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 The Void

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The Void
The Void

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PostSubject: The Void   The Void EmptyWed Jul 24, 2013 3:32 am

When you stare into the void, the void stares into you.

Funny how a single sentence could represent a person. This person is no normal person. In fact, you could call him a monster. And, you know what? It's not even his fault. He stared into the void for too long... the void being a metaphor for the mental manifestation of the dark side of himself. The thing he'd see in the mirror every day and he'd see every time he sleeps, except, only he can see it. You might think that this thing could not drive one person to become insane. Well, when said mental manifestation of one's dark side is truly the darkest thing in existence, a representation of one's past which they have tried to get beyond for years upon years, it truly drives one insane. It's still not his fault though. It's everyone else's fault, not his, actually. It is their fault for fueling this monster.

This story is based off of how I actually feel, and my experiences in life.

I make images n' stuff, contact me if you want me to make you a sig or something. It might not be good, though.
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The Void
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