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 War, Inc.

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PostSubject: War, Inc.   Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:53 am

The man sat at the bar, head against the table. But he wasn't there to drink. He was there for work. He was a mercenary, one of many who began working for the major corporations after Triton started the resource war by pioneering interstellar travel. No government could control many planets, so that burden fell to the corporations. Eventually, corporations grew into their own "super-governments". Traveling to verdant alien worlds and leaving nothing but dust and rock. Abducting strange and hostile creatures. These massive companies were all separate. They hired mercenaries for their battles. Mergers became the new peace treaties.

First came Triton Inc., with its allure of the "Futuristic" technologies. When they had done things like androids, and space travel, the novelty dried up. Their tech and androids live on.

Androids, you see, are not just machines. They are human-like, formed from artificial DNA to be the perfect soldiers. Fast Cytogenesis. Quick reflexes. Unaging. Their blood is white. They need to eat and drink. They feel human emotions, although it is in their nature not to grow romantically attached.

Next came Tempest Arms Company, pioneers of the Hunter's Eye. The Hunter's Eye is a cybernetic implant which goes over the user's non-dominant eye, so it can be used in conjunction with a weapon. It has four basic vision modes, as well as a zoom function. These modes are shown on the single LED at the center of the eye, which glows White, Red, Purple, and Green for Normal, Thermal, Tracking, and Bio vision. Bio vision shows a 3-dimensional map of every organic creature's organs and blood vessels, and is a favorite of sharpshooters.

As well, one can buy the trajectory mod overlay for their Hunter's Eye, which shows the trajectory of projectiles and moving objects. This coupled with bio vision has led to a more cover-based war.

The eye takes the shape of almost a sunglass lens of black plastic, bolted over the eye at 8 points: the corners and the middle of each side. It is directly linked to the brain, enabling users to deliver commands telepathically to it.

Most androids already have the benefits of a Hunter's Eye implanted directly in their eyes. Most humans are unwilling to stick some microchip in their eyes, but the androids enjoyed the risk.

Next came Xenotech industries, devoted entirely to engineering animal weapons with genetic technologies.

Yersinia Incorporated focuses on biological and chemical weapons, and has created several weapons capable of destroying the biosphere of a whole planet. It keeps these hidden away, and mainly makes ammunition loaded with fast-acting diseases and chemicals.

With the speed at which space travel is possible, each corporation tears through space mining planets wantonly. Many planets are little more than dead Swiss-cheese rocks after a corporation is finished. Resources are regarded as key, so ground wars are waged for control of high-yield planets.

All of these corporations leave traps and surprises at their abandoned bases, to protect any forgotten data. Pirate clans set up shop in these bases, and sell amazing secrets. Or kill people.

This is where you come in. You are a small-time mercenary, and you work for the highest bidder.

Some things
This is most likely going to run on a single-conflict basis, although wins over time for a single corporation may sway the overall experience. I may hold votes on what type of planet the next battle takes place on.

No autocritting or auto killing.
The battlefield is going to be sniper-prioritized.
Androids ARE nigh immortal.
If I see a character under 24 I will personally kill them in my own twisted DM ways.
You're a soldier. There isn't any TIME for sex.
Interpersonal conflict is advised.

Race: (Human or Synth)
Hunter's Eye: Yes/No
Combat Role:
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War, Inc.
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