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 A Rap by Me And a Random Youtuber

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A Rap by Me And a Random Youtuber Empty
PostSubject: A Rap by Me And a Random Youtuber   A Rap by Me And a Random Youtuber EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 9:20 pm

/This is why I rap/
/for the little boys, and girls in Iraq/
/Who see family wrapped in black cloth sacks/
/Now they wear rags as they dig through the trash/
/Later that night they lay in the gutter as they wish/
/And they pray/
/They still had a mother/

/So tell me brother,/
/Does that seem right to you?/
/Does that seem like a fight to you?/
/All around i see so much pain/
/I lose my mind and wish for rain/
/To wash the greed of man down the drain/
/But for now its a drought/
/And the evil remains/

/I can't really believe myself/
/I hadn't noticed this for so long/
/I never knew people were so wrong/
/I can't see how life continues/
/It's really hard to imagine see all the blood spew/
/From the bodies of the wrongly killed/
/I wonder if we can save ourselves/

/This is why we fight?/
/To see our brethren slain?/
/I ask you all, what the hell's wrong with us?/
/Even if you can't answer, just try/
/All the media says is lies!/
/They say it's right to shoot a bullet through innocents/
/They say it's all right, but it's not/

I make images n' stuff, contact me if you want me to make you a sig or something. It might not be good, though.
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A Rap by Me And a Random Youtuber
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