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 Exoskeleton Character Sheets

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Exoskeleton Character Sheets Empty
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These are all the approved characters of Exoskeleton and the users they belong to:

Tyrantlizardking (Yours Truly):

Name: Katelyn "Katie" Marshalls

Age: 17

Sex: Female

City of Origin: Katelyn comes from the town of Passion

Personality: Katelyn has a very weak resolve, and is emotionally unstable. However, her work ethic and patience is very good as you would expect from a farmer. She knows her way around agriculture. However, she breaks down easily and suffers from social anxiety. She would probably go into shock much faster than some of the other candidates.

Appearance: Katelyn is attractive, but by no means stunning. She has her dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail most of the time. Due to being into farming, her skin is a bit more tan than some of the other residents of the underground. She has a few freckles sprinkled across her face and a small nose and lips. She is thin but strong as 17 year old girls go. She typically wears a red, checkered shirt that is dirty and beat up in combination with jeans. She also brings a brown, cloth poncho with her.

Bio: Katelyn's father died before she was born, and her mother could barely feed her while also suffering from ovarian cancer. Once she was old enough to take care of herself, she decided to help her mother in her dire condition. But she could only delay the inevitable. Her mother passed away when Katelyn was 14. Her only immediate family left was her brother, a 23 year old degenerate who ran off to Trust the first chance he got. Taking his mother's poncho, Katelyn took care of the tomato farm until she was drafted into the "Scavengers".



Name: Doris ‘Mouse’ Moore
Age: 20
Sex: Female

Bio: Doris was born an only child in Passion, where the primary occupation, farming, allowed residents to have food, but otherwise, also plagued them with the constant fear of attacks by scavenging insects. Because of this, from a young age, Doris was trained by her parents to help on their farm by acting as a lookout for danger. Slowly walking around the outskirts of fields, Doris would keep her gaze firmly fixed on her surroundings, noting even the slightest tremors or sounds that might indicate that a centipede or something else was coming to raid the crops or attack workers. Doris’ job, once she had enough suspicion to believe something was coming, was to run to the nearest guard for the farm, and alert everyone to prepare for an attack. Although she never personally fought in any attacks, Doris was excellent at her job, and even under circumstances where extremely dangerous insects appeared, her remarkable ability to stay hidden kept her safe.

Because of the way Doris looked as she scanned her surroundings, like a mouse checking to make sure nothing larger or more dangerous was watching, and the rapid speed at which she would run to alert someone of potential threats, many of those around her began calling her by the nickname ‘Mouse’, which stuck, and Doris has often introduced herself as such. A bit antisocial, and disliking engaging in speech of any sort, Mouse was regarded as a precocious child at best and a selective mute at worst, often only talking to her family and the immediate people she worked with. When not acting as a lookout, Mouse would often gather scraps of information, typically relating to any sort of insect, but also data on reptiles, rodents, and any other creature that had grown to gigantic size and now threatened humans. Although this information was often related to their old, pre-radiation counterparts, Mouse learned that much of their data could still apply to the gigantic creatures that now existed, and incorporated this into her identification techniques.

Mouse is an unfortunate person, as she has been called for a raffle to act as a scavenger for resources not once, but twice in her lifetime. At the age of sixteen, Mouse’s name was called, and even though it was possible for someone else who was also within the eligible age range to take her place, no one, not even close friends, was willing to protect her. In fact, they avoided her, and it was clear that they had decided Mouse would not survive, long before she even left for the surface. When she acted as a scavenger, Mouse was able to return in one piece, but not unscathed.

Barely escaping with her life after an accidental brush with a line of giant ants, and nearly being devoured by an ant lion, Mouse returned, heavily disfigured by scars. In addition to these injuries, Mouse was traumatized, and has also developed an extremely cruel view of humanity as a whole. Despite her normally quiet nature, she is reputed for her scathing remarks towards people who dismiss the dangers faced by scavengers, and was also known for outright antagonism towards those who claimed they would volunteer to go in someone else’s place outside of the real event. In Mouse’s eyes, many people were nothing but talk, and have nothing to back their words.

Becoming a recluse after surviving her first raffle, Mouse continued her job as a farm lookout, but began isolating herself outside of this activity. She continued performing research on insects, as she always had, and, paranoid, also began dressing in the same way that she had concluded would be safest if a giant insect were to appear. She developed a severe case Haphephobia in response to the people initially wishing to see her face and examine scars after she returned, oblivious to the pain she had suffered, and became extremely distressed when anyone approached as if to touch her. She rejected all of her old friends, referring to them as liars and traitors, and spent much of her time never speaking to anyone.

Now, at age twenty, Mouse has been selected once again, and, knowing what kind of world she will now be entering, she has every intention of surviving, regardless of the number of people who have said she will not return.

Personality: Her entire life, Mouse has always been extremely quiet, and never really speaks unless spoken to. In addition, she generally gives off an aura that gives others the impression that she is reluctant to speak, and therefore, few people approach her, or feel comfortable trying to talk to her. This unsettling aspect, along with her choice of dress, may have an adverse effect for those who are curious, however, as some may find her fantastically interesting, which may lead Mouse to the conclusion that those who ask her questions are naïve and not meant for scavenging in the wastelands.

Clever, generally calm, and being unaffected by horrible sights such as predators killing or feeding on their prey, she is not squeamish about scavenging her own food from fresh carcasses left out in the sun, but seems to have an intense fear of the blood and bodily fluids of other human beings. Although she has been wounded and hurt in the past, she seems to have a more intense fear of contracting illness, and also dislikes any human touching her on any part of her body, even her hands, regardless if it is bare skin or through clothing, a strong indicator that she suffers from Haphephobia. Whenever injured, she treats her own wounds, and behaves in a threatening manner towards anyone who gets close, hating the idea of being touched for any reason. She prefers to flee to some dark, hidden place to recover, safe from predators and other people.

Reclusive, yet patient, she prefers to avoid the presence of others in most situations, due to the possibility of them endangering her own safety, but at the same time, has a tendency to quickly grow to like most people, as she often sees the best in them, even if she doesn’t want to and tries to focus on their faults or shortcomings. She tries to avoid first encounters or conversations with other scavengers, as she fears that she may feel compelled to assist someone if she grows attached. Worst of all about this aspect of herself, is that she always seems to like the people that are the most likely to get themselves killed (the naïve ones that ask questions, and the first-timers), and feels like she has to stay near them to keep them safe. Although she’s considerably skilled with just her pocket-knife, a good-quality blade approximately four inches in length, she doesn’t enjoy having to fight, and prefers to take precautions so as to go unnoticed by the dangerous beasts that roam the desert, some of which are too heavily-armored to even be harmed by her weapon.

Appearance: Due to the disfiguring scarring of her body that resulted from her near-death encounters in her previous visit to the surface, as well as the fact that humans don’t blend well with the surrounding environment, Mouse wears clothing that covers as much of her body as possible, both for the sake of hiding her past injuries, and keeping her safe from the compound eyes of certain mutant predators. Her clothing largely seems to resemble that of someone residing in the Sahara Desert, only with a different color choice.

Mouse wears a tan-grey-colored tagelmust (A type of headscarf) made from a rough fabric that winds around her head and covers most of her features, including the lower half of her face, leaving only her eyes and the surrounding skin visible. The garment covers her neck, and a taper like a scarf that would have normally trailed down her front is hacked off and sewn, to prevent it from fluttering in the wind or unraveling. She wears a rough shirt made from burlap-like fabric with long sleeves that is only slightly paler than the cloth worn over her head, and near identical in color. The sleeves, which drape down, cover her wrists and the lower part of her hands. On her hands Mouse wears well-fitting fingerless grey leather gloves that end just past her wrists, leaving only her fingers and thumbs visible. Due to the risk of restricting movement, Mouse wears rough pants that closely match the overall tan-grey color of her shirt and head coverings.

Mouse covers her feet with grey moccasins with no ornamentation whatsoever that have flaps to protect the ankles, allowing her to mold her feet more easily to whatever kind of terrain she is moving on. She wears a grey burlap-like satchel so that the strap goes across her chest and the containment part itself rests snugly on her right hip. The satchel is mostly unornamented, but well made, and has a square shape, with a large pocket on the front that folds over and buttons. Inside the satchel Mouse carries her canteen, and a metal tin wrapped in a fabric pouch meant to muffle sounds produced by the metal.

In regards to physical features not related to clothing, most of Mouse’s features are seldom seen, save for her fingers, thumbs, and the area that her tagelmust does not cover, which is her eyes, and a small portion of the upper part of her nose. What people can tell is that she has a thin, hourglass-shaped body, and that she appears to have an oblong-oval-shaped face, and a skin tone that is surprisingly fair, suggesting that she may also wear her clothing to avoid extreme exposure to harsh sunlight, as she may burn easily.

Her eyes are roundish-almond shapes, with long, dark eyelashes, and irises that are such a deep shade of brown that they are almost black. Her eyebrows, relatively thick and properly shaped, look shaggy due to the long length of the individual hairs, and give the impression that Mouse’s hair is a dark brunette color. A few pale, slash-like scars are visible, one that seems to stretch across her entire face, beginning perhaps around her left cheek or chin, and then going up over her nose and out of sight above her right eye. She also has a slash coming directly to the side that tapers off next to the right side of her nose, and a mark that runs down from her forehead to end just above her brow ridge on the left side. Her finger and thumbnails are extremely short, having been picked short, but leaving just enough of a ragged edge where they could probably be used to claw something. They are nowhere near long enough to interfere with work, however. Although a few dark, wavy brown strands are visible on occasion, her actual hair length is mostly impossible to determine.

Mouse speaks with a lower-pitch soprano voice with a notable rasp to it, and though her typical speech is deeper than what most speak with, her pitch can sometimes change to a much higher one if she is stressing a point or adding variation, making her voice very distinct. Mouse, however, does not like talking, and thus, her voice is not heard often.

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Exoskeleton Character Sheets
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