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PostSubject: Embrace   Embrace EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 10:02 am

This is the soul sequel to my story called "[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]".

"The dreams... I've been having them for what, 2 weeks now? It isn't much, just the same damn thing... A group of 9 horrific looking men covered in ripped open patches of skin and blood floating in a circle around a woman. Then, there's this dancing man... mutilated and bloody, dancing behind the circle of floating men. And the men would chant something in warped voices... it puts me through hell every night, yet I don't know why."

~Miscellaneous Journal

"It has been a week since the killer's journal entry had been found. It was one of the only ones readable, the rest were soaked in blood or covered in demonic symbols. Not much is known about the killer. Each time he kills someone, they literally disappear. Only one person has survived one of his massacres. They told us what happened."
The TV cut to an interview with the man. His face was blurred out because he was afraid the killer might be watching him.
"After he slaughtered his prey, he'd arrange them into a circle... He would then start chanting. Once he started, the victims's bodies started to faintly glow red. After a while, they would glow immensely with blood red light, as if they were made of it. Then, they'd just disappear... as if nothing ever happened."

The TV suddenly started showing static. The killer appeared. In an instant, all of the ones who were in the news station were mutilated, ripped apart limb by limb. An intense blood red flash of light blinded many still watching the TV after the slaughtering. Then, if they hadn't turned off the TV or switched channels yet, their TV would explode. The explosion then attracted the 'Hidden One'. In less than one week, almost 50 neighborhoods had been abandoned or completely destroyed by this once-human thing.

Funny how on every street in glowing red blood, the word "EMBRACE" would appear, eh?

I make images n' stuff, contact me if you want me to make you a sig or something. It might not be good, though.
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