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 Cracking Heart

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Cracking Heart

The woman grasped her heart as her husband had just been buried. An aching sorrow filled her. Tears of grief strolled down her face as her heart began to crack with misery. Nothing more that misery…
It seemed as though her world had come to an end—an apocalypse of love had occurred and her feelings were shattered and the pieces, flushed away by despair. Without children her life was empty, her husband was gone and she was left with nothing. The entire house was filled with his books and his possessions, every time she turned around she spilled out her heart into tears. Everything reminded her of him, how funny and handsome he was… now all of that had been destroyed. Ever last memory, blown away like wet smoke.
The rains of desolation showered her so heavily. Her life was done, she had no more. She was a widow, a husbandless weakling. She felt as if the life from her had drained, but even so, some was left—enough to let her suffer, why wouldn’t nature just kill her now?
She screamed with sorrow and sadness and decay. Her heart cracked with anguish and melancholy. Her mind was stabbed by the monster of depression. No matter how much she cried, she couldn’t forget him. She wondered if it was possible for a human to cry so much. Her tear floodgates had busted open—exploded and rushed. The waters of sadness rushed down the landscape that was her face. Ever last tear was filled with pain, sorrow, grief, and all of these things.
Then a pain hit her heart, this one was literal and actually hurt. The woman gave a scream of pain as the floorboards below her creaked. It seemed as though her sorrow was putting an end to her. Her heart began to spill out a million more tears, jolts of pain pounded at the woman’s chest. What did this mean? Was she going to die? Was she dying from a broken heart? She hoped it would be so, she hoped to join her husband. She had no love greater at this point in time.
Then another jolt of pain shot her in the chest, a red, red liquid began to pour from her lips… blood, slithering blood… It came from her mouth, it poured down her chin and to the floor. Another shock of pain, two more after that, she felt as though she was ending, no life after that…
Her grave would be soon, she hoped so for that. She wished to be buried next to her husband and be with him at last. No love, no love was great than theirs. She wanted to join him, but what would it take for that?
More pain flooded her heart, it began to crack and bleed. Blood burst from her mouth and everywhere in the room. She held her chest to stop the pain. She wanted her husband back with her, but she didn’t want this kind of death. This was painful and slow and it hurt her chest. Her heart was bleeding and cracking and dying.
Then with surprise the floorboards lashed open directly in front of her. A monsterous creature came out with great darkness. It was death, and death was ready. Death wore a cloak of pure nightfall and his skin was like that of Halloween costume—grayish black and thick like ash. His eyes were like that of a snake and the rest of his face was gone. His body was skinny and frail like a skeleton. He had no legs and he had four arms, his claws were long and black and thick and dark. He took his arms and reached out for the woman, he grabbed her and pulled her down into the floor. He took her way down and down, her grave was ready and now she’d be dead.
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Cracking Heart
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