke his ribs with a long wooden board. When Lovius was eight, he was locked into an underground cellar for six days without food or water. Just a few months later his shoulder was broke by a rock thrown at him by a bully at school. At the age of ten one of the more intelligent among the school children put traces of Albenis, a contagious and deadly disease into Lovius's water at lunch.

At the age of twelve, Lovius had his right eye gouged out by one of the teenagers that went to his school. The elders were able to heal it and regenerate a new eye for him, however the attacker escaped into the woods with a few friends and hasn't been heard from since.
More and more events happened to Lovius than just those. That was a list of only a few of the terrible things that happened to him. The incidents became more frequent as Lovius entered his early teens.

Sybil, Bani, and Limp soon became sick and diagnosed by Shrom doctors with a very terrible disease called Sranit which later killed them. Sybil and Limp had been subjected to similar bullies like Lovius, but not as much. When the three of them died, Lovius begame to become less loving. As he was now the oldest, he became the leading prince among the family but he was ashamed of how he achieved the title. Lovius felt that he needed to avenge his siblings and attacked the bullies he knew had bothered them before.

Three children named Aini, Balik, and Polin ended up with broken skulls, limbs, and ribs from Lovius's brutally advanced magic attacks. Even as a child Mallis was always extremely advanced in magical arts and knew every spell in the books.

Lovius was charged with assault and attempt at murder by the courts and was sentenced to a few months in the royal prison. Afterwards when he was released, he was still asked to be the king in the end. Queen Hapel and King Fanir never liked Lovius as much as his brother Sybil and treated him very poorly for years in hopes that he might reject the title of king and run away so that someone else more "worthy" might take it.
Lovius did not take it and in his mind thought that for all he's been through he deserved the royal title. However after Hapel began abusing him, he thought he might just leave. Soon the royal advisor named Decay found him crying under a Cherry Tree one day. When Lovius told Decay what happened, Decay told him he could fix everything if Lovir did exactly what he said.
Decay told Lovius about a force of magic more powerful than the kind he already possessed. Lovius was interested and said yes when Decay asked him if he'd like to learn. First Decay gave him an apple laced with powerful corrosive magic. When Lovius ate it, his thoughts became a bit more violent and less loving. The Darkness began to seed him.

Decay taught Lovius how to use Dark Magic, all the while Lovius had no idea that that is what it was. He just thought it was another ordinary type of magic he'd never heard of. As the power of the Darkness began to swell up inside him, he became more and more enraged at his parents. One night when he was fourteen he attacked his father using Dark Magic. When the king survived and reported it to the kingdom's Elders, the Elders summoned Lovius. Lovius came into their courts and they tested him for traces of the Darkness.

Lovius was banished from the kingdom when they found the Darkness inside of him. The Elders then renamed him Mallis and gave him a new Divine name: Malice, the exact same thing.
Mallis went off, into the grasslands. Decay met with him one morning in a meadow and directed him to a place called Dark Mountain where the Darkness dwelled the most. When Lovius went there, he began to corrode into a monster. He went to the kingdom every day for the next few years to kill one or two people for amusement or just to watch while he hid in the shadows. At the age of twenty, he was a powerful monster and nearly what he is now. At this time the Elders discovered what he was becoming and began testing bits of the DNA they collected while he was a child. They discovered that he is an Immortal, a powerful being unlike any others in Keros and powerful enough to do serious damage or repair--depending on his choices.

They panicked, knowing not what to do about him. Later the Darkness found out as well about the immortality and crowned Mallis king of all the Darkness and encripted his soul into the mass itself. Mallis sent the Darkness to attack and consume Shrombolia, the kingdom of the Shroms. After only a few years of war, Shrombolia was finally consumed. King Fanir and Queen Hapel were killed and Mallis's sister Drain became a witch, serving Mallis. Aira fought the Darkness as a warrior for the kingdom, but in the end she escaped and left the Realm to escape.

Mallis corroded Drain and eventually she died from being exposed to Mallis's corrosive rot aura too long. Soon the Darkness expanded from Dark Mountain in hunger for the world.

Mallis got a vision from The Oracle that a dragon would be born and would overthrow him in the future. He travelled to the Realm where this dragon was born and planned to kill him. When he found the nest that contained the egg of the dragon child he got a nasty idea. On that night, he smashed, blasted, and killed the egg of the dragon named Tharan. Thus Tharan was dead. However the Spirits of the Ophidian Vale did not like it and ressurected Tharan in an undead yet still full of emotion state.

Mallis figured that he'd try something else. He found another egg in the same nest yet laid by another female. He warped it and transformed it into something dark and corrupted its mind. Later when it was born, it was named Shadow and tried to kill Tharan numerous times. Soon Mallis sent forces to kill Tharan's parents and all of his family and it was done.

Mallis was given another vision of a dragoness named Bella. The vision told him that Bella and Tharan would fall in love and overthrow him together. So he did his best to keep them apart and to keep them from meeting. He created a dragoness called Naloma and sent her for Tharan to fall in love with. But when Tharan killed Shadow and sent his Spirit to a celestial prison called The Vault, he met Bella the former mate of Shadow who'd been abused by the beast.

Bella left and Tharan was met with Naloma again. Over the next years, Mallis commanded Naloma to attack Tharan and try to kill him. On the ninth time, Tharan had no choice but to kill her. He mourned her loss and in rage of everything that had happened to him, he began using his necromancy for evil and was outlawed as a criminal.
Mallis sent terrible enemies against Tharan yet Tharan was powerful enough to defeat them and became more and more energy absorbed. Mallis eventually disguised himself as another Darkling he called "Arcelis" and destroyed the Ophidian Vale, killing trillions of dragons. Tharan escaped to the Destroyed Realm. Mallis captured Bella and held her in a magical hypersleep.

The Empire of Allures rose to great heights in the world. Allures are an all-female race of creatures that are usually tall and thin and look like anything from bipedal raptors to anthro cats. They are all unique in their own ways and no two are exactly the same. Despite the fact that they were all females, the Queen soon gave birth to the first male Allure because she had been fed a special potion given to her by the Celestial Witches. The male was named Celsius because he was given the powers of fire, unlike his mother who had the power to control water and wind.

Celsius grew up to be the king of the kingdom and he was admired by nearly every Allure in the kingdom because he was the only male among them and he was very handsome. Those Allures that didn't have husbands of other species loved Celsius. Mallis watched over Celsius for years and eventually made a war with him.

Celsius eventually undid himself when he fell in love with an Allure named Ariana who was very similar to him. She had blue skin like Celsius and conrolled blue fires just like him. Ariana at the time was voted by several royal organizations to be one of the most beautiful Allures to ever live. Celsius had fallen madly in love with her but she did not love him because he was a strict and by the looks of it--a cruel ruler. When she rejected him one night, he tried to force her to marry him or he'd imprison her for life. She still refused but escaped before his forces could arrest her. Soon she escaped to the Dark Plains, the plains outside of Dark Mountain. Celsius met up with her there and tried to attack her. He'd stumbled into the wrong territory. Mallis appeared and ate him. Ariana escaped before Mallis could turn to her.

Soon afterwards a new queen was elected. A war emerged from the two sides. Mallis soon realized that Dark Mountain needed someone to look over its children while he was gone since things were getting overflowed and overcrowded. He chose Ariana to be the "mother" and caretaker of the Darklings and tried to kidnap her one morning. However she fought back and drove him away, but since she refused, Mallis sent a piece of his soul into her as a curse that would transform her into a Darkling if she ever found someone that loved her and she loved them. This curse also froze her in time. She did not age for years and was stuck at the age of 22.

When the Allure Empire was finally destroyed, Ariana escaped from Keros and found the Destroyed Realm but was soon transported by Mallis to a dungeon where she layed for hundreds of years, still being the age of 22 during each one of them and not growing any older.

Soon Mallis began to grow very lonely even though he had millions of minions. But these minions were only part of him. Each of them were composed of pieces of his own soul. So he set out and kidnapped a child of the Allure race and brought her to a tower he created where he raised her. He named her Dalia and hid all his evil from her and made her think that this was the way normal people lived. Inside all his hatred, Mallis still had a bit of Lovius left deep down inside of him. Soon when Allures found the tower, Dalia escaped at the age of seventeen with them and found out about all of her father's evil.

Mallis destroyed thousands of different empires in his mission to find power. When Dark Mountain became the capital of the world and there were nearly no empires left, the Darkness rained down and ate the entire world whole. There was nothing left then but the Darkness. Mallis however let the old kingdom of Shrombolia remain in the ruined form that it was in. He has made it into a floating city in the dark cloudy universe that Keros is in now. At the top of the old palace sits his enormous black throne.

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Themes (New and Improved!)
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