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 Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread

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PostSubject: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:44 pm

Oh yeah lookie here a character vault.

Yeah, so put your sheets here. Anything you want to keep private, like powers, weaknesses, fears, etc, can be kept private. Howeves, your appearance should be in here, or anything we can garner from looking at your character.

My Boy Patches wrote:
Listen up homies, this CENSORED is fresh and real, so I suggest to all o' y'all to pick up what I'm puttin' down and check this CENSORED out. For real. YOLO, you won't regret it.
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PostSubject: Re: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:45 pm

Name: Tobias Wright (though many around have taken to calling him “The Kraken” or “Cthulu”)
Age 24
Sex male
Personality Tobias is a brainchild. He is incredibly intelligent, and has just enough common sense to keep himself from looking like a total moron (emphasis on total). He is one of those people who talksextremelquicklyandseemstogiveyoucompleteandtotalinformationoverloadwheneveryoutrytoaskhimaquestion. He’s one of those people who loves to hear himself talk. Tobias is about as prideful as he is lazy. He would much rather play video games or take a nap than fight a bad guy. Because of this, he’s the type to value stealth over brawn; you won’t see him locked in combat with any guards anytime soon. He has very little feeling of loyalty to the other prisoners, and would much rather save his own skin than die protecting someone else’s. He doesn’t work well in groups, partially due to his inherent wimpiness and partially due to the fact that he’s incredibly socially awkward (homeschooling at its finest). He is a good liar, and due to his spinelessness (both physically and mentally), it’s not unlikely for him to be playing both sides of the field.

Description Tobias Wright exists as a vaguely humanoid shape standing at about 5’6” and weighing around 90 lbs. In his base form, Tobias looks pretty much like a floppy human. His limbs and torso have very little muscle definition, and are generally skinny. He has no evidence of any joints or bones anywhere in his body. His arms come down to points like tentacles, and the back side of the part where the hands would be is covered in suction cups. He has three pairs of these arms, each pair set slightly below the pair above them. His legs are much thicker than his arms and end with the same type of suction cup foot. Having no bones, Tobias has sh*t posture. He appears as if he’s being held up by marionette strings, sometime leaning forwards and sometimes backwards. His head is the oddest part of his body, with aspects of both a man and an octopus. It stems from an average-sized thick neck that looks more muscular than his arms. His face is flat and tall, with a curved forehead. He has a human-looking mouth and a rounded jaw line that sags slightly (due to his lack of bones). His teeth are black in color, and are pointed like an octopus’ beak. He has twenty teeth, with ten on the top and ten on the bottom. They are the only hard parts of his entire body. Tobias’ eyes are shaped like that of an octopus’ eyes, with a gold-and-orange white surrounding a long, elliptical pupil facing horizontally (if that didn’t make sense, google it). They are in relatively the same position on his face as human eyes. His nose is like a snake’s, a slight bump with two vertical slits. Tobias’ brain is held in a sack that looks like an octopus’ mantle that sags from the back of his head. His ears exist as two slits on either side of the base of the mantle.

In his base form, Tobias’ skin is a burnt orange like that of the Giant Pacific Octopus and has the same texture as said octopus. However, his skin changes color and texture a lot (you’ll see in the power section). The back side of the mantle and the suction cup sides of his hands are a creamy white. Tobias’ clothing consists of a short-sleeved orange prison jumpsuit with six arm holes. He wears a pair of slip-on black canvas shoes covering his tentacles (you’ll see why in the power section).

Bio Tobias was born in California, the son of a Google scientist. When he was young, Tobias was a prodigy. He was freakishly intelligent, able to solve a rubik’s cube by age 8. He was homeschooled, causing his lack of social skills, and so learned things at a faster rate than he would have in normal school. He graduated high school at age sixteen, and went on scholarship to Hopkins. He double majored in biochemistry and genetics, and achieved a bachelor’s degree in both in three years. He hoped to become a genetic engineer and unlock the secrets of the genetic code. He went to Cal Berkeley to get a master’s in bioengineering. He got the degree in two years, and hoped to go from there to get a PhD. He wanted to go to Harvard, but they wouldn’t give him a scholarship due to his lack of extracurriculars. So, he went to work to make some money. He worked at Google, where he did biological research. Just before he got kidnapped, Tobias decided to quit his job, as he was unsatisfied with the work he was doing. Without really telling anyone, Tobias moved to Dallas, where he hoped to work at a new firm. This is when he was kidnapped.

Skills He is highly intelligent, firstly, and can solve puzzles very well. He is highly knowledgeable in biology and chemistry, though he’s no wizard (he won’t be mixing explosives or making acid out of his own piss anytime soon). He doesn’t have very many physical skills. He used to play the violin, but it’s hard to play with tentacles (Actually, it wouldn’t be quite as hard as you’d think).

Fears Lampreys (he once saw a documentary about the lamprey and was scarred for life), being buried alive (he also read Edgar Allan Poe), and everyone he cares about being turned into zombies.

Power Tobias has the powers of the mystical floppy-floppy spider of the deep, the octopus. Firstly, he is an invertebrate, which is both a strength and a weakness. It is a strength because it allows Tobias to be able to fit through any hole larger than his teeth (he can fold them up to fit through things) and makes him very strong, as his limbs are made almost entirely of muscle. It is a weakness, however, because without bones, Tobias has no way to protect his organs from damage (although he does have bands of muscle around his vital organs that provide him with some protection, though this isn’t as good of protection as a skull or ribcage would grant. Secondly, Tobias is a color magician. His skin is packed with chromatophores, cells that can control the release of pigment. Because of these cells, Tobias has the ability to change his color to match any background almost perfectly. His invertebrate nature also allows him to change his shape and texture, making him extremely good at camouflage. The more he studies an object, the better he is able to camouflage as it. His hands are another vital ability. The suction cups allow him to scale walls and other flat objects with relative ease Each suction cup can rotate and grasp independently. Due to the shape and small size of his ears, Tobias has poor hearing.

Weakness Tobias suffers from several drawbacks as a result of the serum. First and foremost, his sense of hearing has been significantly diminished, as his ear shape is no longer conducive to listening and also he has no bones. Secondly, he is now something of a glass cannon-without bones to absorb the impact of blows and protect his internal organs, Tobias is in danger of severe harm even from blunt trauma or what were before minor wounds. He will need to avoid direct confrontation at all costs. Secondly, his new octopus nature has changed his blood from relying on hemoglobin to transport oxygen: he will find himself less efficient in warmer environments, particularly out of the water. In the cold and the wet, he will excel, but otherwise, he may find himself drawing short of breath or getting light-headed if he overexerts himself. Finally, while he may be all muscle, he is only ninety pounds now. A good many people can bench-press far more than his body weight. He can apply what strength he does have to good effect, but, as a rule of thumb in fights, the bigger, heavier guy tends to have better odds than the smaller, lighter octopus guy.

Other: Tobias is lactose intolerant, and is allergic to peanuts. He greatly enjoys Mexican food. He doesn't generally like fish that isn't battered and deep-fried, although he does enjoy some sushis. He hates pickles with a burning passion. He enjoys classical music (his father used to play it all the time). His favorite composer is Bach. He also likes electronic music like Daft Punk and some (but not all) dubstep. His favorite writer is H.G. Wells, though he also likes J.K. Rowling. He used to love reading before he got cooped up in here. Infact, books are an excellent thing to bribe Tobias with, if one so wished to. He also loves Rubik's cubes, and has a collection of them back home.

"How strange it is to be anything at all." -In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel

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PostSubject: Re: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:45 pm

Name Melissa Aubrey Baroness (Missy, The Condemned)
Age 15
Sex Female

Personality Despite her near-monstrous appearance, Missy is a nice person. She speaks politely and is never afraid to approach anyone. She's a bit eager to make friends out of anyone. This is likely because she is lonely, and as a result of her power and a change in appearance. A compulsive need to show the world she is not a monster. Missy would go to near-suicidal lengths to help people. Missy enjoys peaceful, beautiful, or cute things. Such as dogs or flowers. She also likes to daydream and indulge herself in nostalgic memories - As her memories are way better than her current life. Naturally under all of this, she has quite the dark side. Missy possesses a powerful hatred of the lab and the Steele family, and wants nothing more than revenge against all of them. She tends to break out into fits of anger if she's pushed far enough. The kind of angry which will cause her to viciously lash out against the cause until it's dead or destroyed. Missy is dominated by flight-or-fight instincts. She tends to be on the verge of running or lashing out. Which tends to drive away the very people she's trying to befriend.

In the end, all Missy wants to do is leave the lab and get a new leash on life.

Description Missy doesn't exactly look like your average teenaged girl. Hell, she looks like something out of a horror movie. Her exposed skin is covered in thick veins. She has an eerily slender and bony, nearly anorectic, build, with little curves. Like if she dropped all of her clothes, people could see her skin clinging to her bones. Her pale skin isn't even perfectly clear, it's covered in scars of the slashing variety. However they appear as if something had bust out of her skin rather than someone stabbing into her. Missy has brutally engraved her name onto the underside of her forearm, it has long scarred to forever remind her of her name. Another noticeable scar is on her face, it's a massive X-shaped scar that meets at the bridge of her nose and goes across her face to her hairline. One of the strangest features on her body has got to be her spine... It's exposed to the world, and well prehensile like a monkey's tail. It's located a few inches above her waist, and is easily six feet long. This spine moves quite strangely, like it's a scorpion tail. Finally, Missy has double joints, and it's quite obvious from the way her knees, shoulders, and elbows are shapd. You could see Missy preforming some inhuman feats of agility and movement. Missy's quite tall for a girl her age, she's 5'8ft, and weighs 92 lb.

Missy is a Caucasian girl, and going from her facial features, she's obviously European. Likely Danish. Her skin is rather pale as it's been mentioned before. Far from anything healthy. If it wasn't for her rather freakish features, she could be called an attractive girl. Her facial features are strong, and bulky. She has a pronounced nose that's very pointy and triangle shaped. Her nose-bridge is very thin in comparison with the rest of her nose. Missy has a thick, near androgynous, jawline, with a blocky chin. Her ears are large and very rounded, however, most of the time they're obscured by her hair. Her lips are thick and full, though, she has a thicker lower lip than a top lip, both of her lips have a scar stretching across them. Missy's forehead is quite large, in terms of both height and width. Like her ears, it's obscured by her hair, so it doesn't look that large. Missy's eyes are large and pronounced, she has blue irises. Much like other Danish girls, Missy's hair is a light-brown color. It's straight, but not the cleanest or best looking hair. She has her hair styled as a messy bun. It's not perfect, or it used to be, so thick, messy, strands of hair hang down from it onto the rest of her head.

Bio F*ck off.

Skills Missy doesn't have too many skills that'd help her escape. Missy is quite quick on her feet, and has done plenty of climbing when she was younger. This agility has been supplemented with her new power. Missy is good at juggling, is quite observant, and is quite stealthy. She can also play the violin. Meh.

Fears Missy has Trypophobia. Which is a fear of holes, but the kind Missy has is a fear of clusters. Like spider-eggs, or parts of a sunflower. What will make her absolutely lose it is clusters of holes in skin/meat. It will absolutely trigger a panic attack in her. On top of this fear, Missy has Agoraphobia, which is a fear of leaving a safe place. Which is how she has been mostly kept in line. The last fear she has is Hedonophobia, a fear of physical pleasures. It's mostly associated with guilt, than fear. Because of this, she's asexual.

Power Missy has a limited form of biokinesis, except it has something to do with her body.

Bone Manipulation. This is Missy's main ability as it's easily her strongest. Missy can manipulate her own bone in several different fashions. She can grow, shape, and alter the density, of bone. This allows her to do quite a few things. The obvious would be bursting bones out of her skin to create weapons. The less obvious uses would be hardening her skeleton to become much resistant to damage, or enhancing her body (Double joints, make her bones hollow, or repairing them). Missy can quickly repair broken bones by manually repairing them. Missy can manipulate her own bones, and the bones of others. She manipulates the bones of others by attaching her prehensile spine to exposed bone to control them. She can do some rather vicious things to people using that method.

Flesh Manipulation. Missy can control her own soft-tissue, however she can better control the outer layers of flesh (Skin is what she's best at manipulating) better than deep down flesh. She can do the same things that she can do with her bone manipulation here, except with a little more variety. She can shape, and grow her skin, in addition to being able to alter texture, color, smoothness, density, sensitivity, etc.

Healing Factor. Finally, Missy possess a light healing factor. It is quite unlike the kind wolverine possess, instead Missy's wounds scab up very quickly to prevent her from bleeding to death. On top of that, all of her wounds heal faster as well.

Weakness Missy's bone-manipulation, unfortunately, is not without risks. Firstly, she is capable of harming herself with her own bones, and moving her bones to break through the skin (for example, Wolverine's claws) would result in creating not only a wound where it broke the flesh but wounds internally, depending on how drastic the shift was. Missy must take caution to not tear her internal organs to shreds when buffing herself up. Secondly, the accelerated rate at which she can use her bone marrow to make red blood cells, platelets, etc, allows her to heal her wounds more quickly, but it takes its toll on her metabolism. If she kicks her regenerative factor into overdrive, she'll likely need to eat, drink, and sleep a considerable amount to make up for it. Using it in a fight may fatigue her. Finally, her body is not immune to the pain of bones being shifted out of place, or the effects of changing the nature of her bones. Making her bones extra-dense to give her more durability in a fight could easily tear her ligaments and tendons under the strain. Altering her skin's properties wears down the skin cells and makes them more susceptible to damage. This both in the form of getting cuts and scrapes and also things like sunburns. If she abuses the power too much, she can rip through the skin altogether (have you ever rubbed a piece of paper for like ten minutes and made it soft and really fragile?).



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PostSubject: Re: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:04 pm

Name: Peter Brooke
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Personality: Peter is a troubled individual, but he is ambitious and well-meaning. He pushes forward through his hardships with admirable tenacity and the intelligence to make his plans work and come together. He has few relationships with others, as he is very much a recluse and prefers the solitary life, but doesn't make him any less capable of working with others. He is quite adept at teamwork as his experience would indicate and is willing to compromise lesser goals for the sake of greater progress. His self-reflection is modest. He has enough pride and confidence to push forward and believe in himself, but periodically falls into moods of depression and senses of desperation should his progress in his research come to a plateau. However, he is true to himself and others and despite his willingness to compromise, he will never give up his core beliefs and values regardless of the situation at hand. This, along with his research, are things that appears to be an obsession of his. So as selfless as he may appear at times, he does have his own motives and agenda, and if helping another person risks that, you can be sure he wouldn't lay a finger to help them. He has an eerie sort of level-headedness that is almost unnerving, and is alarmingly difficult to anger and has an apparent lack of sense of humor; these in conjunction with his wit and the mind of a thinker, he seems to talk in such a way that it sounds as though he knows something that you don't, but doesn't display the arrogance that usually comes with such a trait.

Description: He is nothing like any living person has seen and appears to be a Hollywood construct. He stands 6'3" tall, which is quite a height even for a grown man, and weighs at least half of a thousand pounds. You see, his body is made of titanium alloy, with stainless steel and platinum. The sound he makes when struck, if a person was ever brave enough to do so, is peculiar and sounds hollow, though to what extent is unable to be discerned. His body is smooth, sleek, and hard. It looks as though it was sculpted by an artist - he lacks any kind of hair at all and he is "muscled". He has broad shoulders, he has a toned abdomen, toned back, toned legs, arms - ah, excuse me - arm. He only has one arm. His left one. His right shoulder ends right there, and there isn't even so much as a stub where his right arm used to be. In fact, even his genitalia appears to be missing, and what now replaces it is nothing more than a smooth curve that suggests nothing was ever there to begin with. While we're on the topic of missing part, he doesn't have eyes either. All there is where his eyes should be are indents that would indicate eye sockets, but with nothing there as you would expect. He does have ears and a nose, but due to his body being metal, aren't things that have practical functions. He has a mouth, but the sounds he makes when he tries to speak? It sounds as if metal is being bended or warped. It'd take practice, but he could probably learn how to make that senseless noise into something resembling a credible form of communication. As of right now, the only thing he has to where is an orange jumpsuit provided by the Darksol facility. Not that it matters how ugly it is. He can't see, anyways.

Bio: Peter came from a very poor family from Maine. He was smart, and could get through school like a breeze. He had very little trouble in his childhood aside from the challenges that came naturally when living as a lower class family. As expected, when he graduated from high school, neither he nor his family had the funds to put him through college and he wasn't considered qualified for scholarships - apparently a lower class kid interested in medical engineering wasn't good enough of an investment. So Peter was forced to look towards other areas to make college life easier. So he enlisted in the United States military when he was nineteen for both the pay and college benefits it would provide. After training, he was finally sent to Saudi Arabia to repel Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. His very first mission out, the vehicle Peter was riding in hit a land mine. The explosion and shrapnel tore up his right arm and killed everyone in the vehicle except for him and one other. He was later rushed for medical treatment and the only alternative that was available to him was to amputate the arm entirely. No longer being a serviceable soldier, he was forced to retire without having done anything but lose an arm. He was at least provided monthly compensation and the opportunity to go to college as a disabled veteran.

It was basically mockery from the Gods, he always figured. And he never did get over that incident. In fact, he grew to become fervorous over it. He did eventually earn his Ph.D through college, as difficult as it was with all the post traumatic stress nightmares and the crippling disadvantage that came with having only one arm. He became a doctor and pursued medical engineering as previously planned. In a short period of time however, medicine research shifted to stem cell research. In fact, the loss of his arm was nearly tormenting to him. He grew obsessive over his research of stem cells and managed to get quite a bit of work done on it, but was by no means famous for it. He answered a couple of interviews on his progress, and he felt he was getting quite close to the answer. He pursued stem cell research for twelve years. He figured a couple things out, ran several tests and experiments, but nothing so groundbreaking as the regeneration of a whole arm. Not to mention the entire pro-life community kept him from getting the necessary amount of funding.

But when he was randomly selected by the Darksol program - he even went so far as to willingly go with them and put up no struggle. He would have even volunteered if it wasn't a top-secret organization with more protocols than you can count. He accepted the serum with no argument. He felt he would agree to anything if it helped progress the advancement of regenerative research - for both himself as well as for anybody who struggled as he did.

Skills: Peter has had training as a soldier, so he knows his fair share of tactics, maneuvers, fighting skills and survival techniques. The rigid schedule has also helped discipline him and adapted to routines. This in combination with his youth taught him how to ration - but is an otherwise irrelevant necessity to him now that he is a man made of metal. It also taught him a little bit of street smarts. But that was so long ago, it is barely useful now. His college experience gives him a good deal of book smarts, and he knows a fair amount of chemistry and other physics-like topics, especially that pertaining to medicine, and is generally a good study. Answering interviews and whatnot gave him some experience in talking properly to other people, and just enough political speak to answer as vaguely as he can while on topic, as to not give away too much information before he published his work.

Fears: His obsession over his research is almost admirable even to paranoid schizophrenic. His work is locked up tighter than a high security prison, and if it was ever lost or damaged or stolen or if anything was done to compromise it, he'd be lost. And he'd do quite a bit to get that work back. It's not just for the sake of himself either, but for anybody who has also had to endure his condition. Otherwise, he isn't afraid of much. Being a soldier kind of beat that out of him with a club. However, explosions or depictions of explosions makes him uneasy. That is how he lost his arm after all.

Power: There is little left of Peter's original body other than its shape. His body is made completely up with a shiny, sleek, non-rusting metallic skin strong enough that it allows him to be very much capable of withstanding beatings that would kill most other people. Further, this metallic body appears to be simply a boat for another ability: his brain is a generator. It produces copious amounts of electricity of which he is capable of controlling. He can control the flow of the current through any part of his body, keeping the current in place in his head or in his hands, and even arcing the electricity into the environment around him. This allows him incredible reflexes normal humans aren't capable of reaching, since the transfer of electricity through the metal alloy that makes up his body is faster than the electric signals sent from a standard brain to the neurons in your typical nervous system. However, his perceptions of sight and sound as we know it had been eradicated completely, and is seemingly vulnerable to the world around him. Fortunately, with practice, there's a method for him getting around this. Arcing low-voltage currents of electricity into his surroundings allows him to know where the current stops or where it is interrupted, giving him a sense of where things are. Interactions with this current creates a sound that "resonates" back to Peter, and sound waves causes a similar form of interaction.

Weakness: (I'll be filling this out.)

Other: He likes iced coffee.

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PostSubject: Re: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:40 pm

Name: Belle Wise
Age: 10 (aaaawww yeah minimum age)
Sex: Female

Personality: Bella is strangely calm all of the time. She always talks with a relaxed voice and her body language mimics this. Her muscles never seem tense and her eyes have a slight cloud to them that makes it seem like she might not always be 'there'. Belle also doesn't get stressed out or scared by yelling or being inside her cell. She is also extremely respectful. If you are older then her then she will listen to anything you say and will do anything you ask her to. Also, like most other children, Belle loves to talk to other people. She can make a conversation out of almost anything, however this sometimes comes as a bad thing since she doesn't understand when she needs to be quiet. A more hidden portion of Belle's personality is that she is a compulsive hoarder, and if its not nailed down it might eventually make its way into her cell. She also had the tendency to turn things into games, maybe as a way of dealing with fear and stress.  

On rare occasions Belle sometimes falls into tantrums. These are seemingly random, one time she might be able to deal with something but the next time it might set her off. For instance, getting slapped might not seem to effect her while stubbing her toe might cause her to scream and cry.

Description: Despite currently living in a lab, and having experiments done on her, she doesn't seem all that different from a normal child. Belle has a medium-dark skin tone (Or as this chart is telling me “mocha”). She is just barely four feet tall, and stands with a very slight hunch. She is also slightly underweight at 65 pounds. She appears very lanky, with small amounts of newly developing muscle mass, and like most children her legs seem to make up most of her height. Belle has soft facial features; big brown eyes, thin lips and a wide nose. Her teeth are slightly crooked, but she still has a nice smile. Her hair is a very dark brown, although people would just call it black, and is extremely messy and all over the place. It consists of all sorts of random consistencies, some loose curls, some tight curls and some soft and thin straight pieces. Despite this, the messy hair looks good on her.

Belle really hates the orange prison style jumpsuits they are forced to wear. She would have much rather had floral print jumpsuits, or at least a nicer color then orange. Hers barely fits her tiny frame and she often finds herself rolling the sleeves up to her elbows and rolling her pants up to her knees.

Bio: How much of a bio can a ten year old have? Going along with this, Belle also cannot remember much of her past. She may or may not remember her parents dying when she was young (Because who would kidnap a child for experimentation who had people who were looking for her). She might remember moving a lot from house to house, never quite finding her home. All in all, Belle was never given a strong foundation of anything as a kid, except for a strong survival sense, which has lead to her being weak academically. She can do only the simplest reading, writing and mathematics.

Skills: Does being a totally adorable child count as a skill? Hey, getting on peoples good sides is useful in prison. She also is relatively good at running, jumping and climbing, but she is no master of these. Her senses are rather advanced, so I guess you could add 'really good at eavesdropping' to her list of skills.

Fears: Absolutely terrified of needles, this should go without saying. Really anything medical or medical related can get her nervous. This includes being strapped to metal tables. Even having to take medicine scares her. Other then that, she is practically fearless. Heights are no problem to her and even the twisted images and people of the facility do not seem to phase her.

Power: Think: Small, rapid, furry hulk. When Belle is in danger, or if the circumstances call for it, her body undergoes a transformation since her 'fight' is might stronger then her 'flight' drive. This transformation pretty much turns Belle into a beast. Her fingernails and teeth become long and pointed, her back hunches forward as she runs on her four limbs. Her vocalizations become snarls and growls and body becomes stronger and faster. In this form her strength and agility increases. It's extremely hard to calm her down out of this rage, and it usually best to just let herself exhaust herself out of it.

Weakness: (I'll be filling this out.)

Other: Chocolate and sweets are her second biggest weakness.

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PostSubject: Re: Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread   

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Darksol Serum Character Deposit Thread
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