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 My Dreads - Mallis

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My Dreads - Mallis

Everyone knows who I am. I am infamous. I am well known for my terrible deeds. Ever had a criminal record? Mine? You have no idea... (to give you an idea, no room would be tall enough to hold that stack of papers)
My name is Mallis, though you probably already knew that. I'm known in so many different universes and realms. I've made myself known to dimintive creatures and giant god-like beings. I've put a hurting on some of the biggest things in existance. The Dethel Armed Armadas, the Arkothi Undoers, the Allure Empire of Beauty, the 9 Overlords, The Celestial People, The Celestial Witches, the Shrom Empire, the Vortexals, the Keepers, the Orchard Livers, the Mourners, the Ophidian Vale dragonkind, and so much more. I can't count how many different empires I've wiped out singlehandedly.

It all started a long time ago, trillions of years ago to be exact. Back before Keros was destroyed. I wasn't always like this see, I was just like you. My name was Lovian, and I was perhaps the most peaceful and goodwilled person in the Shrom Empire. I was the only person who saw the good in everyone. I was the only person who overdid it trying to help people out, who saved people from things no matter how big or small.
Of course, being so saintlike had its price. I was ridiculed, beaten, bullied all my life. When I was six years old, a kid from down the street broke my ripcage with a long wooden board. When I was um... eleven or twelve I think--a gang attacked me and gouged one of my eyes out. Of course the elders regenerated it and healed me. But still... during the process it was very painful.
It also had to do with the fact that I was colored white. Most Shroms are colored one or multiple colors and have many swirls of colorful markings all over their bodies. I had none. No colors, no markings. Nothing. I was simply colored white, colorless and pale. And when someone is colored white, they're often made fun of. Being white is extremely rare. I haven't seen another white Shrom my entire life, even after the downfall of Keros.
I had two brothers and three sisters. Six of us in all. Well, the oldest: Sybil was supposed to be king when he grew up. Our parents were the king and queen of the empire. Sybil was next in line for the throne.
He and my brother Bani and my sister Limp all became very sick. They caught something called the Sranit... It killed them. So young... They were all given the same funeral day. Our parents hadn't even attended it! They were going to be at the burial the next morning, but the FUNERAL VIEWING? The person with us was our nanny, who I always hated. She was too busy kissing with her boyfriend to give us any comfort for our loss. I sat in that room crying in front of their coffins. That's when a group of people I knew from school dragged me outside and nearly beat me to death with not only fists and kicks but with magical attacks as well. When bullies are given magic, things get very ugly... I did not defend myself. I did not strike them. I did not attack. I only tried to escape.

I failed.

So after that, I was the next in line for the throne making me a prince. I was the oldest now. But I knew that my parents preffered Sybil more. He was always the charismatic, charming, persuasive, strong one of the bunch. I was the... smaller, weaker, good spirited brother. I was never convincing, at least not at first. But Dad, he tried to train me into kingly ways but I could tell he really didn't want to. I could tell he just wasn't seeing it. Not in me.

I was crying under a tree one day, this tree became special to me. It was a giant Willow Tree, the oldest tree in the land. Nobody had really found it or knew about it. But I could sense inside of it the age and it was indeed the oldest. I always went here during my hard days. I suppose I was just there on the wrong day.
Some dude, he was the royal advisor I think came to me. His name was Decay, though I have no idea why. Nothing about him struck me to think his name reflected his personality. He was a nice guy. But after he told me his life story later on, I came to realize his parents were crazy when they had him.

He gave me some apple that tasted funny and then he started training me in some new magic branch for months in secret, telling me not to let anyone know. So I took his word. I grew close to him.
Then for some reason I was uncontrolable. I don't know why... but I attacked my father. The whole memory is still a blur. I barely remember what happened that month or two.

I was taken to the Elders where they examined me and took blood samples. They sensed something in me I guess. I was taken to the gates of the kingdom. My father and the elders were there along with huge amounts of soldiers. They literally threw me out of the gates and into the mud. I was banished.

Dad didn't even look back when he walked away...

None of them did...


A single


Not a glance, not so much as a moment to pause to think back about me. They had shunned me, and I could see the disappointment and the hatred that was swelling in my parents. I knew my mom was upset, but only barely. She didn't care about me.

I wandered for months, living off the world. I almost starved at times. There were many times when I came close to death. Sometimes there would be a wild animal come to attack me. Sometimes I'd get caught up in a bad storm. Sometimes I'd simply fall down the wrong crevice.

Anyways, after so long, Decay met me in a meadow and told me to go to some place called Dark Mountain. I took his word since he was the only person who was ever kind to me. I went in the direction he pointed out and eventually I came to a really scary place.

A mountain was in the distance, but the plains surrounding it were gruesome and dead. Dark and dreary. Nothing was alive. The skies above the place were so black you couldn't tell if it was night or day above it. So when I got close enough to the mountain, some strange creatures came to me, took me in there, and were about to kill me. But they sensed that I had something in me--the same thing the elders saw. But they liked it instead of opposed it. I was welcomed in there.
So a few months went by as working as a spy for the Darkness, a powerful source of black magic that was kind to me. I didn't see what was so bad about it--at least at first.

So later I was called the Leadmaster's courts. I've always wanted to know what he looked like. He shrouded himself in a giant black cloud and took two giant purple glowing eyes and masked them on the front. He told me that after recent scans, the Darkness detected that I was born an Immortal... BUT HOW? I was weak my entire life. Unable to throw a proper punch. I admit my magic was extremely advanced, even past Sybil's. Even past my parents' level and perhaps comparable with even the elders' magic. Immortals were a league of powerful beings in Keros. They usually served as guardians to the people and peacekeepers. Me? An Immortal?

The Leadmaster told me that the Darkness had been searching for an Immortal to lead them for thousands of years. But no Immortal was ever willing to do such a thing. They always fought the Darkness rather than allied themselves with it. I was crowned leader of the Darkness. I was corroded in the Transfiguration Court. My body was disassemble, my soul was shattered. My magical core was stretched in every way possible. Bloodcurdling pain. The worst pain you've ever imagined.
It felt like a million knives, swords, arrows, flicks of fire, bites, and so much more all at once. It felt like I was super-heated and vaporized over and over again. It felt like I was froze into an ice cube and broken over and over. It felt like a million bees biting my flesh and digging into me. Like a billion maggots were crawling deep into me and eating me alive. Like I was being pierced by trillions of blades. Like I was being beheaded over and over again. Some of the pain was literally undescribable. My soul was ripped apart and pasted back together. There isn't a word in any language, even the old magical and ancient languages, that can correctly describe what it felt like.

The Corrosion lasted Ninety Four days. The longest, most torturous days of my life. When I came out of that little chasm I looked completely different. My skin was black and my entire body was some sort of liquid possessed with evil magic. He eyes were glowing and purple. I saw everything differently. My vision was increased. I could see miles ahead. I had X-ray vision. I could see through everything and everything. I could shapeshift into anything I wanted.

I had more magic and more power than I'd ever dreamed of having. My soul however was shattered. I possessed its core, and my Darkling minions all possessed tiny fragments of it. When I visited Shrombolia again with an army of Darklings, the elders were very afraid. I didn't destroy the city--YET. I just sent them a little warning shot. I was just ringing the doorbell of a long war.

I was renamed Mallis which in the Divine Language means Malice. The same thing, but still. Lovian meant "Lover" in the Divine Language. A very nice tranfer.

So there was a long war. Yeah. I destroyed the Shrom people. And I really didn't like it... but the Darkness told me to go and kill my parents and my remaining siblings. I'll admit, it really wasn't easy even with my new heart... But I did it.

Everyone died.

I moved onto the Allures. I had always been at war with them. But after the thousand year war with the Shroms, they became a higher priority.

I admit I went a little overboard when I kidnapped that little girl and took her off to a secret tower to raise her as my daughter. The Darkness told me I could, they said as long as I didn't get too attached I could raise her unharmed. I set traps all around the tower. I disguised Darklings as trees, rocks, water, creeks, etc in case of an attack. But then when little Dalia turned seventeen... a bunch of stupid Allures attacked and killed my traps. They told her about me of couse. Dalia found out about my bloodlust, my evil. She ran away. Ever since then I've been searching for her.

But one time I found her. She was twenty. She had found Zeg, an enemy of mine. He has Celestial blood in him. He's a anthromorphic white wolf who might be smarter than me... Almost as powerful as me. He's the one who created the Oracle, the thingy I use to peer in on people's lives and the thing that gives me visions of the future. Of course he didn't create it for me, I stole it.

Well it turns out Dalia and him are "dating" or whatever it is the pitiful youth calls it. They are "boyfriend and girlfriend" or "mates" or "in a relationship" whatever. I was angry.

He saw the future and saw that I would destroy Keros, the realm we live in. So he put time warps on both of them so they wouldn't age and then they both escaped from my grasp. They flew into a portal and that was it... I never saw my daughter again.

Well I got a few visions from the Oracle about a dragon that might grow up and overthrow me so I went over to the Vale--a smaller realm that isn't that far from Keros in the webbing of universes. I tried to smash little Tharan's egg but when I did, the Spirits of the realm just resurrected him. Well, I had to stop him some other way. So I took an egg from a nest just across the field. It looked suitable. I sent dark magic essence into it which corrupted the little mind inside. It would grow up into a monster and I set it so that its prime target would be Tharan--the unborn dragon.

So when the two hatched, Tharan's enemy was named Shadow. He and his parents fled from the valley and went off far to the other side of the world. Tharan and his family however still stayed behind.
I sent spawned evil Shade Dragons to go and attacked Tharan's clan. Everyone died... his parents, his brothers and sisters... his counsins, aunts, and uncles... Everyone... but him...

Later as the two dragons grew up, I had another vision about a dragoness Tharan's age named Bella. She was said to fall in love with Tharan and the two would be much more powerful than they would be apart. Only together would they have the power to overthrow me. So I made my own dragoness and named her Naloma. I made her everything Tharan would ever desire in a female. She was born with a natural necromancy talent, she had black scales and enchanting purple eyes. I knew that Tharan would instantly become attracted to her and I sent her out to distract him from Bella.

I hate how things worked out. Tharan and Bella both met. They did not kill Shadow, but Tharan did send his soul to a place called The Vault--an unbreachable Celestial Prison. The two split up since Tharan was already in a deep relationship with Naloma. I had such a sigh of relief there. But I was so disappointed with my beautiful creation--Shadow.

So I made Naloma attack Tharan eight times--well nine if you count the final time. Tharan loved her so much that he didn't have the gut to fight her. But the final time he snapped and killed her...
He went on his way and became a criminal. I began to think he was just going to go off and not bother me. So I turned my attention to more important affairs.

There was a dilema with some chick named Ariana who is now one of my many enemies. I kindly asked her to help me, raise my Darklings. Help them grow. She DENIED. I cursed her by splitting my soul again and inserting a piece of it into her body. She has a black and purple X scared on the left side of her chest. I put a time warp on her and took her to a prison I found in another dimension called the Destroyed Realm. It might have been a stupid idea. I'll explain in a minute.

So I dealt with all the empires and finally, when Keros was all dead and rotted, I consumed it whole and everyone that didn't escape to other realms--was dead.

Hundreds of years passed. The war between me and Keros lasted... billions perhaps trillions of years. Everything was dead for a long time. About nine centuries passed. Keros was nothing more than an empty void filled with only dark clouds known as the Darkness and uncountable amounts of Darklings.
Due to the fact that Keros is an endless realm, it was very hard to conquer. But the Darkness can also be endless and went even further...

We spread to a few other realms and ate them. A few hundred realms that is... still it never satisfied our hunger...

So me and my servants sat there an starved for centuries. I was unable to die. I starved and I felt so lonely. I honestly wanted to die sometimes. I wanted to kill myself, but I am better than that. I tried multiple times to commit suicide, but after the first few times I discovered that I'm much greater than that and I wasn't going to stoop to that level.

Well some idiot named Hatred sucked me from Keros and took me to his realm--The Destroyed Realm. I don't know why I didn't go there myself, perhaps I was just too weak to go anywhere from all the starvation.
I admit that without Hatred, my soul would have faded and the Darkness would have... faded as well. It wouldn't have died, but it would go into this state called The Fading where it would be in a dead-like state.
When he brought me into his realm, I suppose it was my corrosive form. It broke something in the webbing of the universes and everything started leaking into each other. The Destroyed Realm was just a pot for all the other things that other pots were dumping into it.

So I had a little misadventure there. Made several enemies that to this day... I hate with all my heart. I killed many. I spared many. A frogy thing called Exo who always thought he was smarter than I... He might have had the edge of mind, but he never managed to figure out how to kill me. He was overconfident in himself. Something that was a weakness and gave me an upper edge.

Phaedra and Lethor, two Silvings from a distant realm. Both born from royalty, just like me. I hate Phaedra, she is one of my biggest enemies. Her brother Lethor is just a pest, not a threat--but an annoyance. Then there's the Destroyers, Fear and Madness who have been enemies since I met them.

We had a mishap on Hatred's ship, I took over the ship. They all escaped. I came back and found them. The ship crashed and I froze solid on Gleeza. Luckily Zalphar melted me and saved me from that place. Later when he just left me to fend for myself on the Halo, I turned on him.

Down on a planet Tharan sat and he revealed his crush on a dragon I'd just recently met named Sairei... I hate to admit it... but Sairei is equal in power to me. She can't die. She may have the same amount as power as me. But I will always have more forces, more minions, and more firepower. She is one of my prime targets to this day.

She can't die... UGH! But this destroys her sanity slowly. I know everything about Sairei... and she knows everything about me. We've spied on each other's lives. I know about her past. I'm sure she knows about mine. Of course, I know about almost everyone's pasts. Sairei doesn't want to live forever like I do.

She wants to die.

IF SHE WASN'T A FATE, I'D GLADLY GIVE HER THIS GIFT!!! If she would just tell me how to kill her, I'd do it. And I'd give her what she's always wanted. I just want her gone where she can't bother me anymore. She wants to die...

Sairei slowly goes insane. I think it may be Twilit that holds her together and keeps her from snapping. I'm not like Sairei, I don't let my immortality bring me down or destroy my mind. And knowing that she is so suicidal and insane... it brings me a sense of happiness, a sense of joy. It makes me seem so bigger than her--mentally at least. Of course, I'm higher than her in a lot of things. I'm higher than everyone.

Sairei let's her immortality bother her. She's suicidal. I don't like living forever either--I'll admit that. Sometimes it does bother me. But sometimes I just want to keep living so I can fulfill my desires. Besides, we don't know what lies down under that grave. What's on the other side?

It's probably very painful which is why I like life. I'm not going to tell Sairei that though. As long as she's mourning, I'm laughing--jumping with joy and happiness. Her pain brings me delight. I love to see her cry. But she'll NEVER see me cry.

After Tharan went back to the Vale--a place I'd destroyed--he found Sairei there. He made a tragic discovery... Sairei already had a mate named Twilit. I laughed so hard when I saw that. I'll never forget that sad little face Tharan had. Hysterical! Hilarious! Heartbreak is so amusing.

Well I resurrected Naloma to attack him and make his heart break even more. But somehow... my mind spells were wearing off on her. She became her own person. She flew off and escaped after Tharan told her that he did not want to be with her again.

Sairei and Twilit left Tharan after they destroyed my pet--The Guardian. I was always extremely proud of that beast. He singlehanded destroyed every soul in an entire realm. Of course, I did plan it all out. I knew that Tharan would be there and kill the Guardian. I also knew he'd have help, I just didn't know it would be from Sairei and Twilit.

When those two left... I still wonder today what they did. Did they celebrate? Or did they rest? Where they distraught? I would like them to have been...

But I know Sairei is tougher than that. She doesn't look like it. She looks like a puny little dragoness. Like the rest of them. I mean, she has no giant spikes or heavy metal armor, no big magic acid spewers, no big weapons across her body. But the girl is tougher than she looks I suppose. She's managed to beat me in several fights. I... don't see HOW. I planned so many perfectly.

But whatever.

I keep my head tilted toward the future. I've learned from my mistakes. I adapt much more quickly than most seem to think.

Tharan killed Sabeng, my good Dethel servant. He released Bella. He was still heartbroken from Sairei and was confused by Naloma... Bella comforted him and helped him turn from the two of them. And what brought them closer was Bella being so freaking depressed all the time from her scars that me and Shadow gave her...

I want them both dead.

I'll have that day.

Bella went back home to the Vale to keep it at peace while Tharan was fighting evil in the Destroyed Realm. Then found a dungeon where they discovered a Destroyer named Madness. They also found Ariana there... Her time warp was about to break.

She and little Lethor had love at first sight. I mean, that was ridiculous. They didn't even get to know each other. It was an instant boyfriend-girlfriend deal. Pfft.

I plan on making them watch each other die--die slow and painful deaths. Lethor loves Ariana so much... it's such a weakness. I'm going to make him pay for it in the end. Love has its prices. Love is a target.
Ariana would do anything for Lethor. Giving her the same weakness. She seems as though she can't go anywhere without him. She's always clung to him like bait on a hook. I don't know how she hasn't squeezed the life out of him. I don't think I could take so many cuddles.

I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them.
I hate them ALL!!

Sairei will die. Phaedra will die. Lethor will die. Ariana will die. Twilit will die. Fear will die. Bella will die. Tharan will die. Naloma will die. Zeg will die. Madness will die. Insanity, that traitor. I'll help Corruption kill him.




I'm just a victim here... I can't do anything about this. Since the Corrosion, my heart... it's empty. There's nothing there. It's just a hollow hole. But then someone put in the filling--hatred, anger, and Darkness.
My Darkness, it's much different than yours. I am the biggest sinner you'll ever meet. Do you know how many people I've killed? I don't. Too big of a number. I can't count. I lost track after I destroyed the billions of people in Shrombolia. Over half of them I killed individually.

Don't you sit there and tell me you've done more evil things. How many worlds have you swallowed again? How many souls have you absorbed? How many times have you lied? How many people have you tortured for no good reason?

If I had a book containing all of my criminal records, it would be so thick it would touch the sky, perhaps go into whatever space lies beyond.

Declare me mad. Everyone else does. I regret nothing. Killing people has been my pleasure. It is a hobby, a sport. Exo tells me that there are more entertaining ways of conquering... No. I like what I'm doing. It entertains the crap out of me. Seeing people bleed to death is a pleasure. Watching people become decapitated makes me laugh. Watching bodily disassemblance makes me tingle inside. And seeing people being incinerated by the Darkness is such a joy, watching them incinerate and reincarnate and return as something else...

I wish I wouldn't have told Sairei all those things... I'd been planning to break into her home for ages. When I finally managed to get inside, SHE HAD TAKEN ME THERE!!! She took me there to escape some stupid metal-headed robots which I just laughed at. Honestly I didn't need much help from her. I could have done it myself. Heck, I could have killed them all myself. I wouldn't even need to summon Darklings.

Since Sairei's realm technically doesn't exist, when I went into it I was technically nonexistant. Yet somehow I still existed. I don't know. Ask the psychotic dragon lady how it works. Anyways the Darkness's "firewalls" didn't work so I was free to say whatever I wanted.

I revealed too much...

I told her about my one true weakness... love. I guess someone among the undead heard me. Next thing I know, when I'm in Atama some girl shows up who wants to hug and kiss all over me. Claiming to be named Thage and not knowing anything about herself. It burnt me... Every hug she gave me hurt me. It slowly began to kill me. She was too intimate for me. Too affectionate. I guess she was looking for Lovian underneath.


There's so much more. I could ramble on and on about my life. But it's just one sob story after another. I try to forget it. It just makes me want to turn back. I must look forward. I must mount. I must take charge.
That is me. I am Mallis. Destroyer of worlds--literally. Robert Ophenheimer can suck it
If only everyone would just understand WHAT I am, not WHO I am... Forever will I be... alone.

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My Dreads - Mallis
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