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 Kingdoms of Sand

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Kingdoms of Sand Empty
PostSubject: Kingdoms of Sand   Kingdoms of Sand EmptySun Mar 30, 2014 10:01 pm

The Creator watched from miles above, his creation taking shape. Animals - cows, pigs, elephants, whales, fish - appearing from the blue, trees sprouting out of nowhere. Most of all, the desert sands, which covered about seventy-five percent of the land.

It was perfect.

However, it was empty. Too empty for the Creator's tastes. There was a simple answer to this emptiness: to fill it with sentience; to fill it with knowledge. To fill it with... ideas.

The dawn of all Civilization.

To the Creator, this was nothing. Simply for entertainment purposes, as he has many more serious universes, where he was actually doing something. To the Creator, this was stress relief. He was to fill it with many different cultures - ten major ones, and thirteen other, "less important" cultures - and watch them live their meager, pointless existence. To the Creator, this was entertainment. To us, it was a brand new dawn.

The poor, poor fool had no idea what he was up against...

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Kingdoms of Sand
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