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 Subject 497

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2017 edit: god this is edgy. original title was "Subject 497: Blood" but i like this one better. i hope to never write in this edgy of a manner again.

Thinking that the things that kidnapped him were still where he was, when he woke up, he accidentally said something he had tried to say before. "What is this? What- what are you?" the man tried to say. He couldn't speak, though. His mouth was obscured by a leather mask that was tight enough against his face that he could only scream, but even his screams were worthless. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't talk, nor could he move. He tried to move his head, and to his surprise, it worked.

He looked at himself and saw himself naked, strapped to what looked like a white table. The only thing he could see before darkness made the rest of the room invisible was a large robotic arm that extended to the ceiling, along with some surgical tools and some hospital equipment. After a while, the sound of a door opening echoed through the room, causing the man to slightly jolt his head up in shock. Suddenly, the sound of the same door being slammed close echoed through the room.

"Hello, Mr. Garrison, I hope you've been feeling alright", said an old man, presumably the one that entered the room.

The sound of somebody flipping a switch was heard and with a loud buzz, all the lights came on, revealing a concrete floor and a white, tiled walls, both of which had blood splatters on them. What was even worse, was that on the concrete ceiling were messages like "SAVE US" and "HE'S A MADMAN!". The man started struggling to get out of his bonds to the table, but nothing happened. He started screaming, and if you listened closely, you could've slightly made out the words "HELP ME! OH GOD HELP ME!". Tears poured down the man's face like a severe rainstorm was going on in his head.

The man continued crying. "Mr. Garrison, are you alright?" said the man that was now standing at the white table, which the man strapped to said table, presumably Mr. Garrison, could easily guess that it was an operating table. The man standing at the operating table wore a surgeon's uniform with blood splatters all over it. He had on a name tag said "Hi, My name is DOCTOR". The Doctor looked down at a small table beside the operating table which had a computer on it. The Doctor started the computer and pulled up an image showing some drawing of a human whose left side was completely replaced by metal and robotics. He turned the computer's monitor around and showed Mr. Garrison.

"You see? We're going to upgrade you!" The Doctor said.

Mr Garrison screamed loudly, but what he didn't know was that he should've saved his screams because it would be getting a lot worse from there. The Doctor did some clicking and the robotic arm that was attached to the ceiling turned on. Multiple arms with an assortment of blades in every shape and size came out of the robot's main arm. Mr. Garrison screamed as his eye was ripped out. Blood flew out of where his eye once was and splattered all over his body, The Doctor, and onto the floor. Mr. Garrison then urinated out of fear. The Doctor looked at Mr. Garrison with a very angry look on his face.

"THIS WILL NOT DO!" The Doctor yelled. He started clicking around and suddenly... one of the robotic arms cut off his penis. Mr. Garrison screamed in pain as the last bit of flesh connecting it to him was cut off. Suddenly, a saw blade came out of the main robotic arm and cut Mr. Garrison's limbs off. He could no longer urinate himself, and he was too weak to scream. He could only watch himself bleed.

One of the smaller arms began melting the flesh off of his left side. His only eye, his right eye, rolled back as he started shaking. He had gone into shock. After the long process of melting his flesh off was done, the goo-like flesh that hadn't been incinerated drooped off of the table and onto the floor. Suddenly, he was shocked by a wire behind his neck and brought back to reality.

He watched as robotic arms came out of the ceiling and attached metal plates to his body. He cried out in pain when the metal plates touched him, as they were so hot that they bonded to his body on touch. Suddenly, he felt something fill his left eye socket. Something made of metal. Suddenly, he could see with his left eye again. Then, he figured it out, his left eye was replaced.

His left side got a new set of metal limbs. His left hand was replaced by a saw blade and his left foot no longer had toes. Besides that, he felt completely normal again. Suddenly, the robotic arms went back into the ceiling except for the one that had been there when he woke up, which simply retracted its own many arms. His restraints fell off, and he got up. He got ready to kill The Doctor, when suddenly, something happened in his mind that told him not to. He saw a mirror come out the wall, and he saw that he no longer looked normal. On his forehead was written "SUBJECT: 497" and he was a killing machine, half metal, and half flesh... he was a monster.

Last edited by Darkness on Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:58 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : i hate myself and i also hate 11 year old me's writing style)
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Subject 497
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