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 {The Rising}

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The Void
The Void

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PostSubject: {The Rising}   {The Rising} EmptyThu Oct 25, 2012 12:38 am

Issue 1

I never knew this would happen. It came so fast, it felt like I got hit in the face by a speeding car.
I looked at the picture in my hand. It was the only thing that inspired me to live. The picture was of my wife, my kids, and of course, me. No, not this me, but the old me. All I am now is a ruthless killer, attempting to survive through hell itself. The wind blew hard, and the bottom part of my black trenchcoat blew in the wind. I knew it was probably about 7:00 PM, considering that the sun was setting. I loaded my Glock.
"Perfect weather for zombie killing", I said, as I heard a horde of zombies from a short distance, behind me.
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{The Rising}
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