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 Undying Enemy - A Short, Dark Poem

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Undying Enemy - A Short, Dark Poem Empty
PostSubject: Undying Enemy - A Short, Dark Poem   Undying Enemy - A Short, Dark Poem EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 4:40 am

Undying Enemy

Everyday the woman came by the old man’s house to collect bees from his bee houses and get him the honey. But he hated the woman; she was mean and bragging, and nasty and foul. She had an attitude that had best stayed in her pocket. She was richer than most people and a foul little snob; she was selfish on all levels and positively nasty in every way. One day she came inside of the house of the old man, she wore her protective bee suit and carried large buckets of honey.
“Here’s your honey” she said slamming the buckets down on the table in front of the old man who sat on the couch. “Now where’s my payment?”
“Go into my bedroom and get a few dollars out of my wallet on the dresser” said the old man.
“I’ll get more than a few dollars” she hissed walking off. The old man had tolerated her long enough and there were no other people in the neighborhood. It was countless country landscapes completely lost of civilization… The old man couldn’t simply fire her—he actually could, but his mind worked differently. Countless taunts from her had driven him mad. He got up and walked over to the night stand next to the couch and opened a drawer. Inside was a pistol loaded with ammo. He picked it up and quietly began to walk out of the room and down the hallway. He entered his bedroom and found her digging at his wallet pouring all of the money out onto the dresser. He aimed his gun and fired. A loud noise exploded from the gun and with an instant blood splattered onto the wall and the woman fell dead.
The old man was clever. He knew that police would eventually come to question him. With all of his strength he dragged her body down the hall and into a door that led to his basement. He dragged the body down the stairs and finally reached a large cold basement.
Over a long period of time he dismantled a large part of the brick wall and cut open a large hole. He cut apart the body of his victim and stuffed her inside. Then he rebuilt the wall and plastered the body inside. This was a clever act for a murder. Most criminals would just stuff the body in a trash bag and drop it off into a dumpster—but this man had lived a long life of watching criminal stories and how they turned out. He was smarter than most criminals.

It was the same night. The old man lies asleep in his bed. He had no idea of what great sin he had committed. The old man would surely be punished by karma or by sheer nature.
Suddenly the door of his bedroom slammed open and he awoke with a shout. Nothing was there… the wind perhaps had blown it open. Within another instant something tapped on the window. The old man looked to his left to find nothing but a night full of stars and gated by eerie fog.
A buzzing noise began to fill his ears. It came quiet but got louder and louder. It sounded like a hive of bees. He got up to check for any holes in the house that the bees may have gotten into. He walked out from his room and out into the hallway. He eyed a staircase next to him that led to the attic. On the railing of the stairs was a thick layer of honey dripping to the floors.
This gave him a great shock. What was this? He walked out of the hallway and into the living room. He eyed many mirrors around the room. They all seemed to have been fogged up and honey was splattered everywhere. Bees began to swarm in strange places. Many came to pester and tease at the old man. He shoed them away but froze in his tracks as he suddenly heard someone walking on his porch.
A knock came at his door. He rushed to the table and picked up his gun which was coated in honey. The door kept making noises. Knock, knock, knock.
The old man was frightened. What was this? Knock, knock, knock. He found a great deal of honey leaking from the door and out of the windows. Knock, knock, knock. The door went crazy. Knock, knock, knock.
The old man held his gun up to the door. He was ready to strike if necessary. Knock, knock, knock. Suddenly as he pulled back the trigger, the door suddenly seemed to have been punched and knocked. A loud SLAM sound emerged and the buzzing began to get louder and louder. With another slam, the door slammed open and a mysterious figure approached.
The person was dressed in a bee protection suit and carried two buckets of honey. Blood dripped from its mask and a dark fog began to enter the room. Suddenly the mirrors in the room began to smash and shatter. Bees emerged from this strange figure and the old man raised his gun even higher. With great fear he shot from his gun once. The monster seemed to have no injury. The man shot again and the monster still seemed to have no injury.
The buzzing sound got so loud, that the old man could barely hear. Then the strange person walked forward, blood and honey dripped from it and it got so close to the old man that it saw the face of the evil creature. It was the woman, she was rotten and gored. Her mouth was corrosive and bleak. Her mouth looked vicious and looked as if was flesh thirsty. Her eyes were greenish and dark. Her skin was pale and coated in honey, bees, and blood.
“No! Please don’t hurt me!” said the man. The ghost dropped the cans of honey and held the man’s face with its hands. Its hands were cold and stiff like a dead body. It was if the body had crawled out of the wall and appeared to him in this form. Then with great strangeness the face of the old man began to melt off, blood melted everywhere. The man screamed and fell to the ground as his entire body became food for the bees and he was decayed over a matter of minutes.
The ghost turned around and left the room, out of the door, into the fog of night.
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Undying Enemy - A Short, Dark Poem
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