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 .:}{The Fourth Barrier}{:. Character Vault

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PostSubject: .:}{The Fourth Barrier}{:. Character Vault   Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:44 pm


Name: Vipera
Gender: Female

Height: (Great Dragon Form/True Form) Length 787’5”, Body Diameter 12’6” (Draconian Form)5’2”

Weight: (Great Dragon Form/True Form) 177,922lbs. (Draconian Form) 102lbs.

In her Great Dragon Form, Vipera is a Wordsmith of incredible size, although contrary to what her length might lead people to believe, her form is serpentine, and while she is approximately a little over four times the length of the longest creature to ever walk the planet in history, the thickest part of her body is only twelve-and-a-half feet in diameter. However, contrary to what actual measurements may lead people to believe, her true form is much lighter than what would be expected, although this may be due to the use of some power that is passive in nature. These things set aside, Vipera’s Great Dragon form resembles, as the name suggests, a large eastern dragon or serpent in appearance. Lacking wings, flight occurs via levitation, adding to the impression that this form has a magical nature, although any Wordsmith is capable of flight, regardless if they have a mechanism to achieve it or not. It should also be noted that any average character or creature from a story universe that approaches Vipera in this form will find their hair standing on end, as though they were affected by static electricity. Men will also sense the air near Vipera grow very arid and dry, while women as they approach will feel as though the air is damp and humid; these inconsistencies are attributed to Vipera’s eldritch nature as a Wordsmith.

Vipera’s Grand Dragon form is extremely long, reaching a length of 787’5”, and possesses eight legs, which are arranged on the body in such a way that they seem to form two clusters, creating the impression of four forelimbs and four hind limbs. Each leg is short, stocky, and arm-like, but is large enough to comfortably support the body. There are a total of five digits on each limb, which are long like fingers, and tipped with claws, which splay out like a regular reptile’s. Unlike typical eastern dragons, Vipera’s form does not have any tail tuft, fur, or spines running down her back, emphasizing a serpentine appearance over dragon. She also does not have any horns to speak of. She does, however, possess long scaly plates on the backs of her legs that resemble in shape and appearance long fur or feathers. She also possesses extremely sharp fang-like teeth in this form.

Vipera’s skull in appearance is wedge-shaped, and instead of scales, has a more armored-looking appearance. Her lower jaw is a pale grey-violet color, and has small backwards-facing point at the end of the chin, and has scales about the mouth that are sharply pointed upwards, resembling teeth, in addition to a large, pointed bony upward protrusion at the very corners of the mouth, which resembles tusks or fangs of some sort. Small scaly spikes of the same color forming a cluster of six on each side of the face are present at the very base of the jaw. The upper jaw and skull, consisting of one large black plate covering the tip of the nose with a sharp hook that curves over the lower jaw in a slightly beak-like fashion, has four backwards-facing plates behind it of the same color that overlap going towards the back of the face. The final of these plates overlap a scale where the visible parts form a diamond shape, which happens to be a bright neon or lime green color. Two bony fin-like protrusions curve out a short distance from the base of the diamond shape, the same bright green, and curve inward, likes a set of horns. Patches of turquoise-blue scales begin in a small wedge at the nostrils, and move backward to cover the sides of the face, also separating black tooth or fang-like scales on the upper jaw (Larger than those on the lower jaw) from the plates that move down the center of the face, for the most part. The turquoise scales also cover a set of whiskers or tendrils, which curve behind the large tusk-like protrusions at the corners of the mouth. These blue scales also cover long antennae or whisker-like protrusions that begin a distance behind the eyes, and curve upward in a way that also suggests horns, being somewhat stiff in appearance. The eyes themselves are surrounded by ovals of black scales, which begin at the innermost corner of the eyes, and move backwards to form markings that give the eyes more expression and contrast. Behind the patch of blue, which ends by moving down from where the upper antennae are to meet with the spikes on the lower jaw, there is another lime green bony horn-like protrusion which curves slightly upward. Behind these facial features is a set of three long black fin-like frills that form a kind of mane, with oddly-numbered bones or ridges supporting them, centered on ones that are in the middle of the back. The first set of frills has only three ridges, the second has five, and the third has seven. After these frills, the body is long and serpentine, with regular smooth scales.

The scales on Vipera’s serpent-like body in Grand Dragon Form are large because her body itself is large in size. In shape, the scales are smooth ovals, and their general color is pure black, like much of her face. The plates on her belly begin as the same grey-violet as her lower jaw, before suddenly lapsing into detailed markings. These markings feature a darker sapphire-blue base, mottled with small lighter spots the same turquoise blue as what is on her face, forming a pattern. Near the edge of the scaled plates on the belly, a wavy pattern of the same blue of the spots forms borders, and then creates a faintly box-like pattern, separating patches of bright blood-red, which fuse together closer towards the head; these markings taper off towards the center of the belly, and end between the second pair of legs.

Beginning after the second pair of legs, a patch of brightly-colored scales contrasts strikingly with the regular pure-black scales, appearing to glow. This patch of color runs down the middle of her back and ends a little bit past the final pair of legs, tapering off on the base of the tail. The patch begins a bright blood red, before transitioning into a sort of sunset orange color. This color along the length of her body gradually transitions into a pleasant shade of yellow, and at the very end of the patch of color, around the very edge, there is a faint transition into a pale shade of green.

In her Grand Dragon Form, Vipera is surrounded by a glowing wisp-like aura that shifts in color from a pale blue to an equally soft shade of violet, and it is strongly concentrated running down the middle of her back and along the spines on her legs, almost resembling silk-like hair, although it is not solid, and is merely a physical manifestation of power. Vipera’s eyes in this form lack eyelids and are solid in color from a distance, and highly iridescent, comparable to the eyes of insects or even mirrored sunglasses. In color, her eyes are a bright shade of blood red, but depending on the angle, can have an orange, gold, or even pink iridescence. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that this is merely a result of the huge scale that naturally covers a reptile’s eye, and that Vipera has regular eye-like features underneath the scales, which is almost like a polarized lens. Vipera’s iris color is not discernible past the scales, but the pupil itself is black and keyhole-shaped, similar to a vine snake. Vipera’s eyes in this form are said to glow strikingly in the dark, along with her aura. Her markings, which are naturally very bright, also have the illusion of glowing.

When not fighting, Vipera takes on a much smaller Draconian form, which has a height and weight similar to a human female, and it resembles a human-dragon hybrid in appearance. Standing at a rather-short 5’2”, and weighing only 102lbs. she is very light, and in this form might be underestimated because of her appearance, although it is still considered imposing to most regular human characters. Vipera has an oval-shaped face with human-like features, but her nose is extremely flat with a straight bridge, and her ears are pointed, giving her face a strongly feline appearance. Her brow ridge is straight instead of curved or arched, strengthening a cat-like gaze. Her face has somewhat more defined cheekbones, but is not considered sharp or angular. She possesses human-like teeth in this form, but the canine teeth are long and much sharper than what is considered normal. The iridescent scales over her eyes disappear in this form, and she possesses eyelids, revealing her eyes to be a striking lime green color with mottled different shades throughout, which grows to a bright yellowish tinge around the pupil, which retains a keyhole shape.
Her skin is scaly, like reptiles, and is pure black in color. It appears to feature the same markings on her body as in her Grand Dragon form, but the markings on her face are not present, instead there is a patch of pale grey-violet forming a line where her throat connects to her jaw. She retains the frills on the back of her head, which resemble a crown of sorts in this form. Unlike her Grand Dragon form, Vipera’s Draconian form possesses large bat-like scaly wings that sprout out behind the shoulders, which are armed with five-toed claws that are sometimes used in place of her hands. She also possesses a long reptilian tail that begins thick at the base, but tapers off in a whip-like fashion.

Vipera wears clothing in her Dracosian form, which features a halter-neck top that is ruffled and black in color. It is shoulder-less, but is held on her body by a band that wraps around the neck, emphasizing its length, and blending with the skin color. Vipera also wears dress slacks in this form, which are ruffled and give the faint illusion of a long dress, without hindering movement. This dress, being held on only by the halter neck, is backless, allowing people to see the bright colorful patch of scales on Vipera’s back, which ends at the back of the torso in this form. Vipera does not wear shoes, allowing people to see her sharp, pointed nails akin to claws.

Vipera is known for having lots of ideas, and a creative mind that makes her capable of doing things that others are otherwise unable to. This creativity manifests in many of her drawings and artistic designs, and any other projects that she might decide to start. Although she is capable of many different artistic styles, she does not lay claim to having any sort of formal education in it, and holds strongly to the belief that you cannot force someone to be creative in an aspect they don’t care for. More often than not, Vipera has her own style and dislikes being told what to design, preferring to have complete freedom in her work. Her drawings and various projects are just a few of the many forms of self-expression she uses, but they also serve as creative outlets, which prevent Vipera from having meltdowns due to anxiety, which she seems to suffer from whenever she has nothing to do.

Vipera’s fondness of creating stories was born out of her fondness of reading, watching, or listening to them. She has a tendency to like almost any kind of protagonist if she finds that they have positive traits, but likewise, she doesn’t like characters that behave in an unrealistic manner, or ones that have flat, transparent personalities. The more emotional and realistic characters are in behavior, the more attached Vipera feels towards them, and because she has strived to achieve this sort of quality in her own characters, she naturally feels attached to each character she herself makes in a story. Often, she is highly reluctant to kill her characters in the course of a story, for this main reason, although if she plans on intentionally killing them in the future, it does not seem to bother her in the slightest, due to her ability to be detached on an emotional level when she needs to. Most stories that Vipera writes have happy endings, mostly because she prefers stories that lead to the reader feeling a sense of joy after finishing them.
When managing stories, Vipera tends to create extremely complex, detailed plots that most other Wordsmiths will generally take some level of interest in. She has also, however, adopted the belief that when writing a story, it should be capable of moving forward, regardless if one person ceases to participate. Most stories Vipera writes already have a vague concept of the ending in mind, before they are even mentioned to others.

Vipera’s main abilities are linked to the weather and lightning. Like any Wordsmith, she is an eldritch being of extreme power capable of behaving independently of all the laws in the universe of the story she creates. She is capable of defying gravity, breathing in the vacuum of space, and can perform a wide variety of goddess-like feats, even raising the dead. These abilities, though, are almost the same as the Yggsshaa, and because of this, most of these powers cancel out one another, and because using them could dramatically alter a good story, she seldom does unless it is to correct problems that were made by the Yggsshaa themselves.

Abilities that Vipera uses that are considered unique to her, consist of the power to breathe a jet of plasma—that is to say, she can fire bolts of lightning from her mouth, which can generally kill most small things, and harm as well as temporarily stun something much larger, leaving burn marks and lasting pain throughout the body. This plasma is considered akin to fire, and it can sometimes be hot enough to melt steel. Being proficient with her abilities, Vipera can also cloak herself in plasma as a form of defense, and can also use this ‘lighting coat’ in an offensive manner, being capable of ramming into foes and badly shocking them. Vipera’s powers extend into the weather, allowing her to form weather systems that defy the regular patterns. Vipera generally uses this ability to hide herself inside of storm clouds that are filled with lightning, and traditionally attempts to lure opponents into them, so that she can attack while unseen from multiple directions. Vipera can also channel electricity into her claws or tail, in order to add an extra punch to physical blows. Her sharp teeth, claws, and muscular body are also worth noting, as her bite is very strong and is capable of ripping through flesh, much like her claws, and she is long enough to sometimes constrict foes. She is also much faster than her appearance would believe, and her serpentine shape makes her capable of evasive moves.

Vipera is generally very weak when faced with opponents or Yggsshaa who have thick, armored hides, or bodies that don’t conduct electricity, since they nullify a large amount of the damage her abilities could cause, as they appear to follow the same laws as Wordsmiths, and are therefore like the same creatures. She is also not very good when she is faced with earth-like elements, and she can be rapidly put on the defensive if she is given no room to move or a place to hide. Likewise, without her electricity, she is likely to be injured, as her scales are not like armor, and much of the reason she cannot be harmed is usually because she simply does not behave as a part of the universe she is in. In addition, any creatures that happen to have very strong eyesight can see through her storm clouds, and typically find her, rendering her camouflage useless.

Other: Measurements of the true form were carefully calculated, but the weight may be inaccurate. It was difficult to grasp as a concept, and the weight is achieved via calculating the volume of the body with a number that is twice the density of goose feathers. Forgive any mistakes regarding this, and be aware that if too much weight is present realistically, Wordsmith power can nullify a large amount of  weight.

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PostSubject: Re: .:}{The Fourth Barrier}{:. Character Vault   Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:15 pm


Name: Hell's Operator

Gender: Male

Height: 181.6 Meters (est)

Weight: 6,750 Long Tons (est)

Op (as the other Wordsmiths call him) is an absolute titan of a monster. He looks like something that crawled right out of a child's nightmare and could be confused with a Yggsshaa himself. He is a monster of epic proportions. Like an arthropod crossed with a demon centaur. He bears eight limbs. Six of which are like that of a demonic crab's. The other two limbs are more human like, although it's a far cry from normal. The most forward limbs are used more for grasping or grappling, and have three fingers that each end in huge sickle claws. All of his limbs are heavily armored, like most of his body. Going farther up his being, at about the shoulder blade area are two humongous bat like wings. Each wing being over five hundred feet long. These wings are, much like an insects, retractable and can fold very neatly into his back. Op's head is quite an interesting anomaly on it's own, as it's elongated like that of a crocodiles. However, instead of being like a crocodilian's, the top jaw splits in half, making the creature have three jaws. Op actually lacks teeth, instead his jaws have a sharp bony plating much like that of a Dunkleosteus. Behind his six main locomotion legs is a long armored tail that splits into two separate tails (kinda like a silverfish) that are very long and whip like. This monster form is colored deep black with blood red joint scales. Wherever there are cracks in the armor (whether they be from injury or just natural cracks) a yellow glow emits from them.

In essence, he's a lot like this.

However, that is his monster form.

Like his fellow Wordsmith, Vipera, he also has a more human form. This human form takes the shape of a devilishly handsome man in his early thirties. He's got the kind of looks Christian Bale does. He tends to use this form only when he cant use his normal form, which is just about any time you cant fit something of that size comfortably, which is just about any time he's not in combat. There's not too much I can say about this form because really, he appears just like a mortal like this. He just has a handsomeness to him that has a fishy feeling to it. He tends to be the kind of person to blend in the crowd unless you're looking for him. Wearing a black suite and a red undershirt. He looks like a mafia boss of some kind. He tends to not affiliate himself with most mortal affairs, but damn do they make some good food.

Op's the kind of guy who will make a deal with you and screw you over if he can. If you say something stupid he will make sure you know you said something stupid. He is 'that sarcastic asshole' in the group. But you cant really get rid of him for a reason other than "You dont like him" because most of the time he's right and his logic is sound in most of the decisions he makes. He can be very funny, but he tends to have dark humor to him, and sometimes he'll make a joke that's at someone else's expense. Overall, if he sees you doing something he finds to be wrong or dumb, or thoughtless, he will call you for it. I'll flesh him out more in IC because I tend to be bad at using words to describe things like this. Plus I ran out of inspiration halfway through the appearance area and it's probably showing in here. (I do appearances and personalities last).

In terms of strengths, even for a Wordsmith he is tough. He has an incredibly thick carapace that covers his body and joints have a more scaly setup. He is one of the most physically strong Wordsmiths around when facing a Yggsshaa in hand to hand combat. He lacks a breath based attack (like a beam or anything) instead having the ability to fill his claws and the whips of his tails with a red energy. This energy allows these weapons to heat up and cut through just about anything. He is able to move very fast on land, but can only do so by retracting his wings and curling up into a ball (much like how Anguirus or a Wood loud does. If you want a better idea just watch the video of how Turbo did it in Wreck-it Ralph). In this position he becomes a spiky pinball of death.

Weaknesses: He's literally so big he's restricted to the water, or heavily uninhabited areas due to being an occupational hazard by just BEING there. If he wasnt a Wordsmith, he would be a natural disaster akin to that of a category five hurricane. So, because he is such a danger to everything around him, he is usually required to fight in places that are huge and spacious like an Ocean or the freaking African Savannah (or maybe one huge uninhabited forest area or something. If he is forced to fight in a city, it can be extremely dangerous for all of it's inhabitants as he will quite literally not fit in most of the roads or huge intersections as they show in movies like Pacific Rim (like when Gypsy Danger was fighting Otachi). He cannot transform to his monster form outside of his pocket realm. He has to come into the neutral realm already in his monster form. He can however transform into his human form within the neutral realm. He just cant switch back to the monster form.


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PostSubject: Re: .:}{The Fourth Barrier}{:. Character Vault   Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:15 pm


Gender: Male

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 130 lbs

Appearance: Maxx appears as an adult male human of average height and build. He has particularly long arms and narrow shoulders. His legs are quite long as well, making him look taller than he actually is. He has large, heavily calloused hands from working with metal. He has a long face, with a strong jawline shrouded in a thick brown beard. The thick full beard covers most of the lower half of his face, and includes a mustache. Maxx has a large, romanesque nose, and light blue eyes. One of his eyes is slightly bigger than the others, making him always look slightly quizzical. He has bushy brown eyebrows that make him look slightly rough. Maxx’s hair is dark brown like his beard, and is long, coming down to about halfway down his neck. It is combed back and kept that way with hair gel, as Maxx absolutely abhors having hair in his face. He wears a pair of round, bronze-framed glasses. On the left eyepiece is a silver clip-on monocle (I will upload a drawing of this eventually, but I don’t have time to draw it right now). He is never seen without this monocle, and it’s questionable whether or not he ever takes it off.

Maxx’s style is extravagant and eccentric, much like he is. He wears a white button-down collared shirt with brown pinstripe, a pair of brown trousers, a brown suit vest with forest green pinstripes, a forest green tie tucked into the vest, and a forest green trench coat that matches the pinstripe on the vest perfectly. On his head, he wears a forest green stove pipe hat with a brown trim (I think that’s what it’s called). On his feet, he wears a pair of brown penny loafers. The inside of the trench coat contains several pockets that Maxx uses for storing small things like keys, tools, or wallets. The pockets appear to be about two times larger on the inside than they are on the outside, and never bulge. There is a pocket in his vest that contains a brass fob watch on a chain, the chain of which sticks out of the pocket. Occasionally, Maxx smokes a brass pipe. He wears a pair of modern-looking gloves on his hands that are grey with blue highlights.

Personality: As all real personalities are, Maxx is extremely complicated and so this section is going to be reeeeeeeeeally long to encompass his personality. On a base level, Maxx is a speculative guy. He is very curious about things and enjoys learning. He is easily bored and even more easily distracted, making it hard for him to learn in a conventional way (ie, in a classroom). He learns better through media like videos or through lectures lacking a lecturer with a monotone voice. His borderline ADHD also makes him rather absentminded, and, from many people’s perspectives, lazy. He often spends more time socializing and playing than he does working, although when he finally does begin to work, he has a near-unbreakable focus. He can easily become irritated as well. He hates being in large crowds a lot of the time, especially when people are shoved in so tightly that they’re bumping up against him. If there was a phobia of people constantly bumping up against you and/or climbing on you, he has it. He is often annoyed by small children because of this, as their energy level and capacity to quarrel very easily aggravates him. He often has a kind of defeatist attitude, and can very easily rage quit from an activity if he is not good enough at it. When he is enraged, it is wise to simply leave Maxx alone and let him get it out, for, just as the weather in London changes every five minutes, so does Maxx’s demeanor. He kicks himself often, berating himself for doing stupid or amoral things. When he does this, he often reminds himself of his past failures torturously, to the point that he is occasionally reduced to tears by it. Though Maxx is quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive, and people who wrong him are often forgiven easily. Most of the time, Maxx is content or happy, and when he is in this state, he is pleasant to deal with. He has a sarcastic, situational sense of humor that some find amusing and others find annoying and unamusing. He is terrible at telling normal jokes, and most of his funny stories fall flat. He has little in the way of social skills, and often comes off as brash towards people he has just met, making it hard for him to make friends with people.

From a morality point of view, Maxx is a McCoy, making him emotional and humanistic (direct quote from TvTropes there). Basically, he doesn’t want to do what is ethical or what is required; he wants to do what he feels is right, and often doing this can lead him into very dangerous situations. In his opinion, the needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few; everyone’s needs are equal. Ideas like the “Greater Good” are completely lost to Maxx, and seem to him to be exceptionally cruel. He will not go with a plan that he knows will intentionally cause loss of life (though he begrudgingly deals with collateral damage). He will fight for his beliefs and refuses to compromise them, making him both noble and stubborn. A major character trait of Maxx is his incredible capacity for mercy. He is quick to forgive those who have wronged him, though rarely forgets what they’ve done. His mercy makes him soft in some ways, as it, combined with his morality, prevents him from doing overly bad things to others. It is very unlike him to pursue revenge or hold a grudge, though he has tried to before. Because of his morality, Maxx believes that humans are more capable of greatness than even they believe, and, though he is very hesitant to mess with the story, pushes them indirectly to design better technology. He hopes to one day push them to develop the technology they could use to fend for themselves against the alien menace, though he knows this is improbable.

Maxx’s interests include art, engineering, and literature. He has an enormous library in his pocket world, and has collected a fair amount of paintings from around the world, most of which are included in his art gallery. On the walls of his workshop hang several original sketches of da Vinci's inventions. Da Vinci is Maxx’s favorite human artist. He also greatly enjoys the art of engineering and architecture, often visiting the construction sites of various buildings. He is alleged to have “dropped a few hints” to architects over the years, and could quite possibly have inspired the support system of the Burj Khalifa, though he’d never admit it because there are rules against such things. Maxx’s interest in music is wide and varied. He listens to everything from Mozart to Skrillex to U2. He enjoys mixes of new and old musical styles, such as the art of Lindsey Stirling. When working, he normally listens to electronic music, as it helps him to focus. He enjoys both reading and writing, and likes flowing descriptive passages, such as in the works of O Henry and Fitzgerald. His hobbies commonly include building things and writing poetry, though the latter he rarely shares. He has tried his hand at art before, but he is such a perfectionist that he was unable to paint anything good (this is actually a MAJOR trait that will be important with his power). He enjoys playing a good game of chess, and is always down for a few hands of Texas Hold ‘em or Blackjack, though he is admittedly not very good, as he often wears his heart on his sleeve and shows emotion easily. He has taken a great liking to clockwork, and when he’s bored often creates little clockwork toys to give out to children.

Abilities/Strengths: Maxx has the ability to design and create any piece of machinery that he can imagine. Given an endless amount of time and energy, Maxx could in theory build anything he wanted, from a spaceship to a bridge to a gigantic robot. Basically, when Maxx wants to create a machine, he thinks up a design, and his monocle projects a 3D schematic hologram in front of him, which can be interacted with by Maxx using his gloves. He is able to use the gloves to rotate the schematic however he’d like to. Then, Maxx uses his powers to synthesize the individual parts. He doesn’t quite understand it, but he can somehow convert energy into materials, thus allowing him to spontaneously create machine parts. Once the parts are in place, Maxx uses a thin laser in his monocle to weld the pieces together, thus creating the device. The laser can also be used to carve designs as well. Technically, Maxx doesn’t HAVE to use the monocle to create things, but it makes them easier to build, as Maxx is a perfectionist and if he doesn’t see exactly what he’s thinking, he often becomes dissatisfied with what he makes and scraps it. All of Maxx’s inventions are fueled by custom-made hydrogen fuel cells, making it so that they almost never run out of energy (unless the fuel cell is damaged, of course). All of Maxx’s inventions are made in such a way that humans cannot operate them (though they can touch them). All of Maxx’s inventions are also equipped with a black box, a spherical gold-colored object that records everything that happens to the device prior to its destruction. Some larger inventions (like Maxx’s mechs) have a supercomputer in their black box that analyzes how the device was destroyed and gives suggestions of how to build the device better.

When Maxx fights the Yyggsshhaa (screw spelling), he uses a 150 foot-tall mech that looks like this. It weighs 250 tons, and is made of a combination of carbon fiber and a lightweight titanium alloy the strength of graphene. The machine can lift immense amounts of weight, and is both heatproof and bulletproof, making it quite hard to penetrate (but not impossible, of course). It comes equipped with a heavy machine gun, a plasma cannon, a flamethrower, a missile launcher, and rocket boosters that allow it to fly at speeds of 200 mph. For hand-to-hand combat, the mech contains a retractable wrist blade in its left arm. The mech can fire spherical missiles from a device located in its shoulders that can track heat signatures and stick on contact (they’re heat-seeking, so they can be tricked).

Weaknesses: Well firstly, building takes time and energy. Maxx can’t just snap his fingers and build a giant robot. He has to assemble each individual piece and then attach them, which takes time. It took him a week to build his mech the first time. In addition to this, making machinery requires energy. Maxx’s abilities convert energy into matter, meaning that he needs energy to create matter. Some small things like human-sized weapons or single machine parts require a small enough amount of energy that Maxx can manage it by himself, but without touching an object that generates electricity, Maxx cannot create big things. In some cases, it becomes completely impossible for Maxx to build certain things in the real world, like his mech, as they require amounts of energy that are so massive, they cannot be realistically absorbed on Earth. The mech, for example, required an energy yield equal to the combined output of five nuclear reactors (that’s a buttload of energy). Now in his pocket realm, Maxx has a generator that emits limitless energy, allowing him to have as much energy as he desires, but Maxx cannot create large objects on Earth. Welding together objects without using the monocle is possible, but requires energy just like building. Another flaw in Maxx is his perfectionism. Maxx uses the monocle because it projects his exact thoughts into a schematic, so he can literally see what he is trying to design in front of him. Maxx *can* design without this, but it gets much harder for him, as he can’t see what he’s thinking and thus comes up with something that he doesn’t like or that doesn’t work right. Also (this is kinda obvious, but I’ll still mention it) Maxx needs to know exactly how to design every piece of machinery he makes. He needs to know the location of every nut, bolt, and motherboard in the device he’s trying to make. If he puts anything out of place, the device won’t work.

Other: Eeeg-shaw

"How strange it is to be anything at all." -In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel

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Jessie Ackerman
General Information

Name: Jessie Ackerman
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 124lbs.

Physical Appearance: Jessie, in appearance, is neither tall, nor does he look as old as his real age. He should not, however, ever be seen as weak, for while he has a leaner frame, he possesses a large amount of athletic muscle, which comes from constant physical activity that is largely considered taxing by most. With somewhat darker olive skin, he stands out somewhat from most people who come from where he lives, where the normal skin tone is ghostly pale. He is notably covered in various scars, which can only be attributed to accident or fight-related injuries, as the place where he lives is highly dangerous. His hands are likewise heavily calloused, suggesting he does a large amount of physical work.
Jessie’s face has a round shape, and he possesses somewhat softer features than most boys, although his deep-set eyes give him a more masculine appearance. His short-cut hair is highly messy in appearance, and is parted on the left side. His round eyes are a very dark shade of brown, and he has a small, yet characteristic scar on the left side of his face on his chin, just above where there is a shadow suggesting shaved facial hair.

Attire: Jessie, as an inhabitant of the Clods, is typically grimy in appearance, due to most clean water being used for drinking, versus bathing. Since clothing isn’t something people can afford to be choosy about, he wears a sleeveless tan-colored shirt which is badly faded and stained. He wears a pair of plain jeans, which are like Jessie’s shirt stained, faded, and worn. Jessie does not possess any shoes, but generally wraps rags around his feet to provide some form of protection.

Personal Information

Innate Personality: Jessie is a strongly ambitious person, who, regardless of distractions, is capable of keeping sight of his larger goals in mind. Because he is fiercely determined, and does not like to be deterred from his ultimate objective, he will often attempt to do things that others would not. These traits in Jessie’s personality have led to people seeing him as either reckless or foolish, although Jessie’s stubborn refusal to back down from obstacles in his path have often led him to succeed where most others have failed. He may also be disliked because his strong willpower and clear goals are typically seen as unnerving or frightening to others, who may lack ambition as strong as his, or who become easily distracted by small things, and lose sight of their goals. Jessie does not regard these people with scorn, however, and despite the numerous scars on his body branding him as a fighter, most of the injuries that caused his scars were the results of fighting bullies or petty thieves that were hurting other people.

Jessie has a strong sense of morality and compassion, despite the typical view of the Clods being a place filled with nothing but criminals. He is tolerant towards those who tease or degrade him or those around him, and he is also understanding of thieves, but he heavily dislikes people who injure or harm others intentionally. Although he is generally inclined to be nice to everyone, he won’t hesitate to attack a thief or bully and punish them for whatever ill deeds they commit. He is not murderous, however, and he does not hold any sort of strong personal grudge, but he is still capable of becoming furious if others are wrongfully treated.

Having what seems to be instinctive skill in battle, Jessie proves to be a natural when faced with a combat situation. He is capable of defeating foes larger than him often outright because he does not appear to fear conflict, and will generally take more risks that catch his opponent off-guard. His refusal to back down often puts him at a greater risk of injury, but a human opponent is often not able to defeat him when he refuses to hesitate.

Outward Personality: Jessie is oddly optimistic, taking into consideration that he lives in a rather lousy place, on the very outskirts of the Clods, where the ground is being expanded, and is therefore more likely to be damp, and patrolled by drones. Because of some fault in the programming, drones are much more likely to attack people even if they aren’t doing anything wrong if they are found to be near construction zones. Because people are often afraid of the drones, most members of the Clods never attempt to venture out to areas where construction is being performed, although Jessie does so under a regular basis. His natural appearance strikes people as odd, because his heritage results in an olive skin tone, which is rare in a place where lack of sunlight has resulted in a large number of residents growing ghostly-pale. Jessie is also much more tanned, even compared to other people with the same skin color, mostly because however little he receives, he is daring enough to venture far enough to receive sun, instead of artificial light.

Jessie is characterized by the fact that despite his intelligence, he often behaves in a manner that is seen as stupid or idiotic. He has little understanding of most forms of technology, although he is very street-smart and can easily slip past people unseen if he wishes to do so. Because he understands nothing past perhaps changing a light-bulb, and has no idea how robots or any other system works, and shows what seems to be no desire at all to learn, people are often irritated by his lack of interest. Whatever he is taught seems to slip his mind shortly afterwards, and it is possible he is easily distracted by something else. Jessie does not understand things in scientific terms, although he has enough understanding in an abstract manner to use the knowledge properly. It is possible that he merely learns via experience, and is unable to retain knowledge merely by listening or watching someone else.

Cheerful and overall a friendly person, Jessie tends to like most people, even thieves, although he is prone to anger when someone is harmed. He has been known for his strong desire to find out who is controlling the drones in the Clods, and possibly trying to make it so that people can leave them.

Biography: You’ll find out later…


Skills/Talents: In regards to skill, Jessie has many talents that he never actively recognizes as such. Via experience, he has learned how to elude the detection of cameras, mainly because of his many excursions through construction zones in the Clods. By examining the movements of security drones, he is able to recognize the scope of their vision, and stay outside of it. He is also aware of how sounds may or may not draw their attention. These skills make Jesse very skilled at eluding any sort of surveillance, whether it is mechanical, or a human guard. He additionally has skills regarding first aid and other measures regarding medical treatment, which is often critical to survival in the Clods for someone who frequently becomes injured.

Combat Strategy/Technique: Jessie has relatively simple combat skills. He often evades attacks and stays at the edge of a person’s vision, which not only keeps opponents in a state of confusion, but also causes them to keep moving in directions that may leave an opening. Because Jessie does not readily back down from conflict, his head-on approach catches most human opponents off-guard, because he is not easily deterred by any sort of threats a person may make. This often makes Jessie more like to be injured, but most attackers do not expect their victims to fight back.

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